How much does it cost to develop a payment app like DUBAIPAY?

How much does it cost to develop a payment app like DUBAIPAY

How much does it cost to develop a payment app like DUBAIPAY?

In the current era, every nation is running in the digital model to develop a cashless economy. Due to this, even small vendors to large businesses have opted for mobile payments. Being a technological hub of the globe, Dubai has been promoting digital transformation with full speed. DubaiPay payments app is the venture of the Dubai government in the view of aiding both citizens and government. explore here what is DUBAIPay and cost to develop a payment app like DUBAIPAY?

About Dubai Pay:

Dubai pay is a payment gateway owned and operated by Dubai Government provided as a shared service to both government agencies and service providers especially for services that need electronic payment via credit /debit cards, wallets, and direct debits, using Mobile, Wearable technologies, websites, kiosks. It involves payment features, as it’s an Online Real-Time Payment, Secured payment interface, PCI DSS Compliant, and ISO27001 standards Compliant. They can give a 24/7 payment facility to their customers including citizens, visitors, residents, and business entities. They can choose to pay for their services in a quick, simple, and protected manner.

Smart Dubai Government’s director of the smart services-enablement department, Mira Sultan Obaid Abdul Rahman, said the popular service was aimed to enhance the productivity of the government’s ‘by transferring all transactions to the blockchain network’ in which the DoF will is programmed to watch settlements, reconciliations, refunds, disputes, and other payment-related aspects. They are integrating blockchain technology into its retail payments smartphone app Dubai-Pay, which lets to verify real-time reconciliation and settlement transactions.

Key features to be included in a payments app like Dubai Pay:

  • User app Includes user Registration, linking bank accounts, adding desired money to the account, transfer & receive funds, e-Wallet passbook, History of previous transactions, payment of various bill payments, Booking Bus, Train, Flight tickets, reviews & ratings along with selecting a preferred language.
  • Admin app: Includes Dashboard, User profile management, releases specific discounts and offers, Real-time reports, and analytics, Push notifications, add or block new features, etc.
  • Extra features: Along with all the basic features discussed above, some other features will aid you to build an efficient app to lead the race in the market. Exciting Push notifications, Digital receipt, GPS, In-app camera, calendar, offers and discounts as per usage, Cloud operations, QR code, etc.

What are the factors that will influence the success of the app?

Exciting yet intuitive UI: UI is the highly influential factor that decides the success or failure of an app. Smooth, navigable, and collaborative UI helps in engaging the user. The user interface of the app must be engaging and user-friendly to utilize the app efficiently without any hiccups.

Secured Payments: The main motive of the online payment app is to facilitate instant payment at all places. It should help people to pay money, transfer to a known or new account instantly after verification.

Data Security: Even with the advancement of new technology, the security of the data is the biggest concern. The technology has advanced so much that it has also made it easy to gather the banking and personal data of any person. Any digital payment app must reveal the banking or any individual data. The encryption system of the app encrypts the transacted data ensuring that it is safe from any hacks.

Cloud-Based Integration of Technology: This is the feature that ensures quick and secured transactions through any digital transactions. Such advanced technology offers the users a complete functionality suite for allowing digital payments from their smartphones.

Comprehensive Customer Support: Payments app must have fast and comprehensive customer support since the queries of the users need to be answered ASAP.

Track Payment: For providing the best user experience, the user must be given a substitute for tracking their various transactions. The app will send SMS and email of the transaction history for the users for keeping complete track of their transactions.

How much does it cost to develop a payments app like DUBAIPAY?

Below are the important aspects that influence the overall cost of developing a mobile app:

App platform: When you are developing a payments app or any other kind of mobile app, a major thing to decide is about the development platform. There is a substantial modification between various platforms in deciding the overall cost of the payment.

App design: The design of your mobile app is important for engaging the existing users and attract new users. Attractive, simple, and user-friendly design helps to get prolonged customers. Designing an intuitive app needs clever and smart usage of advanced technologies and tools, that may increase the overall cost, but may be valuable in the long run. But be cautious to include only essential features that will create a clear balance between the cost and usability.

Mobile app development company: You need a strong and clever team to include all the essential aspects in the app and make it user-friendly. The team must comprise expert developers, designers, testers, Project managers, marketing experts, etc as per project requirements. Choose the mobile app development company that can guide you well through all these elements.

App size: The overall cost of app development highly depends on the type of features and functionalities selected which in turn affects the size of the app. You can select only essential features in the MVP version of the app and later go for advanced ones.

Final thoughts:

The encouragement of digital transformation in Dubai has made it an advanced city in the world. The Dubai government is using innovative technology in all its initiatives that impact the lives of people and make them happy. If you are looking to develop a similar app like Dubai Pay, then the primary job to be successful is your choice of associating with a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai like Brill Mindz. They possess a reliable team that includes advanced technologies in combination with creative approaches. You will be assured to get a profitable mobile app that will give you maximum ROI and enhance the brand value significantly.

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