How to choose the Best Cloud Platform for your Mobile App?

How to choose best cloud platform for your mobile app

How to choose the Best Cloud Platform for your Mobile App?

Digital transformation has gained incredible pace after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this regard, cloud usage has increased drastically for supporting varying customer expectations, supporting remote work routines, and supporting the reliability of the overall process. A Cloud platform is a cloud service provider that offers cloud service for managing all the on-demand cloud management tasks. This involves several services like supporting performance, flexibility, scalability, cost-efficiency, etc for supporting infrastructures like servers, storage, networking, database management, etc. Amidst these advantages, you may be wondering – “How to choose the best cloud platform for your mobile app?” Continue reading the article for more information.

Core Criteria for Choosing Providers of Cloud Computing:

Business needs: Select a cloud server beginning with your actual business needs amongst various vendors that offer services with several specifications. Make a list of service providers who closely match your requirements to eliminate the ones that do not match the business motives. It is the first step to beginning your quest of searching for the best cloud service providers.

Company profile:

The next step in the process is to list out firms that have a good reputation and long-term reliability. The financial standards should be stable without any instances of data breaches or legal problems in the past. Check the feedback from previous clients that are available on online portals or if possible try getting individual responses for your doubts.


With pay-as-you-go prices, cost savings will be reliant only on the services that you are using them. But as cloud service providers decrease the overall costs by increasing the efficiency of the employees. But all these benefits will come in handy only if you select the best cloud service provider as per your needs. There are chances that cloud service providers will give aggressive pricing in the initial stage and increase steeply in later stages. Hence, be sure on your budget to be spent on the cloud infrastructure to make a list of cloud service providers according to your motives.


Any cloud service provider will require a combination of exclusive architecture that can incorporate the existing technology as per the budgeting needs of the requirements. These expectations should not be just enough to match the current needs but also have a futuristic vision across your business motives. Be sure that your cloud service provider can support your future vision combined with scaling capabilities.

Data Security: Various kinds of companies involve interaction with various kinds of data. If your business includes sensitive data, then it becomes prime important to secure it with advanced protection technology in the cloud. The server location, data transmission, management, etc must be verified before you select the cloud service provider. Verify the data security measures and their ability to negate data breaches at all stages of the process.

Data Migration Support and Governance: Every cloud service provider will have exclusive tools that support the database, server, and data migration process. Ensure that the migration support has the relevant tools needed for you to handle your industry-specific needs. Moreover, cloud governance includes the specific policies applied for cloud services in every stage of security measures that avoid over-usage.

Technology Advancements: Select the service provider who is well-versed in state-of-the-art technical abilities in managing functionalities. Your existing technical setting, management choices, and capabilities must match the standards of the cloud service platform. Hence, your important task should be to check if the cloud service provides the advanced technology that matches your requirements. Moreover, the provider must have a skilled team of experts who know the ins and outs of the technology. There are chances that the availability of advanced technology may or may not match your specific needs.

Constant Support: Always study the support service given by the service provider. The success of any service is not only dependent on the actual migration process but the comprehensive maintenance and support after deployment. Hence, this is one of the crucial aspects before you finalize the contract with the cloud service provider.

Compliance: Whenever you select a cloud service provider you will have to consider the government and industry guidelines without fail. The cloud platforms will have an equal share in following the compliance hence should be able to clear all your doubts and queries regarding this aspect. Some norms could restrict the processing, transfer, or storage of customer data to a cloud platform. These cloud platforms may have permission only w.r.t a specific location, security elements, restricted access, etc. Hence, make sure that every specific guideline concerning your industry and customer data management is met accurately. There are certain industry certifications and standards to be met for respective niches including certifications for that particular guideline. Your service provider must have fulfilled all these certifications and standards along with all the technical aspects mentioned in the above points.

Reliability: Previous clients of a respective cloud service provider can give a genuine idea about the reliability factor that comes handy in unfavourable circumstances. You can verify the reliability of the platform by checking its previous performances in crunch conditions. The service provider must be able to have a structured data recovery strategy during emergencies including both planned or unplanned downtimes.

To wrap up:

The current competitive nature of the market combined with varying customer demands has made businesses acquire advanced handling abilities. Hence choosing a trusted and able cloud platform is a tricky task at the first glance but taking certain key precautions can do wonders for your decisions. Make a comprehensive analysis of your business needs, motives, etc to match with the service providers’ abilities in terms of all points mentioned above. But to take your mobile app development project to ultimate success, you have to partner with a leading mobile app development company such as Brillmindz technologies. The firm has developed several mobile apps as per client requirements for taking them towards profitable success that has enhanced the brand value like never before.


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