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Regardless of the complexity of your project idea, we possess the experience and skill to transform them into a striking piece of reality.


Customer-centric process

We analyse and develop our process after a complete research on customer requirements and be in constant communication across all the stages.

High quality and cost-effective service
Since our foundation in 2011, our motto has been to use the best of digital technology and create splendid user experiences.

We always adhere to have a customer-oriented approach and we are dedicated to give real-time creative solutions for start-ups and large enterprises and lead the market. With our innovations and constant updating of our skills, we convert the best ideas of our clients into an inspiring product. Our minds breathe and sustain ideas, which is the constant thought of a brilliant mind or Brill Mindz and that’s where the creativity begins.

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About Brill Mindz

Brill Mindz was founded in the year 2011, to develop innovative products. Since then, Brill Mindz Technologies have constantly progressed in the digital sphere of mobile application development, web design and development services, game development and digital marketing services. The company has set an unmatched standard for giving a wide range of digital solutions across all stages of development like planning, design, development, testing, marketing, and maintenance with crucial post app deployment support.

Within 8 years, the company has grown across middle-east countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and also in Mauritius, Malaysia, Australia, USA, and Africa. With constant and productive communication with our clients and making use of cutting-edge technologies, we are always bound to develop industry-leading products that meet the client’s needs. Our team of 200+ talented and enthusiastic engineers and marketing experts are dedicated to providing a delightful experience to our clients by making them lead the competition in their specific industry.


Inspiration and Growth

We constantly strive to help our clients in achieving optimum growth and the highest ROI.


Productive working

We have a proven method of work-process that has yielded efficient results.


Constant Support

There will be a consigned team to provide continuous help and support for every project.



We uphold complete transparency and accuracy with our clients in all the aspects.

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Overview of Brill Mindz

Fuelled by intent, driven by passion
Website Analysis
We thoroughly analyse the client requirements before streamlining the design and development process.

We have a talented team that has sharp business insights that understand all the client’s requirements and develops the best strategy to employ the right technologies and fruitfully lead the process.

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Website Designers
Define & Design
We outline and create an optimum design for specified user requirements.

With a customized and innovative design approach, we guarantee to build successful products that create a difference and make the development process smoother and effective.

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Web Development
Our development approach is a blend of creativity, skills, and practicality that has a vision of innovation.

Our talented pool of mobile app developers is dedicated to their tasks and proficient in applying their skills to build a comprehensive product that exactly meets your business requirements.

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Website Testing Services
We test the product at all the stages of the code and make sure that no issues are escaped.

Our smart and skilled test engineers verify the code with all possible scenarios and ensure that there no further surprises. Constant progress updates will assure that you stay on top of the project strategy and progress.

Launch and Maintenance Support Services
Launch & Maintenance
: We launch the product within the defined timelines and take optimal care post-deployment.

With our streamlined process, we guarantee to launch the product on-time while covering all the necessities specified as part of the project strategy. We provide the crucial post-deployment support for continuous optimum performance of the product.


They did an amazing job in all parts of our project. Brill Mindz design team would always be on top of the process and their customer service is top notch. We were able to reach our target customers of the fashion world effectively in the Middle-East region. Any time we wrote them an email or skype, we would receive the reply within no-time. There was not even one instance of delay in communication and their detailed response cleared all our doubts every time.


CEO, The Robes

Abdul Mkenzi

It was a joy working with Brill Mindz as they are the absolutely professional and customer-oriented in their approach. They take detailed care that all our requirements are completely covered in the end product and showcase all our points effectively. Our car-rental app got the comprehensive and cutting-edge service with optimum guidance that helped us to reach our customers efficiently.


Director, Telgani


Brill Mindz has been a gamechanger for our food ordering application. It has been received amazingly by our customers that has allowed us to elevate our sales and also the order volumes. The amazing design and process has replaced the time-consuming process with a streamlined user experience. We have received fruitful guidance that has helped us grow across Saudi and would highly recommend them.


Director, Sultan Delight Burger

Alain Dehaze

Team Brill Mindz is a great unit to work with. Beyond the passion of excelling in their task, they are immensely responsive to issues at any time. They are also flexible with any unexpected changes in the middle of the process and the job was completed well to our satisfaction. Our enterprise app for hiring process received all the required support that helped us to reach intended customers across India.


CEO, Adecco

AO Smith
Sultan Delight Burger
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