Medical & Healthcare Software Development

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Proven Experience in Medical and Healthcare

We back up our medical clients in their mission to save lives and nurture health with unique software built according to the finest development methodologies. We are the best Healthcare App Development company in Dubai.

Scale your healthcare business to provide the top-notch service

For years, Brill Mindz has been creating multi-faceted digital healthcare solutions to assist healthcare providers in balancing the workload without compromising the quality of their services. Enhance the quality of your healthcare services with our cutting-edge solutions built to fit your organization.

Medical & Healthcare Software Development Company
Healthcare App Development

Our skilled and experienced team of medical app developers with heavy knowledge on the domain and a constantly growing healthcare customer base brand us to be a perfect digital healthcare technology partner.

Our services include:
  • App Consulting and development.
  • App UI/UX Services.
  • App support and Maintenance.
  • App Backend Development
Medical & Healthcare Software Development
Healthcare Blockchain Solutions

Build smarter and highly secured healthcare products and services with evolving blockchain technology. We provide creative solutions for healthcare app development services across the industry for building networks and revamp the processes.

Our services include:
  • Recommended Services & Programs
  • Tactical Blockchain Assessments
  • Tailored Healthcare Blockchain Solutions
  • Blockchain Integration Services
Medical & Healthcare Software Development Services
Healthcare Cloud Services

We streamline and fast-track your journey to the cloud with our skilled guidance, all-stage support, and complete management services. We provide service for Microsoft Azure, GCP, AWS, and all other key cloud platforms.

Our services include:
  • Cloud Migration
  • Comprehensive cloud Operations
  • Assessment or cloud data
  • Constant support
Medical & Healthcare Software Development Companies
HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Protect your healthcare applications having patient health information and all the other crucial data with our healthcare complaints solutions (HIPPA) and comply with all the strict healthcare rules and regulations.

Services include:
  • Data Access/Safety/Encryption
  • HIPAA and State-of-the-art Compliance
  • Secure and organized
  • Comprehensive coverage
Medical & Healthcare Software Development Company In Dubai
Healthcare Product Engineering

We plan, design, develop, test and support high-tech healthcare applications. Our talented healthcare technology development team can associate with digital health start-ups and large businesses to launch their product/service quicker to the market.

Services include:
  • Roadmap & Necessities
  • Patient Engagement and Empowerment
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Committed service
Medical & Healthcare Software Development Company In Abu Dhabi
IoT healthcare solutions

Our cloud‐based IoT solutions deliver hospitals and pharmacies with a secure and cutting-edge organization to take an innovative and secure step for being best in the business and drive patient outcomes.

Services include:
  • Blend of NFC and IoT Solutions
  • Remote Patient Monitoring service
  • Medical device integration
  • Fast-tracked clinical trials
Why Brill Mindz for your Healthcare IT solutions?
  • Enhanced patient care results
  • Improved Care Management
  • Simplified Information Flow
  • No Medical Errors
  • Avoids Claim Frauds
  • Spotting and reducing redundant expenses
  • Improved Profits
  • Comply with Healthcare Standards and norms
We provide healthcare IT services for various niches.
  • Hospitals / clinics
  • Pharma companies
  • Research organizations
  • Medical professionals
  • Life Science companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Medical IT companies
  • Medical product manufacturers
Medical healthcare software development stages
Requirement Breakdown
Design and Development
Testing & Deployment
Our specialty
Tailored approach

We respond to business problems and goals with care, where software is just a medium to substitute the transformation. We provide customized solutions for all types of technology development.

Technology expertise

Since 2011, we have been delivering tailored solutions to meet the precise needs of businesses across the globe. We have served customers from various industries and delivered numerous successful projects.

Support for user adoption

Fresh software could be tedious for users to understand initially. We will build devoted user training meets, demos and provide descriptive manuals for easing the user experience.

Online Pharmacy App Development Solution

Develop an on-demand online medicine ordering app to offer suitable and reasonable access to prescribed drugs, medicines, healthcare items. Get a robust mobile app platform for clients to rapidly order medicines from neighbouring health stores on-demand. You can digitize retail pharmacy chains by building the best online pharmacy system to gain access to new customers and expand the business quicker and smarter.

Medical And Healthcare Educational Software
Mobile Learning Solutions

Have an innovative training program for your employees or customers with our mobile app learning solution. You will have the provision to track and deliver your complete program with descriptive video-rich content. It can be customized according to your training process needs which will make the whole process engaging. Achieve your training goals sooner by utilizing our tailored app mobile learning solutions.

Your Nutrition specialist

We provide a comprehensive app empowered with nutritional information about the products like calories, protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and Glycaemic Index. You can customize the nutrition and suggest the individual about their specific diet by knowing all the precise data and health status. It gives patients the choice to contact nutritionists directly and schedule an appointment and get tailored information for their problems.

Medical And Healthcare Software Solutions

Solutions are personalized to meet your challenges

We are equipped to help you address the demanding challenges of the current healthcare industry so that you will gain your patients’ gratification and enhance your business evolution. Contact us for Healthcare App Development company in Dubai reply in no-time.

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