How much does it cost to develop a laundry app like Washmen in Dubai?

How much does it cost to develop a laundry app like Washmen in Dubai?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Washmen?

On-demand mobile apps have given a solid opportunity for businesses across the world to reach their target users with individual service platforms. They have made a huge impact on the life of normal people with their functionalities and features serving them in the time of need. With such a huge demand for mobile apps, many sectors in the business came to the party by introducing apps for online shopping, booking a taxi, beauty services food delivery, etc. These apps have become an important necessity for people across the world and also helping businesses to earn significant revenue. Similarly, the laundry and dry-cleaning industry apps have gained huge popularity with their dedicated service and utility. If you also don’t know How much does it cost to develop a laundry app like Washmen in Dubai? and searching for a mobile app development company then contact us at

What is the Washmen app? How much does it cost to develop a laundry app like Washmen in Dubai?

Washmen is a laundry service smartphone app founded in 2015 by Jad Halaoui and Rami Shaar and operates across Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. They have gained immense popularity due to their committed service and on-time delivery. They offer pick-up and delivery of laundry directly into the doorsteps of their users. 

How does Washmen Work?

The on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning app like Washmen operate simply. To use this app:

  • A user should register and log-in to their account and demand for the laundry service by selecting the appropriate date and time from the calendar.
  • The service request is received by the owner and they check the availability.
  • If there is availability, they accept the request and confirm via email and messages to the contact information provided by the particular users.
  • There will be a pick-up person assigned to the order and they will contact the user for picking up the clothes.
  • Clothes are then received at the laundry and service is accomplished carefully as per the request.
  • After the specific type of wash, clothes are ironed and wrapped properly for delivery.

Washmen works on an attractive idea of a happy hour where the cost id dropped at those hours that helps both customers and the owners as they may get many orders in the nearby areas. They employ a color-coded bag each for the particular type of service as per request. There is also no necessity of waiting at home and just providing instructions through the app will do the job. This type of handiness has made Washmen fairly popular across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Features to be included in Laundry app like Washmen:

Signup and Log-in: This is a critical feature in all kinds of apps. Users must be easily able to register to provide email or social media credentials for authentication. After this, they must be able to log-in and provide all their details like name, email id, contact number, and residential address.

Chat: Chat support feature is important for answering queries by the customers. As the orders would be made from the app, it would not be the best option for customers to try to contact the service providers via any third-party systems. This in-app chat feature will be useful for customers for getting clear answers and also for service providers to respond immediately and not dragging the issues.

Payment: Users must be provided with secure and smooth payment options without any flaws. There should be multiple payment options like Credit and debit cards, net banking, Ewallets, UPI, etc to ensure that no customer is lost due to this reason.

Order tracking option: GPS tracking facility is very important for tracing the orders for customers to know their status. Along with this, it also facilitates users to get reports about the events and other happenings via the laundry app. It will help the delivery guys to find the location of the customer and the shortest possible route easily. It will also give real-time tracking of the delivery persons and the latest information about the delivery timings.

Order Cancellation:

Due to some unavoidable situations anytime, the customer may want to cancel their orders. Implementing the cancel order feature in the laundry app will allow customers to effortlessly cancel the orders. They must provide immediate intimations to both customers and delivery people so that they are aware of the latest status. 

Offers and promotions:

Laundry owners may provide few offers and deals to attract the customers. With the best discount deals and promotions, they can pull customers into their service for a longer time. This varies from one service provider to another and can be developed accordingly.

Ratings and Reviews: Having ratings and feedback section in the application will help your customers to write reviews and rate your service. This rating will help you to have a good brand value in the app store and also feedbacks will let you know the areas of improvement.

The factors that affect the cost of the development of e-commerce app like Washmen are:

App Design: The cost of building a laundry app like a Washmen relies on the type of design that you implement. You need to ensure that the design should be user-friendly and easy to use for the customer.

Features: There should be a smart decision taken on the type of features, after the analysis of the target customer and final structure of the app. Different types of features demand a different range of costs.

App Size: The cost of any kind of app rests on the features involved in it. As you implement thrilling features in the app, they will have an impact on the app size.

App Platform: Different platforms have different development rates at different locations. Doing proper research on the target customers, you can decide on building the app across different platforms like Android, iOS or cross-platform apps.

Bottom line:

In today’s fast-paced world almost, every person is reliant and adopting the on-demand smartphone apps, for their everyday tasks. Laundry and dry cleaning are among the industries that could hugely benefit from adopting this business model. If you are planning to build a similar kind of app like Washmen, then contact Brill Mindz, a pioneer in the mobile app development.

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