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There has been a significant turnaround in the routine lives of people and business operations with the advent of technology. The rise of smartphones and relative mobile apps have helped people to achieve their tasks easily. Further, several types of businesses have got great value for their investment by associating with nest mobile app development companies. The education industry is no different as it has evolved highly in recent years with the aid of technological advancements in the form of eLearning apps. In the present stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, eLearning apps have been the only option for keeping the process moving. Many educational institutions have either developed or are looking to develop digital solutions such as the Tutopia learning app. Edutopia learning is an advanced solution built by Brillmindz with an emphasis on aiding the students of the Indian state of West Bengal to easily understand the diverse learnings.

Being Bengali medium students, Tutopia owners began this initiative with the emphasis on aiding the Bengali state board students during this Covid-19 outbreak. They focussed on getting all the included elements in one place by providing a reasonable eLearning app. This was achieved by a fruitful partnership of the Tutopia owners with Brillmindz in getting themselves an incredible digital solution. The final venture began with a motive of impressing on two key elements. The primary one was to provide a cost-effective measure to help every student to gain the advantages of cutting-edge eLearning apps. This will guarantee that no student is left behind throughout the Bengal state in getting access to effective education. Secondly, the learnings across each topic should be tailored uniquely so that each student finds this mode of education engaging. Tutopia learning App review from both teachers and students implies that users easily know the topics without any monotonous proceedings. 

Tutopia tutoring excels by having a team of Subject matter experts (SMEs) and blend their experience with the latest technologies. The experts are completely well-versed in all the topics and the use of advanced tools. It includes the usage of various multimedia modes and a blend of audio/video topics. Users can grasp all the topics with the help of several advanced features like 3D graphics and animations without any issues. Tutopia learning app download can be done through both Google Play and Apple App Store. With the trend of eLearning showing no signs of coming down in recent years, business owners across budding technological hubs like Dubai, UAE can gain from this strategy. 

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Brill Mindz is highly known as a dependable mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE thanks to the proud portfolio aiding the clients. We have developed many market-leading apps for both passionate start-ups and established enterprises. Our team has the tactics of including advanced and right technologies according to the project requirements. The bunch of app engineers knows every aspect of the development process including planning, design aspects, programming, testing, deployment, and comprehensive maintenance.

Multiple business owners have joined hands with us by recognizing our esteemed projects in the market that have established a standard in the mobile app development industry. Brill Mindz can end up with an accurate solution thanks to the fruitful experience of the team and knowing the basic requirements. It aids us to build the digital solution exactly as per the requirements to deliver maximum profits. Brill Mindz has developed several user-friendly solutions across iOS, Android, Hybrid platforms, and Websites. While the passionate team members are the driving force behind our success, the Agile development approach ensures to meet the expected timelines.

  • Innovation: Our team holds the ability to constantly deliver fruitful results thanks to the customer-oriented approach at all stages.
  • User-oriented design: The UI/UX of every solution will be done only after analyzing the likes of end-users. 
  • Adaptable nature: Our proven agile development approach provides the highest flexibility to include any changes in the process. 
  • Constant maintenance: We will ensure to keep a dedicated team for constantly monitoring the app in the market. 

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