How to find the best app developer in Dubai?

Best app developer in Dubai

                        How to find the best app developer in Dubai?

The current coronavirus outbreak has led to an increase in the usage of mobile apps for various on-demand services and the delivery of essential goods across the globe. Dubai is no different and mobile apps have become a splendid way to market the business, earn profits, and reach more customers. Building a mobile app for the business can transform it to the next level and aid in targeting new customers by showcasing all your strengths. But developing a mobile app to tick all the right points could be a tough job if you do not select the best app developers.

How to find the best app developer in Dubai?

Below are few things to be taken care while looking for the best app developer in Dubai:

Know the fundamentals: A business owner needs to be aware of the programming languages to be used while building the app. It is very important to know the usage of target audiences to build the app on that specific platform. App development companies will have various readymade designs and templates that help them to develop apps quickly and cost-effectively. But, if you need to add, many individual and advanced features it is beneficial to associate with custom app development companies. They will build with a fresh and precise coding that work smoothly and have a user-specific design that provides good quality product resulting in increased downloads. A major advantage of building a custom app is that it will build the app based on your idea and target audience that leads to higher user rates.

Check Experience: One more key is to focus while hiring an app developer is verifying their prior works. A portfolio of their previous works as it will depict their knowledge in technical and business logic. Take the contacts of the clients for whom they have worked for. Download their apps and use them for all the features. Take a detailed look at their design and functional aspects. By knowing their previous works, you can get an idea about their style. You could also use such examples or features to discuss the type of elements you need in your app.


Transparent communication is a key factor to check in your primary meetings. Along with the qualifications and experience, business owners and app developers must have a good repo with each other. This would be crucial in showcasing the right points in the end product. The technical elements are very important, but a mobile developer must also have the creative potential to offer unique ideas for making the app better for the customer that helps in earning profit. Have a thorough discussion with the project manager to get a complete idea about the working style and type of coordination at all stages. They must have effective communication channels like email Skype, phone, etc. Due to all such factors, it becomes very important to hire developers just based on technical things. Associate with a developer who adheres to the business needs and goals. A relationship of a business owner with the app development company is a driving force behind the success of any kind of app. Therefore, strong communication is a much-needed aspect of the app development idea.

Know Developer Terms: It is not always beneficial or convenient to hire the developer based on payment terms. Don’t just make your decisions if the company provides cheap options. Unrealistic low pricing could lead to compromise on quality in the long term. The final product must be error-free and perform seamlessly in the user devices. It is also important to decode any hidden payments or any other additional costs before you fix a deal with the company. All aspects of the app development process like coding, design, testing, and providing the best user experience must be in sync for the success of the app. Make sure that all the elements in the process must have a clear idea of the complete process and must work collectively to build a supreme product.

SDLC and project management frameworks: It is crucial to know all the information about the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and project management frameworks in the particular app development company. Verify their methodologies, development, and design norms various platforms and feedback across all the stages. The team must be able to respond to all the potential issues and carry a comprehensive testing process. An efficient company must have a properly defined SDLC that accommodates the client’s requirements and offer constant stability during the process.

Along with a properly organized SDLC, good development companies will have a structured project management frameworks and methodologies to enhance the development process. Widely used frameworks like Scrum, Agile, RUP, and Waterfall could be used by them. This is important for app development companies to accommodate the changes while not effecting the product delivery.

What technologies do they use? 

It is a very important factor if you already have a development team or a created product and want to outsource the development of only a specific part like front end development or design. Know all the technologies used by the company and ensure that it connects with the technology used by your team. It will be a key factor to understand the tools used by the company and their methodologies used to handle regular development challenges. All experienced app developers follow certain globally used coding standards that result in delivering the quality end product. These standards should be a blend of tools and practices employed to have constant and stable architecture, reusable code, and unparalleled user experience.

Bottom line:

While associating with any app developer, do not decide easily without knowing their way of operation and technologies. An efficient mobile app development company must be able to solve specific business issues and help in reaching potential customers. If you are looking to develop a comprehensive mobile app to enhance your business, contact the best mobile app development companies in DubaiBrill Mindz.

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