What are the Benefits of Instant Apps?

What are the benefits of instant apps

What are the Benefits of Instant Apps?

The evolution of mobile app development has offered a huge number of apps available for users in the market. But studies have shown that several users tend to uninstall the mobile app once they use it. This implies that there is a big percentage of apps that fail to match the expectations or are unable to meet the requirements of the specific customers of the niche. To resolve the pain of installing and abandoning apps, instant apps arrived at the scene. In this type, users can see the app preview with the option of experiencing the main functionality without installing them on smartphones. Instant apps are being moved at a steady pace to be adapted across all segments which make business owners know their usefulness for faster considerations.

About the instant app:

  • Instant applications are the alternative options available for downloading the apps to use or get the feel of the app. These apps do not take up any space in the device since they showcase the app functionalities without any need of hosting it completely. Instant apps are shown to customers as “TRY NOW” buttons on app stores, email links, or QR codes. They are considered mini apps since they allow users to experience only the interesting part of the app.
  • Users generally get annoyed when they perform the process of downloading and installing the app to see that its functionalities are not matching their needs. But Instant apps allow seeing the app preview after which they can decide to download and install the complete app. As the user chooses the option, the app store will send the files required to execute the specific functions without the need for users to install and see the same.
  • Instant apps are unique in giving an exclusive experience for the users. Users will be just one click far from witnessing the required app functionalities. There is no need to look out for specifications in the Play Store with the huge lists or choose the app and wait for it to get installed on the devices. As there are wide options available for users in the market, it is highly beneficial for users to check the app before installing it to keep them on their phones. You will not have to fill the device with apps that would not be used in the future but still contribute to memory. Moreover, it is also beneficial if the usage of the functionality is only for that instant for the users.

Benefits of instant apps:

Utilizing the functionality without consuming the storage space:

Advanced smartphones come with advanced computing abilities and storage space. But the top-quality media files or the graphics may eat up the majority of space making the users wary about the space. The instant apps from google will ease the option for users to employ the apps without the need to think about installing the apps for checking the app functions. There is a huge number of users who download and install the apps and later use them, this option offers them an exclusive advantage.

Time, data, and space saver:

It is open to all features that helps the users to know the core functionality of the app without downloading it. The specific actions will be loaded as soon as the user clicks on the button which is like a website. There is a significant saving of time as the users will not have to traverse through the entire process of downloading and installing the app to check the user experience for even a single functionality. Moreover, there is saving of data as well as it is crucial for users with limited data packages or for apps that pull huge amounts of data. As mentioned earlier there will be loads of space saved due to the negation of not saving the apps on their device.

App promotion wide range of channels:

Regardless of the type of the app, promoting it on wider channels is key for making it reach the target users. With instant apps, you will have the chance of promoting them as searchable elements opening up the option for wider horizons. The instant app links can be shown on several platforms like social media which grabs the attention of a huge user base. There is a direct link to enhanced app visibility with this possibility to get the maximum chance of featuring on top of the app stores.

An easy option for customers to check out new mobile apps:

Since the instant apps don’t need to be installed, it is an easy option for users to know and feel the functionalities before downloading the actual app. This option is highly useful for niches like gaming, entertainment, eCommerce, etc since there will be limited use of resources without wastage of space. Further, there will not be any compromise on the user experience since it will be similar to the actual installable product. These apps are ideal for small apps but also function well for large ones.

Increased rate of conversion:

If the customer finds the functionalities in the app to be matching the requirements with ease of usage, then they are probably going to install the app for long-term usage. This is also true for users who are not encouraged to install the app from the go and are otherwise impossible to turn into your customers. Such users find this option to be convenient to use the likable feature to start with and then increase the chance of being converted as app users in later stages.



Smart implementation of an instant application will be very beneficial for businesses across all industries as it lets for a fast user experience without any delays. If you are thinking of getting an instant app for your venture, then associate with an expert mobile app development company, such as Brillmindz technologies. They have gained the unique expertise to convert the core business ideas of the clients into profitable digital solutions.


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