How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Language Learning App Like Duolingo?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Language Learning App Like Duolingo?
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Language Learning App Like Duolingo?

As modern technologies and the internet are spreading their wings across the globe, the business has become multinational. Hence it is very important to learn different languages for having a good repo with clients and team members from other countries. Mobile language learning mobile apps have transformed the way of knowing different languages and most successful among them is Duolingo. If you are looking to develop an app similar to Duolingo, then you need to be associated with a top mobile app development company like Brill Mindz who are experts in building exciting mobile apps for many renowned organizations.

What is Duolingo and How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Language Learning App Like Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the most widespread free languages learning app with around 300 million users founded in 2011. Its major benefits are:

  • The App can help users to know more than 30 main languages.
  • It pulls very fewer data and delivers fast results.
  • The app can be used by adults, students and also teachers.
  • It has a very innovative process of learning with unique exercises and exciting games.
Features to be included in a language learning app like Duolingo:

Many features can be included in the app to make it creative. They are:

1.Sign-up and Login:

While developing a language learning app like Duolingo, care should be taken to have a good authorizing system that asks for all the details of the user like name, email, phone number and then provides with the sign-up option. Once all the details are verified with an authorized government id, the user should be able to log in without any issues.

2.Entering Personal details:

After the user’s login, they will have to be sent to the profile section for filling up the necessary information as below:

Personal info- Here, the users will have to enter their details like age, sex, photo, etc.

Language of the users- The list of languages user wants to learn and also the native language of the users.

Goals- This will have the users set a specific goal for learning their desired language. They will also have the option of setting the language standard level if they are already aware of the basics of the language.

3. Dashboard:

It is necessary to display all the learning curves that are achieved by the user and track their progress.

4. Live Streaming: 

If this feature is included in the app, then it would provide a great option for the students to interact well with their teachers in real-time and can have live discussions on their doubts. It will make the complete learning course very much exciting and enthusiastic and also help in having a swift learning process. 

5. Feedback:

An effective method to improve your app is to add a feedback feature that allows the users to mention their opinion about all the processes employed in the learnings. This will help you to add if any missing elements and practices in your app.

6. Providing a trial period:

This would be a crucial feature offered to the users as it will allow them to get the taste of lessons given for a specific language. You can provide some basics of any particular language in the trial period for free cost.

7. Giving quality content:

You need to take care that the learning provided in the course must be of good value and quality so that it spreads a good word about the app and increases the organic downloads. This will encourage people to focus on your app learnings instead of choosing the regular offline courses.

8. Age-specific learnings:

Ensure to have the content that is appropriate to the particular age for adults, students and even suitable for teachers to improve their existing knowledge. The teachings should be done in a descriptive way that helps everyone to know the languages in an informative but also enjoyable manner. Using pictorial illustrations will also offer creative learning and aid to know them faster.

9. Online forum:

Language learning apps must have an exclusive forum for all the individuals where they easily post their doubts on any topic and exchange the thoughts that will help to learn the language in an innovative way.

Factors influencing the cost to develop an app like Duolingo:

App Platform: The development cost of a language learning app like Practo relies on the app platform that the app is developed. Hence it is important to research well on the customer base and their usage to build the app on either iOS or Android or cross-platform. The development costs of iOS are larger than those of Android. But as many numbers of devices use the Android platform, the overall development costs would be more here. Hence, many companies go for cross-platform apps because it aids both the platforms.

App Design: It is of a key implication that the app has a comfortable yet attractive design to reach more customers. If you are planning to employ cutting-edge graphics and designs to raise the standard of the app, they will surely give a richer feel but with the extra burden of total development cost.

App technology: If the app is built with many modern features like AI or MI, AR/VR. Blockchain or Chatbot will surely be costly than expected.

App size: App size is influenced by the category and the number of features included in the app. As the app becomes packed with more latest features, it also has a huge impact on the total development cost.

Bottom line:

Language learning mobile apps are gaining huge popularity as they are making things simpler for learners. It is an appropriate way for users to develop a good hold on any language they need to learn. Duolingo is one such app that is making the whole process of learning different languages delightful. Due to this success, entrepreneurs are investing in developing language learning apps like Duolingo and associating with reliable and experienced mobile app development company like Brill Mindz.

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