Our Flexible Engagement Models

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Fixed Price

This model is best suited for immediate or small-sized ventures. It is ideal for projects that have restricted scope and fixed specifications that seldom change during the process.

As we collect your requirements, we evaluate the total budget and time needed to arrive with the MVP before beginning with the development process. The total price will be calculated based on the amount of work and will be fixed that cannot be altered after signing of the agreement.

Time and Material

This type of model is used when the complete work cannot be evaluated in advance and also when the scope of effort cannot be altered through the development stages. A cost is issued on a scheduled period (e.g.: Monthly or any specified days) depending on the total effort by the complete team. This model provides a provision to stabilize the team strength, flexibility in working and provides constant control on a budget, time, and delivery.

Dedicated team

In this model, there will be a dedicated team assigned to a specific client. They will manage the team directly by taking care of all work divisions and other processes. The client will also have the flexibility of selecting appropriate candidates for their project depending on the skill specialization. They will be benefitted from a transparent workflow, flexible assignment contract, and ease of work allocation timelines/budget.

Engagement methodologies that we offer

We know that all type of ventures has different requirements and hence we offer them, diverse engagement models.

Fixed Price

This is a repetitive development process that is suited for bigger and complex ventures that have constant alterations in requirements.

  • Rapid analysis and start
  • Indistinct requirements
  • Customized process
  • Customized process
Time and Material

It’s a linear approach to software development process. It’s best suited for small projects since it measures the progress of entire scope in advance.

  • MVP & Startups
  • Clear requirements
  • Fixed deadlines
  • Fixed budget
Dedicated team

We will provide a dedicated team depending on your requirements which will help you setting up flexible delivery of projects

  • Customized model
  • Variable requests
  • Strong client control
  • Tailored process
Software development lifecycle

We analyse every venture specifically depending on their structure and needs. This will aid in providing the right methods for every stage of the process.

Time and Material

Fixed price

Dedicated team

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