Mobile App Advertising Practices that Can Lead to Failure

mobile app advertising practices

Which are the mobile app advertising practices that can lead to failure?

Mobile apps have captured the digital marketing space with every type of business looking to lead the market. In such a scenario mobile app marketing takes the front seat for making the product reach target customers and the advertising approach is one of them. Teams are looking to craft ads that are not only engaging but effective with an accurate call to action for beating the competition. One mistake can negate all the hard work and leave a dent in your brand. Continue to read the article to know more about the ad practices that can cause hiccups in your progress.

Targeting the Wrong set of users:

One of the crucial mistakes committed by ad firms is targeting the wrong set of audiences. Showcasing ads to users who are not interested in the topic is a waste of resources and effort. Moreover, there are also chances that your engaged users will lose interest forcing them to drop out of the app. Hence, it is key that you must perform ample research before ad execution to ensure that it is visible to the right set of users. Relevancy is an important factor that is key to increasing brand value along with maximum returns.

Poor Content Design:

With loads of competition in the app development market, you need to be sure in showcasing interesting content in the ads. Also, ads should not deviate from the app niche to showcase things that will disconnect or annoy the users. Ad design should be simple and attractive to match the app theme along with the brand tone to grab the user’s attention. Moreover, take care that the ad content will not disrupt the actual app content to annoy the users. Users will install and use the app for certain purposes and the ads can make them drop out within no time. Some of the points to keep noted are as below:

  • Ads overlapping the actual app content annoy the users the most. Also, these ads may appear as the actual app content negating its purpose.
  • You cannot display different types of ads on the same screen of the app at the same time. Further, do not showcase multiple offers of your venture in one layout.
  • If you are promoting any other product of your brand then care should be taken that it is distinguishable from the actual app content.
  • Ads must not mask the UI elements like buttons, menu, etc that could restrict the smooth navigation for users.

No attention to various Screen sizes and types:

The smartphone market has picked up rapidly leading to the evolution of different kinds of smartphones. Hence, the ads need to be visible for all kinds of screen sizes and resolutions ensuring no issue for the user. It has been proven that such aspects have a huge role to play in detailing to achieve optimal outcomes. The study of ad impressions has shown that the placement of ads, their layout, content, and relevance are highly crucial for making an impression on users.


Ads can cause severe disruption if they are shown abruptly leading to unintentional user clicks. As mentioned earlier it could also cause interruptions in user navigation negating the actual purpose. If this experience is seen in ads of full screen, then it could lead to hampering user experience to a great extent. Imagine a user seeing an ad while he is editing a picture/ video or playing a game as per the app niche. Playing ads in between the actual functionality like places of user clicks will interrupt the user experience. Also, the user will get irritated more if ads are shown mandatorily during every page navigation. Some ads will not have a clear dismiss option or a false dismiss option that will not allow the user to execute their actual app functionality.

Not matching the ad promises:

Wrong moves can negate the positive experience created by ads to great extent. The actual product quality and sales channel must be on top of the mark for ensuring maximum user satisfaction. If the brand fails to deliver this then the benefits created through ads will not be utilized to the maximum extent. Being an app owner, you have to ensure that there is a sync between the advertisement and actual business functioning. If the users experience a deviation in the actual product quality or sales channel than the ad claim then your brand will meet failure in no time. Businesses must constantly assess the feedback of users and try to implement genuine ones in the business process.

No Communication with App Users:

Regardless of all kinds of creativeness included in the app product or ads, there should be constant communication with the users. Failing to do this can lead to the defeat of the app’s progress since customers want their exclusive issues to be prioritized in the app solution. Customers must have the option to communicate with the brand along with feedback, reviews, etc. Moreover, you will know what approaches are working and what are not.

Showing the same ads forever:

The brand may be innovating with the product but showcasing the same ads forever. This must be avoided if you are looking to have a measurable influence on users. The ad content should be changed at regular intervals to have a balance with the product. If you are innovating in the product or services then it should also be reflected in the ads. Moreover, if you are launching any new product, offer, or service, then it should be promoted with ads constantly. Neglecting to focus on these aspects then you cannot reap proper rewards through the ads.


To wrap up:

The crucial step is knowing the potential mistakes that may be committed during mobile app advertising practices. Associating with a mobile app development company such as Brillmindz technologies will help you to execute the right practices that will lead to user-friendly and profitable outcomes.

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