How to Plan Seasonal Marketing in your App Store Optimization?

How to Plan Seasonal Marketing in your App Store Optimization?

Mobile apps have created a sensation in the market due to the close attachment of smartphone users in their routine lives. This evolution of mobile app development technology has stimulated the rise of several apps in stores every day. Hence to stay relevant in the competition, App Store Optimization (ASO) is a constant process for staying close to the users. Knowing the importance of ASO along with constant updates with the varying trends will help you to be profitable during every seasonal demand. In this article, you will see some seasonal marketing strategies that will boost your conversions.


The first part of the process is marking the seasonal holidays or festivals that are matching your app niche. Keep a track of all these events so that you can optimize them fully in the later stages. Knowing the behavior and pattern of your target customers helps to create exclusive campaigns based on location, age, gender, interests, etc. Moreover, the location-specific selections help to target seasonal events or holidays for those markets.

Plan with the team: 

Once your research is done, the next step is to plan the strategies with your various teams. You need to answer some of the questions based on which you can plan further steps. Are you looking to target one specific holiday season or a bunch of events together? How unique are you in offering solutions for users based on which you will plan the campaigns? What are the expectations from the campaign? How are you looking to blend the ASO with a seasonal marketing plan?

Competitor analysis:

You are not the only one looking to make the most of the holiday or festive season. Hence never neglect the competition when you are in such a crowded market. Executing the same old strategy employed in the last season will not work this time around. You must leave no effort behind in staying updated with the current trends while knowing what are the competitors’ preparations. If you want to stay ahead in the app stores which are witnessing millions of app entries, then you must be smart enough to understand the competition and move forward. It is not appropriate to completely copy the strategies but you can tweak them to develop your plans. This will not only help to develop a unique identity but also help in showcasing your brand value in the competitive market.


Keywords are the important aspects with which users will search for requirements both in app stores and search engines. There will be changes from regular user search patterns in the seasonal aspects. People looking for certain terms during the new year will not be the same during any other festive season. App owners must be smart to adapt to these changes to find the relevant keywords for that respective season. This will help you to stay on top of the search results page which is directly proportional to being visible to new users.

Update metadata and other creative aspects:

Once you know what are keywords relevant to the specific season, next is to update the metadata and other creative aspects. There are several other places such as images, screenshots, icons, videos, and other places that need an update too. Apps metadata is the place including a short description, promotional text, etc. Including seasonal marketing aspects in the metadata will be the driving force to rank you best in searches for specific keywords.

Encourage Positive Reviews:

This strategy will come good not only during the festive season but all around the year. Since reviews are taken into consideration for app listings in the store, positive reviews play a major part in taking your app to the top ranks in the app stores. Regardless of the type of app niche, visibility is the only factor that will be checked by users when users are looking for suitable apps for solving their routine activities. Studies have shown that the majority of users look for reviews from other users before downloading an app from the stores. Hence, having more positive reviews will enhance the chance of reaching the target customers. Encourage positive reviews by promoting the users who are employing your app. This encouragement should not annoy them but should be smart enough to push organically. It should not be done when users have just started using the app but give them some time to traverse through the app. This would have given them some time to understand the features and review the app organically.


Regardless of the type of festival season, all kinds of users will be looking to get some offers from their favourite mobile app or any other digital products. Hence it is the ideal time to promote the app with some offers for both existing and new customers. Since customers would be loving to spend more than normal at this time, they will need some encouragement in the form of offers. It could be in the form of free credits, discount coupons, free trials, gift vouchers, and similar others. Such methods can have a big influence on the season and make you distinct from other competitors.

Analysing results:

You cannot just keep executing a strategy without knowing its impact on the outcome. The marketing team must come together in analysing the results concerning all the influencing factors of the market. There are a few factors known as KPIs like Impressions, Downloads, Conversions, etc. which must be considered when knowing the outcome of results. You can apply the strategy for some portion of the audience and accumulate the results to see if they are working as planned.


To wrap up:

Having a smart seasonal marketing plan along with ASO has proven to be one of the successful initiatives to encourage app conversions during the respective seasons. Partner with expert mobile app development companies like Brillmindz Technologies who have the skill set to craft appropriate app marketing strategies to yield maximum returns.


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