Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Top 5 mobile app development companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE 

As there is a drastic increase in the usage of mobile phones and apps, they are having a big impact on business strategies. With huge competition across all the stages, leadership teams have understood the importance of including mobile app strategy in the businesses. This is mainly due to the ability of mobile apps to have a strong online presence and to reach a large number of customers. As a result, there is a huge demand for mobile applications and the top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

If you have an exciting idea and want to transform it into a profitable mobile app, your primary job is to find a reliable mobile app developer. You may opt for a freelance app developer in Abu Dhabi but you will be assured if a comprehensive process if you choose among these top app development companies in Abu Dhabi.


Brillmindz technologies have set a benchmark in the digital industry with its constant growth right from its inception in 2011, in India. The company is a pioneer in mobile app development, web design and development services, game development, digital marketing, and app design in Abu Dhabi and the entire Middle East region. With a trusted name in the industry, it has spread its services to many places like Dubai, Kuwait, Mauritius, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, USA, and Africa. This noticeable achievement is mainly due to their expertise in modern technologies, regular updates in skill sets, fruitful client communication and dedicated team. Their business motto is always inclined to offer precise solutions for their clients that help in expanding their venture. The talented development and marketing team ensures to be in constant communication with the clients so that the end product is always accurate according to client requirements. The company is successful in all its projects due to the help of 200 plus brilliant teams who work smartly in achieving the goals. This has made them be listed as a trusted and best mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi.

Iroid technologies:

This company has been popular across the app development industry due to its constant service from around 10 years. It began the journey as a software development company and kept updating with cutting-edge technologies. The company has aided many clients to reach success in their ventures due to innovations in modern technology. The results have been proof of their works and it is evident with the increasing client base. They have been associated with some popular industry leaders and have built many successful mobile apps for them. It is due to their optimal coding standards and the commitment of employees to deliver high-end products.

The company is a leading app development company founded in 2011, in India and currently extended to multiple locations such as the UK, USA, UAE, and Australia. With the sheer dedication and top knowledge of 200+ employees, they have delivered around 3000+apps and 1400+ websites until today. The company is focused on Mobile Technology and the Development of Custom Mobile Applications across the globe. Their working process is always user-oriented that has helped them to deliver industry leading mobile apps. The employees are constantly updated with cutting-edge technologies and are known to have efficient communication with clients for ensuring to fulfil their requirements accurately in the end product.


It is an innovative mobile app development company with a skillful technical team and smart marketing individuals who offer creative development for their clients. The company is specialized in mobile app development, Logo Designing, Website Design & Development with proven results of successful digital transformation. They possess a huge list of industry-leading clients who trust the company’s ability for a long time. This has assured them to innovate at all stages of app development and offer a creative end product that yields optimal profit.


It has clients across multiple industries and diverse locations across the globe. They have experience in developing different kinds of cutting-edge websites and profitable mobile apps for international clients. Founded in 2002, it has constantly associated with many start-up firms, large enterprises, and government organizations successfully. They have skillful app developers, designers, testers, and marketing specialists who deliver exciting apps that function exactly to the client necessities.


It is one of the splendid Android an iOS mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi that has delivered many state-of-the-art mobile app solutions to various clients. They always follow a customer-centric approach at all stages of the app development process that has allowed them to have a huge client base of around 1500+ numbers. With their clear idea and outstanding skill in mobile app development, they have developed many industry-leading mobile app solutions with 100% success.

Mobile app development cost in UAE:

Mobile app development cost in the UAE or any part of the globe is dependent on major factors below.

App development company you choose to build your app: The skillset and experience of the team members will affect the overall time and cost. The location of the company will also have an impact as app development costs vary from region to region.

Platform: The development criteria for different types of app platforms differ significantly. analyse your target customers precisely and chose to develop the app on either Android, iOS, Windows, or Cross-platform.

Features and Design: The inclusion of cutting-edge features and advanced graphical elements will showcase and make your app look richer. But the overall cost for building the app will increase from the charges for using standard features and design.

Bottom line:

As all types of businesses are choosing to adopt a mobile app strategy, it is evident that your mobile app must be unique and efficient to stand out in the competition. Associate with a trusted and best mobile app development company in Abu Dhabi such as Brillmindz that ticks all the right boxes in providing you a fruitful mobile app.


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