How can Automation Testing Increase the Efficiency of Mobile App Development?

How can automation testing increase the efficiency of mobile app development

How can Automation Testing Increase the Efficiency of Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps have become a part and parcel of people across the globe due to the easy accessibility of smartphones and internet services. Mobile app development needs a team with multiple talents like developers, designers, architects, etc, and testers who form a crucial element. Mobile app testing is a process of testing the app for finding any important defect in the code that can reach the users and spoil the show. The complete process of mobile app testing is not simple and involves several key aspects to be fulfilled depending on the type of mobile application being developed. To help the team in increasing the efficiency of mobile app testing, Automation testing has been employed by the majority of teams. In this article, you will see how it can make a difference to win the competitive market.

Benefits of Automating Mobile App Testing:

Increased Speed of app development process: 

The traditional mobile app development is tedious with a manual approach requiring to be fulfilled for every version. But automation testing lifts the process by increasing the speed of your regular tests. It benefits the teams to include changes in the code easily, induce customizations and deliver a user-friendly app. Testing for regular test cases can be done seamlessly and deployed for user service. This method is mainly used in the regression testing approach when new features are introduced in every new app version.

Reduced app Development cost:

If crafted by a smart automation tester, the results will save loads of cost in the overall app development process. The combination of this automation and constant testing will help in recognizing defects in the initial stages. In every version release, you must ensure no defects in the code, since there will be consequences of fixing the defects after the launch which will be repetitive work for the team. Whenever an app gets updated, then the past test cases will have to be tested as a part of regression testing. When such cases are added to the automation test suite, there will be a considerable amount of cost savings. The team can trigger automated builds to run the automated scripts which will give test reports once the run is completed. They can check the reports to see if there are any defects and continue the process with a production process.

Faster time to market:

The current mobile app development market is highly competitive pushing software companies to be on top of their tasks to meet deadlines. Moreover, apps must be constantly updated with advanced features, and certified to not have any defects in every release. Amidst all these tasks, teams must ensure that business motives do not deviate under any circumstances. In such situations, manual testing cannot perform the tasks required. The automation approach will help in meeting the deadlines while ensuring quality adequately. Moreover, the testing team can ensure the quality of the apps by running automated tests at various stages of the development cycle. This lets the QA teams find the defects faster, developers can fix them early, decreasing the overall time to market. Teams will get incredible value from the one-time effort of developing automated tests and reaping results for longer. 


Testing involves several parameters like devices, screen resolutions, operating systems, and others. Opting for a manual process in all these elements will become a complicated process. Moreover, manual errors can make the defects escape production paving the way for disaster. Automated testing will ensure that all testing parameters are covered to guarantee maximum product quality. Further, the added advantage of automated tests will not only be for testers but also for the development team who can run them in their environment before giving them to testers. You can schedule the test runs for the long term to check the codes on a daily basis for every check-in that happens in the team. This directly impacts the scalability factor and encourages the team to be more creative.

Enhanced Test Coverage:

App quality can be improved by enhancing the test coverage to include a wide range of tests. Automated testing can help in enhancing the test coverage by helping to run every intended test. All these tests can be run on virtual machines by having favorable configurations. Moreover, a huge number of test suites can be executed in every iteration, offering that huge coverage that cannot be achieved through manual mode. Regardless of whether you are launching the app newly or adding new updates, you want it to happen quickly to decrease the app downtime. Using automation tests in the Agile app development approach will ensure rapid mobile app development giving the best outcomes.

Reduced Risk Factor

There is a huge advancement in technology concerning mobile app development features and functionalities. All these huge features come with huge chunks of data with an increase in load. Mix them with project-specific requirements and employee needs, there will be an automatic increase in complexity of the overall size. The range of app development projects will decide the app complexity which will directly affect the testing process. Hence, if the project has lots of complicated features or designs, then there will be an increase in test parameters. Now imagine the task of going through all these manually. Not only will it take time but also pose the challenge of covering them at every iteration. Every release will have the risk of manual errors as there will be an addition of features in every iteration. However, test automation can resolve the issues smoothly and ensure that you negate the risk factors. As there will not be any manual interference, there will be fewer chances of defects escaping the testing process.


To wrap up:

The increase in demand for mobile apps has made businesses in the segment have strong testing measures for top-quality products. Hence, having an effectively crafted test automation suite developed by experts like Brillmindz technologies can drive the development of profitable and user-friendly mobile apps.


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