How much will it Cost to Develop an e-commerce app like SOUQ?

How much will it Cost to Develop an e-commerce app like SOUQ?

How much will it Cost to Develop an e-commerce app like SOUQ?

The E-commerce industry is undergoing many modern evolutions with the advent of the latest technologies. Every significant business firms want to involve such technologies for attaining success in their ventures. Mobile apps are playing a huge part in your success in the eCommerce business sector. E-commerce marketplace has helped many vendors with a great competitive setting. A multi-vendor mobile app is an imminent aspect of the eCommerce marketplace. The business has a privilege to sell their products to the customers at the click of fingertips. It will completely assist the vendors to efficiently manage the inventory and orders from anyplace. If you are looking to grow and expand your business to the next level the e-commerce app is the best option. Reliable and expert mobile app development company like Brill Mindz will help you in achieving the dream.

What is SOUQ? and How much will it Cost to Develop an e-commerce app like SOUQ? is an ally of Amazon and the biggest e-commerce platform in the Middle East, operating in 8 Countries. It includes several categories to choose from such as electronics, fashion, mobile phones, tablets, supplements and many more, with a discounted price that is not available across any supermarkets or online stores. It has evolved as the forerunner among the eCommerce apps in the Arab regions.

Features to be included in the app:

Multi-vendor marketplace app like SOUQ must offer very valuable features, for both the vendors and customers. 

Signup and log in: Users must be able to register to the app with social media or Gmail accounts for verification and login without any issues.

Multi-language support: The app aids multiple language support that will be very useful to a wide range of users.

Wishlist and precise discount offer: – It must provide a wish list feature for the customers to add if any desired products for buying them later. It must also have the option to provide special offers for precise customers and intimate them via Email, SMS, etc. They can have coupon discounts across many products in the app which can be redeemed later for purchasing in the app.

Delivery methods: The app must provide various product delivery options as per customer choice. This will be important for precise items and also as per the choice of customers

Feedback and ratings: This most crucial feature that will allow the customers to rate and provide feedback on a particular seller or product. It will allow other customers to check the experience of other users on a precise product before they go for a successful purchase.

Dashboard for vendors: – This is a specific dashboard for vendors that has their profile and allows them to perform various operations.

Homepage for the customer: This is a detailed page for customers where they can see the various product collections from different sellers and all the latest offers and discounts.

GPS: Customers must be able to select the sellers depending on their location of the store. This will help them to buy any location-specific products.

Chat feature: Customers can ask their queries to the specific vendors and get a swift response from them. It will also be very useful to vendors as they can provide quick solutions for customers and gain their trust. It will increase the brand value of that particular vendor.

Managing Orders: Vendors must have various options for managing the orders from mobile apps such as generating invoices, credit memos, sending the credit memo and delivery of orders.

Add or Edit products: Vendors must have the option to add or edit product details in the application. It allows them to make changes from any place and time.

Vendor contact details: App must provide all the contact details for all the specific vendors so that customers can speak to them when required for any queries or help in product usage.

OTP (One-time password): This feature will provide a secure system for customers to complete the transactions. It must allow them to authenticate their phone numbers with the app and use the features while they make a purchase. It will send an SMS to the registered mobile number and ask the users to authenticate it while they perform a particular transaction.

Wallet: Customers must have the option to have an app wallet that will allow them to make payment later. The wallet is similar to a prepaid account that provides the option to add money for customers and use this money to purchase any products later.

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce app like SOUQ?

There are many aspects to be looked out that meets all the specific business factors and norms. Below are the major points:

App platform: The cost of developing an e-commerce app like SOUQ depends on various operating systems like iOS and Android. You may feel that the cost of developing the iOS platform app would be more than that of the Android platform. But when you consider the number of devices using the android platform, you have to make an exact decision relying on the target customers.

Features: The overall cost of developing an eCommerce app like SOUQ depends on the features integrated with it. Along with the basic features, the inclusion of advanced ones like payment gateway, OTP and various product categories will have a big impact on the costs.

App Size: App size of any kind of app is dependent on various factors such as the app purpose, features involved, design and other unique characteristics.

Developer: An expert and efficient app developer plays a huge part in influencing the timing of complete app development. It also depends upon the location of the app development company where there are specific market taxes for each product.


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