What are the Advantages of Personalization in an eCommerce Mobile App?

What are the advantages of personalisation in an ecommerce mobile app

What are the Advantages of Personalization in an eCommerce Mobile App?

Mobile apps have become an integral part of a majority of people in the digital world. With the advancements in mobile app technology, there is a huge challenge for mobile app developers to stand unique in the market. It is tricky to encourage users to have constant engagement, especially in the eCommerce segment. Hence, retailers have witnessed that personalized app experience can drive users’ interest in performing business with the app, playing an important part in long-term success. If you are looking to develop a new eCommerce app or already have one, then this article will help you in increasing conversions with app personalizations.

Advantages of personalization in an eCommerce mobile app:

To gain more sales:

There are several points, but the crucial reason for eCommerce businesses is to gain more sales, be it through an app or the physical store. Customers will always love to only see the products and services that are relevant to their needs, which will drive them to potentially make a sale. Personalization will help in negating unnecessary searches for users in leading to their actual choices. When you understand the needs of your users by accumulation and analysis of the user data, you will have the ability to execute these tactics. Moreover, users will have no reason to check out for alternate options, when they get their favorite ones from your product.

Increase User Loyalty:

Who does not want the association of loyal users amidst the highest competition in the industry? Modern users always love to get a complete personalized service from the brands they are using. As mentioned earlier, if you can reach your target customers and make them loyal, then you will have a fixed set to engage with. They will be more encouraged to keep interacting with the brand while interacting positively with all your ventures. But this is only relevant if you can constantly offer the best content combined with optimal service.

Accurate product recommendations:

It’s not only important to have the best products for every exclusive segment, but also to show the right ones to interested customers. The product recommendations hold the key to encouraging users in making a sale from your product list. Moreover, the product suggestion design should be smooth and appropriate to ensure that users find it interesting.

Retaining the customers:

Every app owner would want to get constant returns from the app product, which requires retention of the customers. If the app has a subscription model, then the complete renewal process must be smooth and impressive for stimulating the users. Offering personalized offers on subscription plans by using the browsing history of the user will give more chances for users to continue with the product.

User profits:

Personalization will not only help the owners to gain profits but also the users to a large extent. The user shopping experience can be personalized by having track of the buying price ranges along with a combination of their interests. Further, when you add these benefits with discounts, customers will always want to stay with the app and utilize the opportunity. If a customer is your existing user who has not performed any sale with the app, then you can notify them with a discount coupon for encouragement.

Best practices for eCommerce app personalization:

Understand the needs of your Audience: Regardless of the efforts that go into making the app look personalized, users will love the experience only if you understand their needs and deliver them accurately. If you can achieve this, it is easy to target them for their requirements while retaining them for longer.

Integrate with social media: Integrating with social media has become a mandatory step if you are looking to reach a huge set of users on various platforms. This has a huge opportunity if executed as per the specific platform standards with user demands.

Location-based (GPS): The current location of the user can be tracked using location-based GPS technology, which will be useful to send location-based real-time offers. The final price of the product can be given accurately depending on the shipping costs concerning the location. Moreover, users can get suggestions based on the specialty in the location.

Email Marketing: Email marketing has proven to be an ideal solution to have a strong link with the target customers with personalized flavors. Almost every set of users employs email, you can target them by employing creative marketing campaigns. But the campaigns should be aligned towards the user needs while focussing on the positives of products and services. In this way, you can engage inactive users to get back-performing sales through your app.

Limited-Time Offers: If you provide an offer that does not have an ending period, then it is unlikely that users will take immediate action. But if the offer is for a limited period, then users will not want to lose it while encouraged to make buying decisions sooner. You need to target the customer based on their buying patterns which will give them a big reason to make buying decisions. The discount events must be initiated depending on the accumulation and analysis of the user’s data.

Customer reviews: There is a significant group of online users who look for online reviews before making their buying decisions. Hence you need to take special attention to getting reviews from happy customers that can increase the value of your brand. Moreover, you can also know the actual needs of users in a particular context which will help you to give more personalized service to the users.


To wrap up:

In the competitive eCommerce industry, several business owners have started identifying the significance of a personalized mobile experience to yield maximum returns for their valuable investment. If you are looking to get your mobile app personalization strategy accurate, you must associate with an expert mobile app development company such as Brillmindz technologies who can know the pulse of your audience to build a strategy accordingly.


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