Data Migration Challenges and Possible Solutions

what are the usual data migration challenges and how to resolve them

What are the Normal Data Migration Challenges and Ways to Resolve them? 

In the modern highly varying business scenario, data has become a more crucial aspect than ever. Several companies undergo data migration from legacy systems to new ones during their digital transformation process. While this task may look simple at first, several hidden risks could upset the process. In the article, there are some key data migration challenges and possible ways to overcome them.

Data migration challenges and possible solutions: 

Unorganized state of data:

When developed from scratch, data will have different forms hence it is important to clean the data before migration. If the set of data is not organized consisting of duplicate files, etc then it could create issues after migration. If you have experts who are well-versed in advanced technology namely Artificial Intelligence, the n data could be retrieved after the migration. Several firms go with the assumption that data migration is just a one-time affair and can be handled for that process. But, with changes in technology, there will be a regular data migration process if you want to scale up your system. Hence, if you want to have a smooth data migration, then it is crucial to know the data sources and find the best approach for migrating it to the new system. Hence, it is important to have the partnership of a skilled data migration expert for carrying out the complete process. Neglecting right from the initial phase could pave way for risks if you are not aware of data location and organization.

Lack of clarity in planning: 

You may think of several advanced things down the line in the process. But to start with, if your team is not clear about the planning then there could be hiccups throughout the process. While it is not a technical problem, the team may not be ready to undergo the process. Further, there are also chances that the team may underestimate the involved tasks that are needed to complete the task. They may not be successful in getting the right resources to require for ensuring the successful process. If these boxes are not ticked, then it will lead to a waste of both time and budget.

Never begin the process without having a reliable data migration strategy. The strategy must have all the crucial steps needed for successful data migration leading to a successful focus on business motives for the project. Moreover, your team must be well informed about the complete process without any gaps. It will help them not only find the right person for the right job but also tools that are appropriate for every task. The team will not take the process lightly at any stage and guarantee that every aspect is taken care of throughout the entire step. It is rightly said that if you prepare well, then you will execute well.

Compatibility problems

You could plan all the advanced infrastructure after moving from one system to another, but without proper planning, you may land in trouble. The shift of data from one system to another may encounter compatibility issues if there is no proper optimization. There may be one pattern of access controls in the existing system which may not be possible to directly implement the same in the target system. Further, with the change in Operating System, a few files will be inaccessible leading to problems with regular employee access. In the more complicated scenario, the complete process may come to a halt if the data migration is done from a legacy system to an advanced system.

To reduce the risks associated with compatibility issues, the data migration strategy must consist of a detailed assessment of the target system’s needs. You must not take a drastic step in moving with the data migration process without checking the compatibility requirements. Do not neglect every single requirement detail and document them, especially concerning compatibility aspects. App performance must be tested for optimal performance in the target system. This can be achieved by constant monitoring of the system throughout the data migration process.

Data Loss:

You can never neglect data loss problems since even a small portion of it could create disastrous situations. As mentioned above, ensure that you perform detailed planning to have the record of complete data sets migrating from one legacy system to another. Once you finish the migration, then you can match the migrated data to know if everything is fine. If found abnormal then you can check for missing sets, duplicate data, precise data loss, etc. You can follow certain key steps if you are testing the data set during migration:

  • Testing must be done by taking large samples of data for testing. By doing this you can ensure that even though you may not have touched every single part, you have several types of data samples to catch any issues.
  • Look for any previous instances that may have led to data corruption. There could be any data corruption issues during any past process that could have led to discrepancies in some records. Ensure that these things are validated accurately during and after the data migration process.
  • Testing during the data migration process must be continuous and not only after completing the process. Begin the testing process once your plan is ready and sustain it throughout the process to ensure complete success.


To wrap up:

Data migration is a highly important activity as business drives the highest value from the previous data. Surely, the approach will not be straightforward and you will face challenges during the data migration process if you don’t follow the right paths. But if you know the hurdles during the initial stages and resolve them before executing the actual process then you will attain successful migration. Take proactive steps to associate with skilled personnel for your crucial data migration process. Even if it may be a challenging task, associating with an expert like Brillmindz technologies can make the process of data migration easier and more profitable.


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