How Much does it Cost to Develop an eLearning App like Tutopia?

Cost to Develop an eLearning App like Tutopia

How Much does it Cost to Develop an eLearning App like Tutopia?

The modern digital era has been constantly easing the lives of users both in terms of routine lives or businesses. A major portion of this transformation is related to the advent of smartphones and mobile apps that aid in simplifying the lives of users. Consequently, different types of businesses are achieving success and maximum returns by using advanced technologies to their maximum benefits.

The education industry is no different as it has benefited heavily from advancements in technology in the form of eLearning apps. While the trend was already widespread in recent years, every education segment user realized their importance with maximum effect. Moreover, educational institutions are emphasizing building advanced solutions like the Tutopia learning app which is developed by a leading mobile app development company Brill Mindz. Tutopia learning is an advanced eLearning solution that was built to aid the students of the West Bengal state board in easing the process of learning.

About Tutopia:

  • Being Bengali medium students, Tutopia owners initiated to aid the Bengali state board students when the pandemic hit the regular education process. The idea was to integrate all the key elements in one place by developing a valuable eLearning app. They joined hands with a leading mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi, Brillmindz to execute the idea of an exclusive end product.The development process began with a focus on two major aspects. The primary one was providing this simple solution at a reasonable cost for aiding every student to gain the benefits of eLearning education. It led to comprehensive access of the app to every Bengali medium student with a simple smartphone without any hiccups. The second aspect was to offer engaging content in every subject so that students do not feel monotonous in any stage of their learning process. The review from students across the state has proved that they are finding it smooth to grasp all the subjects without any stress.

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  • The Tutopia learning App stands as one of the first online learning portals for Bengali medium students. Tutopia tutoring emphasizes associating with expert teachers who have profound knowledge in their respective subjects. Moreover, the SMEs in Tutopia are well-versed in employing advanced technologies and features in the app. Features like live sessions, audio/video classes, 3D graphics, animations and many more have been developed to make the students understand the concepts effectively.The mobile app development partner, Brillmindz has expressed joy for developing such a useful eLearning solution that is helping thousands of Bengali students in continuing the education process. The app is available in both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded through Google Play and Apple App Store respectively. Students who are using the app have expressed great joy that it is helping them to get a stronghold on knowing various topics.

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How much does it cost to develop an e-learning app like Tutopia?

Before beginning your strategic approach in building an eLearning app, you have to research the competitors and be clear on the budgeting figures. Developing an eLearning app such as Tutopia requires a deep study on impacting elements for concluding the final cost of the product. Below are the major aspects that impact the cost of building an eLearning app like Tutopia:

Operating Platforms:

Regardless of the type of industry, every business owner will have the intention of reaching maximum users for enhancing the returns. Hence you have to consider developing the app on those platforms which are employed by your target customers. But building an app on different platforms has different technological points of consideration. Consequently, business owners go for cross-platform app development, to reach the users across different platforms like Android, iOS, or Windows.

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eLearning apps will require interactive UI UX that will engage the users for longer and provide a friendly experience. Both students and tutors will be interacting with the app for longer times, which enhances the importance of offering user-friendly and engaging design. Further, building an app that involves exciting design elements will make the app richer but also involve significant costs for development.


The type of technology employed has a straight influence on the final cost of development. Another key aspect to consider is that some technologies are free to use while others require extra charges. Hence, the inclusion of diverse types of technology will impact the final cost of development in a significant percentage.

App Features:

An eLearning app will need the inclusion of some basic features which ensure the smooth functioning of the process. Features such as Live classes, chat, audio lessons, multiple payments are necessary but adding more premium features will increase the development charges. Such features will also need integration with 3rd party apps that will ensure that there will be no interruption in the process. With the involvement of all these aspects, several business owners go for basic features in the MVP version of the product and later add on with other features.

App Size: 

The final cost of building an app like Tutopia is dependent heavily on the combination of different types of features and functionalities. Hence, these factors are directly proportional to the enhancement in the final size of the app. It is advised to only include essential features and functionalities for avoiding an unnecessary increase in the size of the app.

Maintenance Services:

The success of any digital product is not limited to the release of the app in the market, but it’s smooth functioning in the hands of the users for a long time. It calls for an effective maintenance service that includes smoothening any technical issues or incorporating valuable feedback from the app users.

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Final thoughts:

If you are willing to build such a user-friendly mobile app as Tutopia, Brillmindz will aid you to build an efficient product that reaches target users effectively. Our team has multiple years of experience in developing excellent digital products that transform the business and lead the market for a long period.

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