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The world is currently moving forward at a rapid pace with the use of smartphone technology. Mobile apps have been highly successful across the globe due to their ability to solve user problems easily. Food ordering apps are amongst the same category as they let the users choose the food of their choice and get delivered to their doorsteps. Some of the restaurant owners like Sultan delight burgers have associated with leading mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz to develop their food ordering app. Brill Mindz has successfully developed the Sultan Delight Burger app across Android, iOS, and websites including engaging and user-friendly specialties.

Sultan Delight Burger is one of the leading fast-food restaurants with the brand of Ghida Al-Sultan and was established in 2005 with futuristic goals. Sultan Delight Burger owner and founders had a strong motive to offer a new and engaging food ordering feel to residents of Saudi Arabia. They opened this chain at multiple places with branches of Sultan burger Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Taif, Rabigh, and Jazan. Sultan delight burger Menu consists of the best quality meat, poultry, and fresh fish items that are chosen cautiously and set with the best flavours and ingredients. Sultan burger calories are free of chemical elements and flavouring substances. Sultan burger Instagram has a huge following thanks to reliable service and unparalleled hygiene.

The ERP software for this system was developed by Brill Mindz to assist the restaurant in managing the complete process and ease them for better service. As Sultan Delight Burger consisted of a large number of branches (around 40+) across Saudi Arabia, it was a tricky process to consolidate everything into an ERP system with a mobile app. This app lets the users easily order their favourite food from Sultan Delight Burger by sitting at their homes and getting it delivered. The managing team at our client Sultan delight burger can take a closer look and will be able to track the order easily. The apps will have two segments, one for the customer side and another for delivery professionals. The complete process will be carried on smoothly with an efficient POS (Point of Sale) feature.

The entire system is based out of the Cloud which allows for accurate maintenance of stocks. Users can place and receive the order via both mobile apps and telephone with home delivery or self-collection. This digital solution allows business owners to have complete transparency and access to their accounts with the accurate monitoring of cloud support and ERP software. It has aided them to reduce the manual interference across the process with improved service.

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Brill Mindz feels content about its portfolio and works with high passion to be a leading mobile app development company in the middle east region and across the globe. Businesses can gain the competitive benefits of mobile apps then clients have understood the association with reliable pioneers like Brill Mindz. We are a renowned name in the mobile app development market and have developed many successful apps across the global region. Brill Mindz ensures that the app development process commences only after the comprehensive research on the core app requirements for a successful end product.

Brill Mindz has built many effective, user-friendly, and profitable apps across Android, iOS, Hybrid platforms, and Website development. We have a clear mixture of the right professionals across app development, testing, designing, integrations, release, and maintenance tasks. Our tactics have been proven by our apps present in the market such as Sultan Delight Burgers that are successfully aiding customers.

  • Innovation: The digital innovation at Brill Mindz has resulted in profitable end products with brand-enhancing moves. 
  • Customer-oriented strategy: Team will begin the process after deep research and be in constant sync with the clients at all stages of the development process. 
  • Adaptable nature: Proven agile development approach offers a high level of scalability and flexibility for guaranteed success.  
  • Reliable maintenance service: The app engineers stay on top of the app to assure its optimal functionality in the hands of users.
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