The current technology-driven world has enhanced the reliability of smartphones and the relative apps across all segments. But the success of these apps is dependent on their ability to solve user problems and make routine life easier. In the same way, smartphone users can easily rent a car using car rental apps that have been a huge hit across the globe. This is due to their ability to reach people easily and provide optimal convenience to book the car of their choice at their desired location and time. Car rental business Owners like Telgani have utilized the advancements in technology and associated with Brillmindz to get themselves an excellent end product. Brill Mindz has successfully developed Telgani car-rental app across Android, iOS and website with user-friendly features and provided optimal ROI for the esteemed client.

Telgani app was launched in 2018 to provide smooth service to residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From then, it saw a constant surge to be the best rent a car Saudi Arabia app within a couple of years. They stretched the processes to over 20 cities in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the UAE acquiring around 300 service providers. The figures in the market are direct proof of its share in the car rental segment. With the usage of car rental apps surging in the MENA region, the Telgani App store is a renowned name in the industry and captured the market significantly. Smartphone users can rent a car in Riyadh at a low price by using the app and reap the benefits. Brill Mindz is constantly upgrading the app with new features according to the latest trends to benefit the users.

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We have a portfolio to be proud of

Brill Mindz is proud of its portfolio which is the main reason to be always listed as a leading mobile app development company in the middle east region. We have been working with many passionate start-ups and leading enterprises in developing amazing apps for their projects. Brill Mindz is backed by a talented bunch of app engineers and marketing experts who will guarantee the optimal functioning of the app in the market. Brill Mindz always succeeds in developing accurate end products at expected timelines as it follows a customer-oriented development approach. We blend the advanced technologies creatively to the ideal settings of our clients with a clear intention to enhance their rankings in the market. Our app engineers are well-versed in all the aspects of app development including strategizing, designing, development, testing, deployment, maintenance after the release. The inspiring experience of a decade in the field of website and mobile app development has made us reliable partners for many esteemed clients like Telgani. 

The advantages of mobile apps can reach beyond the competitive edge, with the assurance of expert players like Brill Mindz. The proven name across the market has made us reach other business owners who are constantly associating with our company. Our team has assured this constant faith by involving the right methodologies and technologies as per the app requirements. We start the actual development process only after a complete analysis of the core app ideas which is crucial in getting an accurate end product. Brill Mindz has developed several profitable and user-friendly apps across Android, iOS, Cross-platform, and Website development. With an accurate blend of a skillful app development team and inventive tactics, we use an established Agile development approach, to accomplish the needs of clients such as Telgani car rental apps.

  • Innovation: The products built by us have given cost-effective results with enhanced profitable nature of inventions.
  • Customer-oriented strategy: Brill Mindz begins the development process once it completely analyses the core app requirements. 
  • Adaptable nature: Well-established agile development approach provides optimal adaptability to fulfil all the user needs.
  • Reliable maintenance service: Our passionate team ensures to monitor the app for its guaranteed success. 

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