How Can Accelerated Mobile Pages Help Businesses to Grow?

How can Accelerated Mobile Pages help business to grow

How Can Accelerated Mobile Pages Help Businesses to Grow?

Mobile has gradually surpassed desktop concerning usage for comprehensive web-related activities. This maximum mobile usage is true for both consumers and businesses implying that there are ample opportunities for a business that has a mobile product. Your web page must load at a faster rate in mobile for staying ahead in the competitive market. If you want to meet the purpose, then one of the best options is AMP, which is the latest Google-supported open-source innovation that loads the web pages quickly on smartphones.

Working of AMP:

AMP framework is built with the purpose to enhance the loading time of HTML web pages. AMP will allow you to cache and pre-render the content quicker than the existing caching offered by search engines. The static content will be showcased faster to that page viewer to the pre-rendered version cached by the search engine. This is due to the reason that AMP HTML is developed on already existing technologies that do not need a template-dependent system. Businesses can easily showcase the content to provide an improved user experience with customized abilities. This is possible due to the technical brilliance which is developed to enhance the speed and optimize the performance.

Benefits of AMP:

Quicker Load Time: With the competition at its peak in the mobile market, users are looking to stay connected with products that load faster in offering relevant information. If you are looking to increase the speed of your website on mobile, then it is surely connected to AMP. The complete project was developed on a motive to expect the mobile users to get faster browsing loads on mobile phones. It implies that it involved significant chunks of diverse coding that was decreased for enhancing the efficiency of page loads. It was proven that page loads significantly faster as studied from the search engine pages. Loading quickly is the basic aspect of the current mobile browser which is expected from users. Failing to achieve this will lead to dropout from users if the loading speed is more than 3 seconds. Hence, businesses that make use of AMP will lead to increased conversions due to reducing mobile abandonment rates.

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Improved Search Engine Rankings: Page speed is an important factor in enhancing the search engine rankings of a website that is impacted by AMP. It will increase the page speed leading to top display on the Search engine pages (SERP). Hence, AMP indirectly forms a decisive factor in increasing the rankings on search engine rankings. There are other factors too that impact SERP, that when combined with AMP implementation, takes your rankings to the next level.

Reduced Bounce Rate: Studies on the search engine reports have shown that modern users are not only looking for quick loading times but the quality of page loading also is a key in their decision making. If the website page on mobile has a loading time of around 3 seconds has a precise bounce rate that is enhanced every day. Optimization of the pages is important for ensuring the fulfilment of users and staying ahead in the competition. As various types of businesses are employing impressive tactics, it is key to have a mobile-based website for making or breaking the business. With reduced bounce rates coupled with quicker load times, can be a key aspect in presenting your product as unique.

Increased Visibility: The AMP implemented pages appearing in the search engines are shown even higher than paid ads in search engine rankings. The green lighting symbols will lead to enhancements in the click-through ratings since users will be looking for this highlighted symbol. This special effect from the search engine like Google to showcase the AMP pages with a precise symbol will currently lead the show. It has shown the ability to pull users’ attention with the symbol giving that extra attention to get organic users as per the content in the AMP page.

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Increased Flexibility and Performance: It not only comes with the unmatched advantage of enhancing the performance of the website performance. The highly flexible nature is another added benefit of the efficient framework. Users will always prefer the product with the best speed and it is with this motive the AMP pages gain the best output. There are a few other substitutes Progressive Web Apps or Responsive Web Design which can be employed as per your specific needs. But analyze all the aspects carefully and match them with your requirements to consider the final decision.

Accessibility: Accelerated Mobile Pages offer the highest levels of accessibility which is the need of the modern user. Mobile users employ smartphones with internet connectivity for performing huge types of online activities. It could be accumulating data about various brands, services, and finally making online decisions. As it is seen that users tend to drop out from web pages that have a loading time of around 3 seconds or more, it is key to hold the users inside that duration. With increased loading speed and top-notch content presentation, there will be an automatic increase in web page accessibility.


Recent trends have shown that there is a huge changeover of users from desktop to mobile for web usage. Hence, mobile-first implementation has to be an integral part of web design. Employing AMP will not only support the business to lead the competitive market but also give you the confidence of engaging the users in a better way.

Analyze your requirement and implement the AMP if your website is not responsive, has more loading time, then implementing AMP can do wonders for your web pages. Analyze your business motives, incoming traffic from either desktop or mobile, and desired outcomes before deciding your final move. Partner with a trusted mobile app development Company such as Brillmindz technologies who can help you to provide the best user experience by the smart implementation of AMP. They understand the precise requirements of every user to deliver exact needs for achieving business motives and maximum profits.

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