How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Mall?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Mall?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Mall?

The modern digital world has made the modern generation very closer to the entire world. Hence, every organization or individuals are continuously striving to enhance their work processes and decrease all time-consuming operations more easily. Dubai is a fast-paced city and one of the major and important tourist attractions is the Dubai Mall. Considering the total volume, it is evident that Dubai Mall can be puzzling to both visitors and locals. Having more than 4 floors and entertainment attractions, 1,200 stores, and 200 F&B outlets, it can be easy to take a wrong turn. The Dubai Mall has been an innovator in introducing creative digital technologies that improve the visitor experience. Along with the addition of free Wi-Fi, the mall emphasizes on using cutting-edge digital tools to generate more value for the visitors through the best provisions. To resolve the tricky issue of navigating and discovering the way to any place in Dubai Mall, they have created a mobile app to assist in searching the favourite destinations in the mall. If you are in search of developing an app like Dubai mall, then you should contact Brill Mindz which is a top mobile app development company that possesses strong business ethics and optimal strategy to provide customized solutions that have helped many clients with a remarkable increase in their sales.


What is the Dubai Mall app? and How much does it cost to develop an app like Dubai Mall?

Available on both IOS and Android devices, as you download the Dubai Mall app, you can easily search for the store that you are looking for and you will be immediately guided with the GPS that is the technology used in the app. All your favourite stores will be right at your fingertips. It provides all the information about the mall including the location of particular stores, all the different restaurants, entertainment attractions at just your fingertips. It is very user-friendly and helps the users to find everything they require to know about their desired stores and also any events or promotions occurring in the mall. It also has the provisions to book tickets for all the services and attractions available.

Major benefits of the Dubai Mall app are:

  • Provide effortless access to the user to the store directory including all the stores and kiosks.
  • The store locator will aid in locating all the mall amenities and shops.
  • Booking tickets for the desired movies at Cinemas.
  • Booking tickets for the attractive and adventurous experience at Ski Dubai.
  • Have a detailed look at the new offers or any events happening at the mall.
  • Explore all the different dining varieties and reserve the table at all these restaurants.
  • Get an appropriate ticketless parking experience.
  • Option to purchase a mall gift card as per your balance.
  • Know the timings of operation for all the stores or amenities in the mall.
  •  Discover all the ATMs available at the mall.


Factors influencing development:

Many factors are influencing the total cost of developing an app like the Dubai Mall. Below are the crucial ones:


  • The total number of platforms – You must discover your target audience and understand their mindset so that you can streamline your development of the app across various platforms like Android, iOS or cross platforms. The development cost of iOS is larger than Android, but when you look at the number of devices using the Android platform it has a big impact on the overall development cost. If users are from diverse platforms, then cross-platform development could be employed.
  • Features: It is important to analyze and decide as to what kind of features you will provide to the users as it will decide the uniqueness and reach of the app to the users. You may provide many numbers of features to make your app look rich but it will have the additional cost for development. If you are opting for modern and innovative designs, attractive graphics and visuals to be included in the app, then it will elevate the total development charges.
  • Development team size – The pace of development and the stipulated time frame of the app deployment of the app to the store impacts the total number of developers and testers to be working in the production of the app. You need to sensibly select the options as this can have a big impression on the cost of development.



In the modern technology-savvy world, where people are looking out for many options that perform or support them in doing all the tasks quickly, mobile apps are having a big impact on all the activities, be it in the individual benefits or business elements. Dubai mall kind of app would be very useful in helping the visitors and also benefit the store or event owners to market and pull the customers easily to their location.

Brill Mindz is a renowned mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE with a team of skilled professionals creating practical and flawless mobile apps. The company has developed thrilling apps for many well-known business organisations and has supported them in achieving broad accomplishments. We guarantee that our valued products do not make a dent in your pocket and provide continuous support post-deployment. We analyse your ideas and create precise apps as per your specifications. As safety is a primary element in such kind of apps, we assure that the developed app meets all the safety norms irrespective of all the modern UI designs developed to attract the users. Our major principle is the satisfaction of our clients and striving to enhance their brand value.


If you are searching for an appropriate firm for developing an app like Dubai Mall, you are in the right place. It is always very important to be adhering with the changing trends, and our major attention is to develop meaningful products that will reach the target customers and help you to reach new standards. Contact us at and we can effectively discuss your app idea and its execution into a successful app like Dubai mall.

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