How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai?

Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai UAE

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in Dubai?

The effect of connectivity for our community is clear, with a huge increase in the number of mobile users and app downloads. In 2021, there will be about 8 billion mobile users worldwide, (Source) and by 2022, total mobile app downloads are expected to reach 258 billion per annum.

Among other things, Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities, the technology in Dubai, UAE has had massive development from the last few years. We’ve seen mobile apps today become very relevant The world’s booming market is increasing in numbers with the speed of digital transformation.

Part of the ending we’re seeing such an incredible increase in the number of applications is how a powerful business mobile activity has become a significant relic.

The importance of communication for our community is evident with a significant increase in the number of mobile users and the downloads of software. There will be about 7 billion mobile users worldwide in 2021, (Source) and an estimated 258 billion annual Mobile App downloads are expected by 2022.

With the pace of digital transformation, the app’s booming economy is growing in numbers.

The very first problem that emerges when a digital startup begins is the expense of creating the device. 

How much money does it cost to make a highly functional device, and then scale it up to $1 billion? If you’ve been curious lately about the cost of developing an app, here’s a guide that will give you the answer to how much it costs to build an app. In this article, we discussed the principal drivers of the cost of developing mobile apps.

In Dubai, several factors influence the cost of developing mobile apps. The cost of developing the device varies from one place to another, and the geographic location of the development team is one such consideration.

Cost of Mobile App Development in Dubai, UAE

There are thousands of mobile app development companies in Dubai and the cost of hiring developers varies depending on the experience of the client and the type of platform applied to the developed mobile application.

While calculating the cost of designing mobile applications there are a variety of factors to consider. And often the vast array of criteria like outsourcing or hiring local developers confuse start-up founders and even seasoned entrepreneurs.

Going by popular acceptance such as high price does not mean a good quality product or it is not recommended that new businesses are not skilled enough to create a robust application.

Factors Effects on Mobile App Development

Another factor affecting the cost of creating an app is the technological difficulty. A straightforward application with easy features like a calculator or an app for notes is easier to develop than a complex, time-consuming application for eCommerce or social media.

The more complex the application, the higher the development cost. The sophistication of the different features and the time required to develop the software increases with the increase in technicality, leading to the resulting cost increase.

More data transfer is also required for complex applications, which increases the server requirements and thus increases the cost.

Type of Platform For App Development in Dubai, UAE

When you create a mobile application for your business needs, you’ll either target Android users, iOS users or both.

One can’t really answer how much it takes to make an app until you want to pick a location. However, the approach to app development needs to be factored in at the very beginning, as it significantly impacts the development costs of the product.

The cost of creating Android and iOS devices differs considerably. The selection of platforms and App Development strategy affect the cost of building a mobile app. Although Apple has a loyal user base, the advantage of creating an Android app is to have a chance to reach a wider range of users.

You will either target Android users, iOS users or both if you build a mobile application for your business needs.

One really can’t answer how much it costs to make an app until you want to choose a site. In addition, at the very beginning, the approach to mobile app development needs to be factored in as it greatly impacts the cost of app development.

The cost of creating apps for Android and iOS varies considerably. Platform selection and approach to app development influence the cost of building a mobile app. While Apple has a dedicated user base, a chance to reach a wider range of users is the advantage of building an Android app.

The cost of building an iOS app is higher than an Android app because of the higher level of expertise needed. The App Store also has a strict set of guidelines to meet before the app is launched.

Factors that affect Mobile App Development Cost 

How much does Developing an App in Dubai cost? Now that you are aware of the key criteria affecting the cost of building an app including geographic location, platform option and mobile app development approach when you approach a development company, you can’t expect them to give you the app development cost estimate right off the bat.

So, what does the cost of mobile apps really affect? 

The cost of developing a mobile app is dependent on a number of factors. Yes, the project team decides how many hours it took them to integrate your desires before you receive a bill. The most significant factors influencing mobile average development costs, however, are as follows:

Advanced Features: With the use of state-of – the-art technologies in next-gen apps, there is almost no limit to what a device can do. The cost starts at a few hundred dollars and goes up as high as the advanced feature collection.

Designing and sophisticating the features implemented are the biggest cost drivers in software development.

When determining what to do with your app, that’s the simple functionality that comes into play, the features that need to perform the desired action.

The longer you want your mobile app to have features installed, the longer it takes developers to build them. Some features are long to implement while others are relatively easy to implement and easy to do.

Below is a table containing projected production time and cost for basic features. Below is a table containing projected production time and cost for basic features.

User Interaction(UI Design): How much does Developing an App in Dubai cost? A first look of an application could be a deal maker or a breaker. There’s more to good design than just the look and feel of an app— it’s all about the user’s experience.

User Experience Design means something. The efficiency of an application coupled with the functionality and how users navigate smoothly all depend on the UX development.

A cluttered computer is hard to understand, and will be quickly uninstalled.

The amount of visual complexity from the front-end backend and the front of the design result in increased technical effort. The more you play with your app’s visual features, the more expensive it will become.

Backend Development: If you’re planning to build a massive app with millions of users exchanging huge amounts of information in real time, they’ll want to synchronize and store their data across platforms for sure.

This certainly needs a backend that can withstand tremendous loads and work smoothly under any conditions, resulting in more time spent designing and building the complex architecture of the application.

Backend is basically a mobile application development operating system that provides developers with APIs to share data between an application and a database. It’s packed with analytics to track user activity and measure the performance of your custom app.

Structure of the Development Team: How much does Developing an App in Dubai cost? As already stated, the position of the app development firm is a crucial factor that determines the product’s final price. The cost of making an app varies in Dubai, the UAE, and other areas. But the cost of making an app also depends on the development team structure.

Maintenance and Support:  The relationship between a software partner and the user doesn’t stop completely once the production is done. Each company offers support in the development of apps after release. After all, maintenance is a continuous process.

An application will not be able to do what it had been planned for without proper support. Updates for new technological developments are necessary to ensure that your program is running smoothly.

So, the next fundamental question, how much does it cost to maintain an app?

Well, in some cases the expense of maintaining a device accounts for 15 percent -20 percent of the original cost of developing.

How Much Does BrillMindz Costs for mobile app development in Dubai?

When you partner with us, we start by exploring your concept and briefing you on our methodology and the latest tools and innovations that we apply in the development process. We present a rough estimate based on your expectations and your summary of the design. Based on the scope of the project we measure the total number of hours required to develop the application. We move on to a thorough project plan once your approval has been obtained and request a detailed proposal with cost and timetable.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai? The mobile app development cost in Dubai can start from just $10,000 which depends on different factors as explained above.

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