How Much does it Cost for Voice Translation App Development?

What is a voice app What is the importance of voice app development

How Much does it Cost for Voice Translation App Development?

What is a Voice Translation App? What is the Importance of Voice Translation App Development?

Due to their simplicity and easy-to-use nature, voice translation apps have become highly popular. In the current era, there will be frequent interactions with people from diverse nations, traditions, cultures, languages, etc. The communication barrier between such individuals is resolved with voice translation apps. What is the importance of voice translation apps? What are the important aspects included in them? If you want to know in detail, continue reading the article.

Why do we need a voice translation app?

Communication is the basic element in all kinds of interactions. Regardless of any industry, profession, business, purchase, etc. one thing in common will be communication. But for effective communication, both parties should be on the same understanding line, especially in the same language. In the modern digital era, the business can succeed effectively across the globe due to the impactful communication offered by voice translation apps. It has not only eliminated the language difference challenges but also promoted business development progress at all stages of the process. Voice translation mobile apps have made life easier for common people to have effective communication.

How does the voice translation app work?

Voice translation has created a new storm in every industry by offering real-time speech translations. It will immediately understand the conversation speech and translate it to a language of choice. The key features of voice translation are dependent on three major technologies:

  • Automatic speech recognition (ASR): this is needed to recognize the voice and words to modify them into text.
  • Machine translation (MT): The machine translation component is employed to translate the modified text.
  • Voice synthesis (TTS): The modified text is spoken out in the chosen language.

Features of a Voice translation app:

There are several basic and advanced features to be included in voice translation apps. Below are several key features to be included in every app:

  • Sign-up/Registration: Sign-up of the users must be designed in such a way that it will not be hectic for users. They should be allowed to sign-up using Gmail, social media accounts, phone numbers, etc. This will make your app reach more users. Once this process is complete, a user should be allowed for a smooth profile creation process with details as per their choice.
  • Voice element and language output: There should be a voice element to easily input the desired speech without any problems. Further, there should be an inclusion of all kinds of languages spoken across the globe so that your app can be used across the globe. The language content should be analysed by language experts so that the resulting output must be clear and accurate.
  • Text or chatbot: This is for voice messages which are received through messenger or text feature. This is important for the user to alter as per the changes in the receiving part as the app is ready for all usual kinds of inputs. The complete process will be simplified as the user will have an idea of the complete translation.
  • 24*7 support: Regardless of the type of the app, optimal support is required to address the customer issues ASAP. Users will have trust in your product which will help in building a long-term association between customers and app owners.
  • Offline feature: This is another useful feature which will be helpful in the times when there is no or limited availability of internet. This will be highly useful when users are traveling or in a location that has minimal internet access.
  • User review: User feedback or review is highly important to not only address their queries but also improve the product. You can incorporate genuine reviews to enhance the app functionalities as per user expectations. Voice translation quality concerning language, way of sharing, and several other queries can be answered.
  • Rewards and discounts: These are mandatory features regardless of the app niche if you want to motivate the users. You can provide discounts for long-term users in the form of coupons, points, etc. that can be redeemed in the following usages.

How Much does it Cost for Voice Translation App Development?

Being a business owner, if you are planning to build a voice translation app, the majority of them will have one question in mind – How much does it cost for voice translation app development? While there is no single figure for every project, some key points indeed impact the overall costs.

App features: Any kind of app will have different types of features which can be basic or advanced. While some of the features are important other features are optional for every app. Similarly, a voice translation app will cost more if it has more advanced features. Due to this, many owners go for the MVP version of the app to start with and later include the advanced features.

App Size: The size of an app is reliant on the type of features and functionalities included in them. With more complex features there will be an increase in app size leading to increased app costs.

Type of Platforms: An app can meet long-term success if it reaches the target customer successfully. This is possible only if the app is present on favourable platforms which has target customers. If they are present in large quantities over a single platform you can go for a native platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Developing a native app will give you more enhanced features but will cost more than cross-platform apps which contain a single code base for multiple platforms.

To wrap up:

Voice translation is an advanced technological wonder that is aiding to solve the language barrier across all kinds of global industries. If you are looking to develop such an app then, you have to associate with a reliable mobile app development expert such as Brillmindz technologies. The team is skilled in advanced technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc. to help you in developing digital products that can rule the competitive market.

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