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How Much Does It Cost to develop an app like Airbnb?

If you are very much interested in traveling across places or if you have a similar kind of job then the first thing that the majority of you will plan is to find the best experience to stay at reasonable prices. This is the reason for the increasing fame of apps like Airbnb which is loved by many travellers across the world. It provides them to find affordable renting options ranging from small rooms to big houses. This has also opened up a new business idea for property owners too as Airbnb has given them the option of making use of their property to make a profit without making any big changes to it. Hence many organizations are looking to develop an app like Airbnb to reap the benefits.

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What is Airbnb?

It is an online marketplace that allows you to search and book suitable and best accommodations at any place with the app in their smartphones. It has the reputation of connecting people from different parts of the globe and provides them with unique traveling experience by giving a wide range of selection options. You can select a single room, apartment, house, a castle or even a houseboat depending on your requirements. The registration process is also very simple and can be done easily without any hiccups. After the signup user can effortlessly explore the different options in the preferred location by looking at the different options like space, price, availability and rent them. The accommodation charges vary with different locations and size of the property and are decided by the owner. Airbnb will charge a specific percentage of the service fee from the guests and hosts for every booking done.


How Much It Cost to develop an app like Airbnb?


Features to be included in Airbnb:

If you look into the technical aspect of the Airbnb, it is developed with two-faced marketplaces, which includes the guests and the hosts. Below are the major features to be included in your app like Airbnb.

Guest features:

  • Sign-up: Should have the option for users to login/signup to the app and authenticate with an email address, social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Google+, etc.
  • Setup Account: User profile must have the name, phone number, DOB and address.
  • Filters: You must help the user to find their precise type od stay like the number of people, property type, location, costs, etc.
  • Search: Users will have the option to look out for the destination and the type of stay. It will help the users to remove the unwanted lists of properties from their search.
  • Messaging: Guests will want to know more information about the property from the hosts before their bookings.
  • Notification: This is required for the guests to get notified about the payments or if any communications from the host.
  • Calendar: Guests must be provided with the option of choosing the booking on desirable dates.
  • Feedbacks and reviews: This is important for guests to leave their opinions about the service in accommodation and any other facilities. This is crucial for other guests to look into the ratings and decide on the property bookings.


Cost to develop an app like Airbnb  features:

  • Log in: Similar to guests, even the hosts will need a signup and login feature with an email address or any social media network profiles for authentication.
  • Profile: Hosts can register their complete information like email address, mobile number, id number, etc.
  • Property listing: This is the place where hosts provide complete information about the type of accommodation, number of guests allowed, sleeping facilities supported with good quality images. Here hosts may mention all the information they want to give the guests about any different type of experience in their locality or only accommodation. This will allow the guests to choose their selection based on their likings
  • Reviews. The host profile should include the review of previous guests together with the host rating.


Factors influencing development:

Many factors are influencing the development cost to create an app similar to Airbnb. Below are the major of them:


  • The number of platforms – You need to specifically know your target audience so that you can target your development of the app on different platforms like Android, iOS or cross platforms. The development cost of iOS is more than that of Android, but consideration of the number of devices employing the Android platform is very important when looking at the overall development cost. Cross-platform development could also be considered if the customers are from diverse platforms.
  • Size of the development team – The speed of development and the time of deployment of the app to the store decides the number of engineers to be employed in the development of the app. You need to wisely choose the options as this can hugely impact the cost of development.
  • Features: The decision on what type of features are required for the app decides a lot about how unique your app will be provided to the users. While giving many unique features will make your app look rich, but it comes with an additional cost of development. The design of the app also has a major say on the overall cost. If you need innovative visuals and graphics included in the particular app, then it will surely increase the overall development charges.



The industry of online travel is constantly growing and a travel app like Airbnb can substantially get you the profits and noteworthy visibility for your brand. By associating with companies like Brill Mindz, who are a top mobile app development company with an experience of developing innovative apps across different industries, you will be sure about bringing your idea into reality.

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