How much does it cost to develop a mobile app for local businesses in Dubai?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app for local business in Dubai?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app for local businesses in Dubai?

The trend of mobile apps is showing no symptoms of slowing down and a large number of individuals are using them for accomplishing their routine tasks. People are using mobile apps for games, communication, routine tasks, food orders, sports activities, etc. Due to this popularity of mobile apps, many organizations are looking to create their app for businesses. You possibly have two queries in the mind: ‘how much does it cost to make an app for your business in India?‘ and ‘How to create an app for your business in Dubai?’ But it is crucial to know all the related aspects like customer benefits and revenue generation models from precise app development.

How will mobile apps benefit local businesses? and How much does it cost to develop a mobile app for local businesses in Dubai?

Any local business can benefit from the advantages of a mobile app if it is implemented with a strategy that meets the user requirements. They must save the time of your customers while also easing the shopping experience. This will make the users to be engaged with the app and also expand the customer base. The social media share option in the app will provide an option for the users to share their stories. The loyalty programs will help the companies to retain the customers and they will come back with satisfaction. The customer feedback option will help you to know the corrections in your overall service which will prove to be an effective way to enhance the customer experience.

If you provide a customer inclusive feedback-oriented service to the customers, they will have a sense of affection and recommend it to their known ones. You may invest in this service at the beginning but will reap the benefits in the coming days. There will be an impact on all levels of business processes with the improvement in quality. The options are huge, but you need to make sure that you have a proper approach to your overall development and benefit the users.

  • The major advantage of the mobile app for your business is extended profit. Besides providing monetary benefits, it will open the windows of other types of profit channels like in-app purchases or advertisements.
  • If your app has ticked all the right boxes and offers many benefits for the users, then it will surely gain the attention of new customers. It will help to expand your business more largely.
  • You can promote all your offers on the app and reach your customers without any hassles. This will make them recommend your app to others.

Critical features you must include in your local business app:

  • Sign-up/Login – This is the most basic feature that is required to register for the app with social media or Gmail credentials for authentication.
  • Admin Panel – It must consist of user management options, observing stats, app maintenance, content administration, etc.
  • GPS: This is must require a feature for customers to reach your shop for any precise purchase.
  • Filters– Users must be able to search the items depending on their choice by applying precise filters.
  • Push notifications: User must be informed with these push notifications for any promotional offers or updates about their orders
  • eCommerce: mobile payment offers ideal convenience to the users by having billing details included in the android and iOS apps.
  • Review and ratings – It will help to increase the rating in the app store and also help to incorporate positive beneficial changes in your app.
  • Loyalty – This will give your customers a special feel and help you to return for more purchases.

How much does it cost to make an app for your business in India?

The overall app development cost is dependent on all these factors.

Features and Functionality:

As you are ready to build the app for your business the first question that will arise in your mind is ‘What does it cost to create an app?’. To find the answer to this, you will have to analyze how complex your app will be and what would be the features involved in it. Generally, the functionality and complexity of the involved features are the largest factors that influence the cost of app development. As advanced features will increase the app richness but all that will come with the additional cost. Even complexity wise, some features can be implemented easily but some will demand more time and money. Relying on the complexity of implemented features, developers will require to include precise technologies. 

Visual Design:

An attractive and user-friendly design is very much essential for any app. It will aid in attracting new users and make them engage with your app for a longer time. This will prove to be a decisive factor in your overall cost for development.


You may want to develop your app on a particular platform after the analysis of your target customers. The individual cost for the development of an app on the android platform costs less when compared to the iOS platform app development. But when you look at the number of devices that are using the android platform, the overall cost of development in IOS proves to be cheaper. These platforms need to be built using different programming languages, various SDKs and employ different development gears.

Development location:

Once you decide the platform that you will build your app, you will require to hire an experienced and reliable mobile app development company. They will precisely consider all the required technologies and business requirements that are mentioned in the specifications. The app development location is crucial as costs differ from one region to another.

Bottom line: A successful app development company like Brill Mindz will analyze your requirements, transform them into features and develop it to be a profitable mobile app. They have a customer-centric approach and will be in contact with you in all stages of the app development process. If you have a thrilling app idea and looking for a trusted top mobile app development company in Dubai. Then send us your thoughts. We will transform your dream into a striking reality.

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