How much money can you earn from your mobile app?

How much money can you earn from your mobile app?

How much money can you earn from your mobile app?

With the current trends in mobile app usage across the globe, it carries a huge probability to earn a significant amount of money. But it is also evident that not every app will earn huge shares of market revenue even if they include all exciting elements in their app. This is making many app development companies think solutions for questions like “how to create an app and make money?” “What are the money-making apps?” “How to create an app for free and make money?” “How to know the type of apps that make you money?” “How much money can you earn from your mobile app?” etc. There are many millions of apps already in market stores, and the number is growing at high speeds. This implies that there is hard-hitting competition for developing apps that make you money. Therefore, it is very important to be associated with expert and reliable mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE like Brill Mindz for building the best money-making apps.

Categories of profit options:

Determining which type of app, you are going to develop will decide on how will you earn money from apps. Your approach to building the app will influence your further course of action. Even if you have a solid core idea for your app, you must take the correct steps to build the app with proper business strategy. Even if you develop an app with all exciting features and also help the users, but it will of no business use if it is not an earn money app. Then you may again go back to the design phase to rework on the app. Hence it is very important to know your revenue options before you start development and build the app accordingly. Below are the business options:


  • This type of revenue option is done by charging app users for a specific period. There can be monthly or annual subscription options that are widely used.
  • Many studies have shown that subscription-based apps have more chances of earning money when compared with other types of apps.
  • Hence this type of apps is more trusted along with other types of in-app purchases or advertisement-based apps.

But there are also many challenges associated with building such apps.

  • You need to provide the best service and content that makes people stick on to your app. If you don’t update your content and engage people regularly, then they may detach from your subscription after an initial month’s usage.
  • You can achieve largely by attracting a wider audience. This will help you to charge a minimal fee as you have a large audience to subscribe to the app.
  • So, it becomes very important to have a dedicated team to enhance your app by keeping it updated and relevant to the subscribers. This will ensure that the users will find it interesting and will continue to subscribe to the services.


  • If your business such that it sells products and services, then you can sell them through your app to earn money.
  • It involves various factors involving marketing, transportation and pricing the products and services. If you are selling a product or service via your app, then you have to ensure that you have to ensure effective packaging, transporting and labor costs while completing the sale. So, you will have to consider all these other costs while pricing your product or service for it to be profitable.
  • You will have the advantage of refraining from middle-men in such type of sales.
  • One more good way of earning money through the app is offering some rewards than can be reused within the app. Gaming apps have utilized these tactics and have dominated to become top-grossing apps across the industry.


In-app advertising is an effective way used by best money-making apps with thorough research of the app users. This is very important to get a significant profit from your advertisements. You will have to showcase specific ads that are of best interest to the app users. For example, showing ads for women sandals on a teenage boy’s device would not be a good choice and will not be much profitable for the app owners. You must also ensure that these ads must not annoy the users or must not be too repetitive that will impact their app usage and will be ineffective.

Apps are not just for mobile devices:

As there are advancements in technology, integrated smart devices have gained more popularity. Due to this, apps have gained more popularity outside mobile devices. Hence modern app developers are considering such factors while initially developing the app. Expanding the platforms will not only increase brand value but also provide noteworthy profits.

  • More prevalent among these are Smart TVs which have found a place across the majority of homes across the urban world. The already established apps are releasing their versions that are appropriate for Smart TVs and gaining significant profits.
  • Smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home have are also on great demand in the app market. It has increased the number of ownerships to a very large number and is also expected to increase by a substantial amount in the coming days.
  • Wearing smartwatches is also becoming very widespread with their multiple features helping in routine activities.
  • Smart video games have a considerable amount of share in the app stores. All major platforms have developed inventive video games and attracting a large number of users across major locations around the globe.


There is certainly a lot of money earning options with mobile apps. But many factors play a huge part in deciding the range of profits that your app can accumulate. It relies on the type of platform, features included and type of revenue streams. Therefore, it is very important to be associated with a genuine mobile app development company like Brill MindzWe can aid you in selecting the right factors by ensuring that you invest securely and efficiently in the resources to develop the best money-making apps.

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