What are the Different Mobile App Testing Approaches in the Market?

What are the different mobile app testing approaches in the market

What are the Different Mobile App Testing Approaches in the Market?

Mobile apps have reached almost all corners of the globe to become a mandatory requirement for every person. Due to their wide-ranging utility, mobile phones and apps are becoming popular among all kinds of masses. There is a huge group of mobile apps that solve similar problems or aim to target the same set of audiences. Hence, apps must be developed with maximum quality for succeeding in the competitive market which raises the importance of mobile app testing. It is the series of methods or tests that are executed on a mobile app before its release in the market. The main purpose of mobile app testing is similar to the objectives of another software testing for identifying defects before it reaches the user.

Why Should You Test Mobile Applications?

Below are the important reasons that enhance the importance of mobile app testing before its release.

Find the defects and resolve them:

Regardless of any kind of steep care taken by the app developer, there may be defects present in the code. Without proper testing, this code will create issues in the hands of users after the release. Be it any kind of app, no user will like the app performing poorly with any kind of issue. Executing the tests before release will highly decrease the chance of defects in the app.


Smartphones and apps consist of large amounts of sensitive user data that must be secured from any malicious activities. Testing will provide an additional layer of security for the app against any fraudulent attacks.

Performance: Testing will provide a big benchmark for developers to know how the app is performing. By looking at the test results, developers can enhance the performance to the next level. They can incorporate any user feedback after the MVP version has been released. In-app experience can be enhanced depending on the user response which forms crucial to the success of any app.

Setting the tone as per competitive products:

Developers and business owners will perform certain kinds of research on competitor products before beginning the app development. With testing, you can compare the app’s performance with the competitor’s product. This comparison will help the team to take decisive steps in leading the competition.

Checking compatibility:

The popularity of mobile phones is due to the availability of advanced mobile devices and different networks across various parts of the globe. Starting with devices, they vary concerning OS, configurations, features, functionalities, and several other aspects. Hence it is crucial to test the app on them to ensure smooth working. It will guarantee no issue to the users when they download the app on their device and use it. Similarly, different brand networks let the users connect to the world. Different customers will use different networks on their devices. There are different types of networks compatibility is an important point for your apps. Testing the app will also guarantee that your app is working fine across multiple types of networks available in the market.

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Which are the various kinds of mobile app testing methods? 

To detect the defects, testers have to employ several testing methodologies across various scenarios. The appropriate testing method should be chosen as per the app requirements. Below are some of the crucial mobile testing methods that are widely followed:

  • Functional Testing: It is the most basic form of testing to check the functionality of the app. Various app requirements are matched across the app and tests are executed.
  • Usability Testing: Usability testing verifies the favourable nature of the app concerning the operation. It aids to find the defects and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Compatibility Testing: As mentioned d above, compatibility of the app across various devices, operating systems, network, internal hardware, etc have to be verified. The app must work without any hiccup on these aspects.
  • Security Testing: Security is more inclined to safeguard sensitive user data under various scenarios of usage.
  • Load Testing: This type of testing verifies the working of an app under precise load conditions.
  • Installation Testing: Installation testing is to find the installing and uninstalling operations of the app are executing properly. It also guarantees that there is no hiccup in accepting regular app updates.
  • Interrupt Testing: Every user will have some kind of interruptions during app usage due to aspects like push notifications. Interrupt testing is performed to know the result of these activities and find solutions to provide a hassle-free user experience. The test case must consider all kinds of issues or interruptions that may be encountered during user work.
  • Regression testing: Whenever any new updates are added to the app, then testers have to ensure that it is not affecting the existing functionality. There will be a series of tests that will be executed during every new update to the app.
  • Automated Testing: Automated testing is employed mainly for regression testing as it ensures that the time for release is shorter during every update. This is a highly employed strategy across several leading organizations mainly to enhance productivity in the overall process. Since manual testing consumes more time, it is sensible to employ automation testing for repetitive tests. Automation testing will let the testers find the issues whenever there is any change to the app, and all the relative modules need to be checked for any kind of impact.
  • Input Testing: This is another crucial testing that executes various kinds of input actions like voice, multi-finger inputs, sensor inputs, etc on a device while testing the mobile app.

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Final thoughts:

Testing is very important for any kind of mobile app as it performs a complete verification on the app and identifies any issues. If you want to offer the best quality to your end-users, then you have to include an accurate testing process for leading the competitive market. Associate with a leading mobile app development expert like Brillmindz who has a decade of expertise in producing user-friendly and profitable apps for both start-ups and large enterprises.

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