What is EAT? Why is it Key to the Success of SEO for your Business Website?

What is EAT Why is it key for success of SEO for your business

What is EAT? Why is it Key to the Success of SEO for your Business Website?

Websites have a precise ranking system in the Google search engine depending on its exclusive algorithm. To offer top-quality websites that are highly relevant to the users, Google keeps on tweaking the algorithm. To cope with these changes an approach of SEO (search engine optimization) is employed by businesses to always stay in the vicinity of search engine users. EAT is an important idea of SEO, and as a business owner, it becomes highly important to include it in the process. Keep reading the article to know more.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T is a concept originating from Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines implying Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness which is employed to evaluate the overall quality of a web page. Google is always looking to give the best experience to its customers and its quest will push only the best websites that it completely trusts. Businesses with the finest presentation of their Expertise, Authority, and Trust will lead to better search engine rankings which are directly proportional to improved sales. As per Google, EAT is an important aspect of search engine algorithms and forms to be the impacting factor in ranking the website on the search engine. Hence, the SEO approach for any business should be focused on enhancing the Expertise, Authority, and Trust of the business. Below is a detailed explanation of those 3 words.

ExpertiseThis is the proficiency factor of your business which is reflected in the website and categorized by search engine algorithms.

Authoritativeness: It is your customers who have to press the stamp on your authority than only yourself. This authorization is measured via links on the respective social media handles, blogs, websites, etc. Google will take into account this particular aspect when ranking the website based on its authority.

Trustworthiness: Reviews and ratings are the measures of the trustworthiness of your products and services. The likable factor for a particular business is reflected in the customer reviews. Due to the availability of abundant data from its users, Google will know which are the trustworthy businesses.

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How to improve EAT for SEO?

EAT is a crucial factor for improving and maintaining the SEO aspects of a business. This implies that businesses must take proactive steps in deeply analyzing all the below aspects of their websites.

Timely assess your existing content:

Content carries a huge part in deciding the EAT factors and hence it becomes important to timely check the content quality of your website. It is the genuine stress from the customers which is primarily checked by Google to assure the information showcases abilities of the website for a particular niche. This can only be done by a thorough audit from the eyes of an expert. There will be an enhanced authority of the article and the page will improve in the search engine rankings. It requires a combination of audience behaviour understanding and the skill of topic experts in a particular niche.

Efficient keyword strategy based on the niche:

Keyword strategy should be based on analysis of the customer searches at all levels of the purchase history. Match the keywords and phrases with proficiency in the subject to develop content that is not only engaging but also useful to your target customers. Content must be crafted by experts and should have links to pages for validating the subject matter of that article. With an increased number of websites that backlink to your site with the mention of brand name, there will be increased authority and genuine visibility. One thing to aim for in every piece of content is to develop customer-oriented articles aligning with the business motives of your website.

Interact with your reviews:

One of the tried and tested business tactics is to gain and market the online reviews for your brand. These reviews have a great probability and success rate to enhance the EAT as per the changing Google algorithm. Having a significant number of positive reviews across review sites and other feasible online channels will stamp authority on the brand in the view of customers. You can make a difference by responding promptly to all the reviews regardless of being positive or negative. By doing this you will not only become close to your target customers but also build a sense of trustworthiness in the eyes of the Google algorithm.

Blog posts:

There should be maximum effort in promoting the website with both on-page and off-page approaches. Along with the regular off-site promotion like reviews on the google my business profile and social media handles, you also require on-page promotion with updated blog posts and page content. Blog posts will showcase the expertise and updated knowledge on a relevant topic which helps in building reliability.

Progress in every step:

If you are aiming to rank continuously higher on the search engine, then you have to progress steadily to improve the SEO factors each day. The search engine will only rely on the organic trust and number of audiences to your website. With competition at its peak in the market across all industries, it is key to avoid any kind of impactful errors that can make a dent in your overall approach.

Always join experts:

As mentioned above, if you want to win the competitive market, then you have to master the SEO aspects of Google. If you have to achieve this, then you have to join hands with an expert who is well versed with EAT aspects and proficient in the specific subject.

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Wrapping up:

With all the above explanations, your website can reach the target customers only if you try to make every part of the website fulfilling the requirements of Google’s algorithm. Considering the big impact of EAT on SEO factors, it becomes important for you to associate with mobile app development company like Brillmindz. The team is well versed in all advanced SEO aspects for both websites and mobile apps for delivering profitable outcomes.

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