How much Does It Cost to Develop a Banking or Fintech app?

How much Does It Cost to Develop a Banking or Fintech app?

How much Does It Cost to Develop a Banking or Fintech app?

Banking or Fintech app development is the running trend in the banking sector. A major reason for this is the global acceptance and usage of online payment methods. This is the prime time for different banking firms to find an answer to their query “how to build a fintech company?”. As there is a constant growth of the FinTech app and its advancements, the financial technology market is becoming very competitive. Hence, there must be important on building trendy features, offering high functional value and also how will it prove to be vital for the banking operations. If you are thinking “how to build a fintech app?” then you must contact the best mobile app development company Brill Mindz.

Types of FinTech apps and How much Does It Cost to Develop a Banking or Fintech app?:

With several benefits to offer, you may be thinking “how to start your mobile banking app project”? But before that you need to know what are the types of banking or Fintech Apps:

  • Apps for transfers of finances, payment of bills, and tracing of expenditures.
  • Apps for the trading of stocks, loan advice, and financial guidance.
  • Payment gateway integration apps that using advanced technologies like blockchain

Fintech App Features:

If your next thing to worry about is “how to start a banking app?” then you must think about the type of features you want to include and their complications. Some of the common features to be present in fintech apps are:

Customization option: Companies are making use of Artificial Intelligence to enable swift and effortless customization options for users. They must have a personalized home screen and provide guidance dependent on user preferences.

Security: Every type of mobile apps requires security to be of prime importance, but with the complete relativity of finances, it becomes much more crucial for fintech apps. There must be proper authentication measures and also security against any cybercrimes.

Data analytics: People make use of this kind of app for tracking their finances and any stock market-related activities. Hence such apps must effectively accumulate, analyze and organize the data and showcase it to the users effectively. 

Onboard: Onboarding for fintech app needs to collect more data from the users than other kinds of apps. Banking systems have to be compliant with the different norms of the industry and government. There must be a convenient process that takes information from the user by having secure and reliable steps.

Innovative UI/UX: It is vital to give a user-friendly UI/UX to offer the best experience while using the app. The design must aid in better data accumulation and management. Choosing the appropriate fonts and giving the content in a readable manner with correct color codes for all UI elements. It is important to build these features accordingly in the development stages so that it doesn’t cause any issues for the user later. 

Integrations: Several features in the app need integration with the third-party APIs to get any extra information like aiding in making payments, trace expenses or transfer funds.

Artificial Intelligence:  Artificial Intelligence is helping to make the Fintech app more customizable for the users. With the use of advanced Artificial intelligence and Machine learning processes, fintech app organizations are providing users with the best suggestions to help users with their requirements according to their preferences. This will also help in effective marketing and reaching the intended users. But it is very important to choose a reliable AI development company for the mobile banking app project so that it is successful. The intention of this must be the best customization of products that can be useful for users at appropriate times.


Data security and user privacy are the most important elements that must not be neglected during the development of any kind of app. Users always want their information to be secured and handled with optimal care. Fintech companies must take proper dealings to safeguard the user data against any cybercrimes. This will ensure the users that their information is in the right hands and make them trust the app. To make this happen, app development companies must follow a secure app development process that ensures high protection of data at all stages. The authentication processes must be implemented optimally so that any unauthorized person is unable to gain access to any individual data. There must the provision of user verification for every specific action.

Factors That Affect Fintech Application Development Cost:

Features: Adding advanced features will definitely improve the richness of the app. But the complexity and number of the features included in the app will notably impact the overall cost. Due to this, many financial firms will introduce apps in the market with basic features and then add advanced features later.

Operating system: You have to decide the exact answer for your query on “how to create banking application, in android, iOS or both depending on your target customers. Developing an app that works for both platforms is more feasible if the users are from both platforms.

Native or hybrid: Native apps are developed with a single programming language while hybrid apps are the websites that are developed to be used in the app. Native apps prove to be costlier than hybrid apps but they provide better performance.

App size: It is dependent on the number of features and the complexity of their development with included technologies.

Integrations: Many third-party APIs demand money for using their services. Hence, the more integrations in the app, the more will be the overall cost.


Financial apps have transformed into a significant opportunity for FinTech organizations. With a reliable mobile app development company, you can run your business operations smartly and cost-effectively. A financial app offers numerous benefits to its users, like checking balance practically, executing all bank tasks effortlessly, and provide worthwhile deals to their users. If you are planning to develop a unique mobile banking app project, then you must contact a trusted and skilled mobile app development company like Brill Mindz.

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