How much will it cost to hire freelance app developers Dubai, UAE?

cost to hire freelance app developers Dubai

How much will it cost to hire freelance app developers Dubai, UAE?

Mobile apps have become a much-needed element for all types of businesses to endure successfully in a competitive and trendy market. With the outbreak of coronavirus, on-demand mobile apps have become very popular. They adhere to all the social distancing and hygienic norms which is much required in the hour. Due to all such reasons, the already popular mobile app development companies in dubai sector is booming with opportunities. Amidst all this hype, there may be one question that would be bothering you, “How much will it cost to hire freelance app developers Dubai”


The solution to this query depends solely on whether you can manage the entire process of development itself and the extent to which you can lead the project from your side. Additionally, if you have some room for technical flesh, it is quite risky to hire a freelancer. Just because managing people live hundreds or thousands of miles away is a tedious job.

Adding on, while some freelancers take several projects simultaneously, so as to jump in the dark with the completion of your project. In fact, there is no guarantee that the freelancer will walk the extra mile for the completion of your project. After all, there is no project manager or CTO to manage their work.

On the other hand, aligning with the best application development company in Dubai is known to provide project management services add to a list of developers, designers, and quality analysts. These companies follow agile methods, establish communication channels, quality-assured, and efficient manner.

In addition, proper development company documenting the challenges of development and the approach they chose to solve. Unless you have a fairly small task that can be handled by a freelancer, I personally recommend choosing among the trusted company.

App development cost breakdown:

Many factors influence the overall cost of developing a mobile app in Dubai. They are as listed below:

Hire freelance app developers Dubai

You could opt for two types of mobile app development services in Dubai. One is hiring a freelancer other one is an app development company. Either way, you need to ensure that they possess the skill to build a mobile app by meeting your requirements.

If you opt for freelance app developers Dubai, to build an app, you will have an unparalleled cheaper budget advantage. But there will be many risks involved:

  • Unstable communication and service
  • Restricted transparency and responsibility
  • The requirement to search freelancers for all the app-related services.

A complete mobile app development company will have the benefit of a dedicated team working on your project. If you chose a reliable mobile app development company, there will benefit like:

  • Constant communication.
  • Timely schedule and delivery.
  • All services covered.

Type of Features:

The type of features included in the app will have a major role to play in affecting the time needed to develop the app. This will directly influence the overall cost of building the app. Therefore, consider the budgeting factors properly before finalizing the features. There are 3 types of the app depending on the type of features to be included in the app.

Simple — There will be only basic functionalities and design without the implementation of any 3rd party apps, API, or complex designs.

Modest — There will be some required 3rd party integrations for payments, API, and customized design functionalities.

Complex — Will have all the advanced graphics, real-time features, 3rd party integrations, comprehensive back-end services, and support.

 If advanced features are to be involved in the app, then they affect the overall cost to develop the app with the below factors:

  • Integration of 3rd party apps would require time and extra budget to use their services. If you are interested to provide any beneficial service via such apps, then it would incur additional charges in development. 
  • Some additional features demand optimal backend development to ensure even functionalities and manage heavy loads in all situations. With the complex functionalities and an increase in the number of users interacting with the app, there will be increased data. Organization of data across the platforms and integrating them in the cloud will require more budget.
  • If you are expecting a substantial amount of revenue with every app, then you will need to offer in-app purchases for users. Integrating different types of payment options would incur an extra charge for using their services.
  • The addition of custom UI elements and advanced graphics will enhance the richness but also increase design intricacies.


You may require a specific type of platform, depending on the target customer and other goals. 

Native app: It is developed on a precise platform like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. They provide certain specific and exciting functionalities but contain other complexities.

Cross-platform app: It is built to perform seamlessly across multiple platforms. A single programming language is employed to felicitate fewer complex factors during development.

Native apps are more expensive to build but they perform and meet the specific user necessities.

Post-deployment expenses:

The cost to hire freelance app developers is not restricted only to the development process. The actual success of the app begins with the release in the market. An app of any type will need constant updates, maintenance, cloud supervision, user-management, marketing plans, agreements, etc. All such measures will account for the significant success of the app. Many people tend to neglect these factors in their early stages of planning. You must have a thorough discussion of these factors and their incurring budget for the constant expansion of your app. Failure to do so will result in unwanted surprises and unplanned budgeting constraints affecting the app maintenance. A comprehensive mobile app development company will ensure to cover all the aspects of their initial planning. Due to this advantage, you will have the budget equally divided among all the necessities required to maintain the app.

How much does it cost to build an app in Dubai?

With the knowledge of all the above elements involved in the development of a mobile app in Dubai, the focus is on the obvious question. “What is the cost of developing an app?” is the regular question received by all mobile app development companies. It may seem to be an easy question to reply to, but actually, it is not. All the above factors come together during various stages of app development for any particular niche. They demand proper planning and budget allocation for a structured quality of end product. Such organized planning measures will have a big part to play in deciding the overall cost of development. The different stages of mobile app development are:

· Requirement breakdown and research 

· Design strategy

· Development 

· Testing 

· Deployment 

· Marketing

· Maintenance

A trusted mobile app development company will guide you well across all these stages to meet the precise requirements. It will refrain from having any divergences in the development stages effecting the app development.

Bottom line:

A mobile app development process involves many crucial and influencing factors. Hence, it is wise to be associated with an experienced mobile app development company such as Brill Mindz. You will be assured to get customized features and functionalities according to your budget/requirement factors.

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