How to get investors for a business or mobile app in Dubai?

How to get investors for a business or mobile app?

How to get investors for a business or mobile app in Dubai?

Globally, the mobile app market generates about $60 billion in revenue every year, which means that mobile apps present a huge opportunity for new businesses. As a start-up business or even an established business, you may have an innovative mobile app or web service idea, but maybe short on the capital needed for its creation. While the cost of an app can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the concept and the feature set. you’ll need capital to cover operational overhead, marketing and user acquisition, hiring, and all the other expenses that come with starting a business. Launching an app will require you to raise capital. So how do you do that? how to get investors for a business? Who are the business angels? Where do you end up looking for investors? How do you find the best Angel investment network? How to get investors for a business or mobile app?

How to get investors for a business or mobile app?

Know your app niche:

With a constant upsurge in the app development sector, we are ending up with apps for all the routine activities. 

  • It is very important to know what should be the unique aspects of your app that will attract investors. 
  • Understand your competitor’s products and analyze how they appeal to their audience to boost their sales. 
  • Find the gaps in the market and the user pain points so that your app will have a huge impact on the market. 
  • Find your exact target audience, probable features, monetization strategies, etc.

Visualize the app idea:

This can be achieved by branding the app in a practical scenario. This is a very crucial aspect of every business organization as it will be the foundation stone for all future developments. It will be a lot convincing to pitch such visualized ideas to the investors. Develop design mock-up models with clear explanations of all the various scopes of your app idea. This will build a sense of hope and showcase your efforts fruitfully to the investors. A reliable and experienced app development company will help in developing app mock-up, logos, etc.

Elevator Pitch:

This is a brief explanation of your app idea to the investors. Potential investors would be busy as there would be many similar entrepreneurs striving to grab their attention for their business funding’s. Hence you must be best ready in your quest of looking for investors. You need to find how interestingly you will impress the investors and make them listen to your whole app idea. You must briefly explain your app-purpose, features and key problem-solving abilities. Your ability to grab their interests in the brief time will make a huge difference in getting the app funding for unveiling your idea in the market or coming back again with more analysis of your explanations. 

Pitch deck:

After your successful investor elevator pitch, you have the job to create a descriptive pitch deck for the next meeting. This is the best time for you to explain all the key factors related to your app.

  • You must have solid explanations for every app feature and function, development process, marketing strategies, software costs, etc. 
  • Present all the related statistics and all other main points of the app that showcase your app investment value. You must be precise in getting closer to the crucial points in this presentation.
  • Always ensure that you do not add any funky designs that could override your actual idea in the presentation. Have a smooth blend of content and related visual graphics while you develop the pitch deck presentation.
  • Even at this point, you must ensure that you do not speak about unnecessary talks that deviate from your key app idea. Investors would not have the patience to listen to other things apart from your major app aspects which will boost their confidence to invest in your project.

Develop a Prototype or MVP:

This will help to have a real-time experience of your app. It will prove as an interactive way to impress your investors by having an interactive and practical prototype. You can develop a minimal MVP with the major features that are important to the app. This will prove a vital prospect for your investors as they will be able to experience the app and have the best assurance for your core idea.

Types of funding for your app:

Angel or seed funding: Angel investors or angel investment networks are the people who will invest in your organization if you have a brilliant concept but it not yet emerged as a developed app. This generally works well if you effectively showcase your first release version of the app, it will generate good confidence in investors about your abilities in developing a successful product.


This is also a common way of getting funds to your idea via debts like bank loans, mortgages and credit cards. You would need a splendid and thorough business plan that covers all the factors like estimated profits, timeframes and market analysis. An expert mobile app development company will help you to have a descriptive business plan.


This is the first investment that is done to authenticate their concept and develop a prototype and find the market value. The best advantage of bootstrapping is that it gives you total control over the app and its building process. This will allow you to successfully implement your core idea into the product and later approach other potential investors for future funding.

Venture Capitalists:

This requires making a few changes to your idea by the investors. It will be aligned to get faster returns on their investment and avoid the time-consuming methods and please the investors. 


Looking for investors for improving your business or developing a mobile app is a tricky job. It can be done effectively if you have companies like Brill Mindz for guiding you on the right path. We have a talented team of professionals ready for aiding in finding investors and also transform your idea into reality.

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