How much does it cost to develop a mobile banking app like Emirates NBD?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile banking app like Emirates NBD

How much does it cost to develop a mobile banking app like Emirates NBD?

Mobile banking apps have become a common way in which users access their bank accounts and accomplish several transactions. The desirability towards mobile banking is so prominent that the majority of banks across the globe are looking to enter the online banking app development by adding advanced features. A mobile app will be a game-changer for banking firms if there is a database of users that are fond of using smartphones with easy internet access. Mobile banking apps make it very easy to perform several operations that do not need the customers to go visit the bank physically. Mobile banking apps like Emirates NBD have been transforming the industry and aiding the users with exciting features.

About Emirates NBD:

Emirates NBD mobile banking app provides quick, appropriate, and valuable banking services at any time and place. It is an easy process of downloading the Emirates NBD mobile banking app and opening an account within no time. Based on various aspects you can easily apply for a new loan or credit card, and utilize the advanced services with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Play. There are several exciting features such as cardless cash withdrawal, transfer of money to any UAE mobile number, and direct deposit to chosen countries within a minute. It ensures optimal safety by offering the ability to block and activate the cards directly from the mobile app dashboard. Other features of Emirates NBD mobile app:

  • Simple and secured access to your current accounts, savings, and deposit details and verifying the transactions.
  • Clever pass-based authentication for secure digital transactions.
  • Easy access to requesting check books and genuine statements.
  • Timely verification for credit card spending and transforming the purchases to easy instalments.
  • Check the details about your loan, pending amounts, and next instalment dates.
  • Easy yet secured transfer of money both in UAE and across the globe.
  • Use the services for paying the bills or recharging your mobile phone.

How to develop an effective mobile banking app:

Registration and signup:

Similar to other apps, a banking application carries more weight to allow the user with authorization, registration, and log in. The sign-in option in the banking app should be relatively simple for the user but also have a secured operation. A multi-factor authentication feature will be important in securing the app to a great extent.

Account data: 

Users must have simple yet secured access to their bank account data like account number, balance, card number, name, amount, etc. You may plan differently for showcasing your app but must guarantee to make them easily accessible to users.

Payment and transfer:

An important feature of a banking app will be the capability to allow flawless real-time payment and transfers. The app must provide a precise segment for the transfer activities comprising features like add beneficiaries, check account balance before and after the transfer, and many more. All types of transactions must be carried forward only after the PIN/Password authentication from the user.

Transaction’s history:

One more basic feature of a banking app is showcasing the transaction history. There should be the option of giving the users an option for the time with tailored date settings.

Push Notifications:

A best-executed push notification plan will not just aid you to retain the existing customers and also enhance the app to reach more users. Generally, there are three types of push notifications:

  • Inform the users about all the details regarding their profile called transaction dependent notification.
  • Notify the users about discounts, offers, and other deals which may be specific to that user called promotion dependent notification.
  • Inform the users about any changes needed to password or submitting a document called application dependent notification.

Information about all the branches:

It is a key feature that should be available in a banking application. There must be an integration of Apple or Google Maps in the app to aid the users to the nearby bank branches.

Constant In-app chat:

Your app can be successful only when it is giving continuous support to the user. A highly secured chatbot feature will help in solving the queries of the users at the time of need.

The above ones are highly basic features that should be present in the app but several other advanced features can make you stand unique in the competition. It may be a QR scan, integration of third-party services within the app, providing multi language support, etc.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile banking app like Emirates NBD?

The banking app development cost is dependent on several crucial factors. Below are the major ones:

Features: Mobile banking app features is the basic and important aspect that impacts the overall development cost of the app. The use of advanced features is directly proportional to the enhancement in overall development costs.

Design: A banking mobile application includes several important information like account details, money transfer information, chatbots, etc. It is important to develop a design that offers all the key details in one place. In the current era majority of users prefer minimalistic design but with navigable features which have a direct impact on the overall development cost of the app.

Integration of advanced technology: Another important aspect that has a direct relation to the banking app development cost is the integration of technology. While it is key to utilize cutting-edge technologies such as ML, AI, or Blockchain to make your banking applications highly scalable, it can highly enhance the development cost.

The number of platforms: The type of platform (Android/iOS/Windows, or Cross-platform) on which the app will be developed will have a huge say in deciding the overall cost of the app.


With all the above details, you can develop successful mobile banking if you associate with a trusted and experienced mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE like Brillmindz. You will get the services of a talented team that will keep you in sync across all stages and develops a profitable end product.

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