NETFLIX: How to develop an app like Netflix?

How to develop an app like Netflix?

NETFLIX: How to develop an app like Netflix?

Video streaming apps are the latest sensations across the world as the regular television market is being hit hugely by this advancement. It doesn’t come as a surprise for people around the globe are being attracted to the best quality streaming service of apps like Netflix.

How to develop an app like Netflix?:

With ample revenue benefits you would be wondering “how to make app like Netflix? This app has gained huge popularity because of the following key features:

Accessibility: The success of Netflix is because it operates on multiple platforms, operating systems, and devices. This is the reason for the huge userbase of Netflix. Viewers can watch their favourite shows on various devices and also web browsers. They have given the option for the users to watch the shows for free during the trial period. After it is over and users buy a subscription, they will get to watch unlimited content in the app. Such apps must make sure that their management of profiles/upgrades must be smooth.

Advertisements: Das are only showcased to trial period users. Once the user subscribes, they are not interrupted while they are watching their favourite shows/movies. This is the best motivation for trial period users to buy their subscription.

Original content: Netflix started with the streaming of many movies and shows from third-party companies. But it started to provide certain own shows that made it unique from the competition. 

Recommendation: It is evident for the users to be confused with a large number of contents available on Netflix. The recommendation system accumulates all the specific content depending on the viewer’s activity of the user and enhances the user experience. Retaining users is a crucial aspect of this kind of streaming apps.

Supporting multiple platforms:

This kind of app must be available for different kinds of platforms. They also must be analysing the response of users to every specific platform. It will aid in giving user-specific pricing selections according to their viewing types. Users will have the possibility to choose the option that is best suited to his viewing. This will help in expanding the user base to more boundaries.

Unique design:

For succeeding in the streaming app industry, you need to ensure that the design of the app must be creative so that it is distinguishable from the competition. If the app is having a pleasing design, then it will attract more users to invest in your app for their entertainment activity.


There should be much attention on the content and its relevant necessities for giving a unique experience to the app users. Netflix introduced many such user beneficial features to eliminate their frustrations. The “skip recap” and “skip intro” options were developed for this purpose. It requires the app creators to think with a mindset of viewers and meet their expectations. Analyse this with user feedback to develop such features that will cater to their practical needs. The user recommendation program must be developed precisely so that it shows the exact likings of every user. Content is the base of an app like Netflix and it relies on how striking the service would be. You must have a strategy on various niche contents and fixed schedule for updating your content as people would be waiting for your regular updates. There should be a proper analysis of the type of original content that will be sponsored by your app and about trial period viewing.

Quality and quantity of content:

As you take care of all the other aspects, of your app service, content quality becomes most important in the ultimate success of your venture. There is also ample opportunity if you start to stream or build your original content on a specific niche to start with.

Local storage:

The internet quality differs across various areas in many real-life circumstances. Due to this, it would be beneficial for the users if the app provides offering downloadable content. This local storage option is also beneficial for traveling users as they can watch their favourite content on the go.

Social media community:

Social media is widely employed by users to view all the promotion activities. Hence you need to build your community as they will help to expand your app viewing. But you need to manage them carefully as they can also hurt your brand value if there are bad talks.

Factors impacting the cost of building a best streaming app like Netflix:

App features:

It is good to have many advanced features in your app for increasing your viewers and expanding your brand value. But more the features, more the overall cost. It is advised to have only crucial features in the app for the first version. There is always an option to add other features later.

App design:

Your app design should be user-friendly so that it encourages people to use the app. Hence it is important to have an easily usable design that helps to access the proffered content easily. 

App platform:

The development cost of any app in Android is different from the iOS platform. The overall cost for the app is more in Android than iOS as it has to be developed for multiple devices.

App developers:

The development cost of developing an app varies in different locations. Hence it hugely depends on the app development company that you choose to develop your app.

Bottom Line:

With all the above factors to be considered, there are many things to be strategized for building a best streaming site like Netflix. There must be a specific profit model that applies to every category of the user base. There should be a customer-specific model to be successful in the competitive market. If you are thinking “How to develop an app like Netflix?”, contact Brill Mindz who are leading mobile app development company delivering quality-driven services across the globe. We have a qualified team of mobile app developers who will create an effective app for your business requirements.

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