Mobile app development cost in UAE

Mobile app development cost in UAE

Mobile app development cost in UAE

With the arrival and inventions in smartphones, the app industry has been evolving and showing extreme changes and transformations across multiple sectors. The usage of mobile phones has been growing exponentially with an increase in the addition of mobile phones to the ecosystem. The majority of business owners have thought mobile app development to be a mandatory process in their process of expansion. They have been identified as the game-changing tool to attract new customers, retain the existing ones, and create more sales. But it is a tricky job to develop a unique mobile app and get the highest downloads amidst the huge competition in the market. Therefore, business owners must associate with an expert mobile app development company in Dubai for being standout in the competition. 

Importance of mobile app for businesses in UAE:

UAE has transformed to be a technological hub in the middle east region. Various types of businesses in the UAE have known the value of mobile apps and their capability to increase their revenue with advanced marketing tactics. Mobile apps have become so accessible that they are not just limited to large companies. Even small businesses and start-ups are employing the mobile app strategy to reach their target customers and be successful in the long run. Due to this, there is an increase in digital transformation across multiple industries in the UAE. Mobile application development companies and freelance mobile app developers in Dubai have been in huge demand in recent years.

Factors influencing the mobile app development cost in UAE:

Some key aspects impact the mobile app development cost in UAE or any other region. They are:

Mobile app development company or Freelance app developers in UAE:

Business owners could opt for two types of mobile app development services in UAE; one is in-house and the other is offshore. But it is important to know the insights of types of functionalities offered by both types of services. Freelance mobile app developers will only execute their tasks preferably at a lower cost than a mobile app development company. But it is crucial to hire a developer who has all the advanced skills to convert your core ideas into reality. Mobile app development companies will have a complete team of designers, developers, testers, managers, marketing experts, etc. They can ensure that your product is completed without any pending tasks and will offer complete support even after the release. They will have the liberty to use paid versions of all the software and related tools to ensure that the resulting app is up to date to modern trends. This is the reason for many business owners to prefer a reliable mobile app development company in the UAE.

Choice of Operating System:

Majorly used operating systems in the market are Android, iOS, Windows, or Cross-platform apps. Business owners must conduct thorough research on the usage of target users before deciding on a specific plan. The development costs are less in the Android platform when compared to others, but you also need to have a consideration of a large number of devices to be tested. Cross-platform apps will leverage the option of running the apps in diverse platforms but it all relies on the usage of target customers.

Technical parts:

Regardless of the type of organization like a start-up or an enterprise, technical features to be included in the app will have a huge impact on the overall cost of app development. Some features involve fewer complexities and some others more depending on the type of functionalities. Some of them will demand more time and finances to be implemented in the app impacting the overall cost of mobile app development.

Backend tasks:

Backend support is essential for any app to perform well in the market by handling peak loads. Once the app has a large number of users it has to handle a large chunk of data. Managing this data in different places and integrating with the cloud will surely enhance the costs in the process.

Third-party apps and purchases:

Several high-tech features will require integration with 3rd party apps for implementing effectively. They will demand some charges for using the services and also take some time to be integrated with the app. If you want to reach more customers, then you will have to offer them with some essential services like multiple payment methods. A mobile app will also need some hardware aspects if you need to track any data externally. This is dependent on the type of feature but will demand some extra charges for the implementation process. Such integration processes will cost you, based on the tool employed for the process. 

Advanced design elements:

Complex and modern design elements included in the app with tailored UI will incur more charges than the basic design elements. It is important to attract the current trendy users who like to use the app with an intuitive and user-friendly design. These elements also have an impact on the size of the app which also has a part in impacting the overall cost for building the app.

Post-deployment expenses:

The total cost for developing any mobile app is not done with the deployment and release of the app in the market. But it will require periodical updates, maintenance, cloud administration, user support, compliance, etc. These aspects must be considered well in advance as they are key for the long-term success of the app in the market. The app must be supported well in the market for it to be effective in fulfilling the user needs and modern trends. Failing to consider these things in the early planning stages will lead to confusion in critical stages of the project.

Bottom line:

With the increase in popularity and need for mobile apps especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus, business owners must associate with a trusted mobile app and software development company in UAE like Brillmindz. They have a team of expert technical and marketing individuals who will ensure guaranteed success.  

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