Which are the Key Security Aspects to be included for a Mobile App in 2022?

Which are the key security aspects in a mobile app 2022

Which are the Key Security Aspects to be included for a Mobile App in 2022?

There had been a wide range of usage of mobile apps across different niches much before the pandemic struck the globe. Mobile apps have become part and parcel of routine lives with the majority of smartphone users ordering groceries, food, cab, booking flights, online health appointments, and whatnot. Such benefits have made mobile apps an inseparable entity among smartphone users. Since mobile apps are getting easy access to sensitive user data and business networks, there has been a rise in cyber-attacks. This enhances the importance of following stronger security checks for mobile apps for ensuring maximum reliability to mobile apps.

Important mobile app security validations:

Strong Authentication: One of the most-wanted steps to negate the threats of cyber security is having a robust authentication that decreases the threats. Multi-factor authentication implies using a protected code via SMS and using them with a password during every transaction or login process. Since robust authentication is directly proportional to the optimal security of mobile apps, users must be encouraged to keep changing their credentials within a specified time interval. This multi-factor authentication can be added with factors like biometric authentication for enhanced levels of security. Be sure that authorization validations are done for all permissions for the authorized user not on the client-side but the server-side.

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Code Quality: You have to guarantee secure coding practice at all modules. Start with evading query strings in places that employ sensitive information. Make sure to use the only advanced and secured version of SDK. You need to be smart and updated to know about the weak SDK versions to eliminate them from the app and start using their substitutes. Old codes must be eliminated to not only enhance the app performance but also decrease cyber security threats. It is important to review the app codes to make sure that all the methods are working as per expectations. This will give you a fair insight into if any part is giving unwanted app access or permissions. App engineers must ensure to eliminate any sensitive information and key areas that are susceptible to cyber-attacks and ensure maximum authentication is available.

Mobile Application Security Testing: Security testing for a mobile app is crucial to be carried out as a separate task. Start with descriptive penetration testing for guaranteeing a safe backend. This has to be done before the release of the initial app version or any major update to the code that involves sensitive data. Leaking data is another important checkpoint that has to be done across different levels. Since mobile app binary is released to the open platform, they become the main target to the users. Hence test the app binary instead of testing the source code for avoiding risks. Moreover, it is key to use a reliable mobile app testing tool from a genuine service provider for a maximum guarantee of validations.

No to the usage of Personal Devices for testing: It is a practice in several firms to let the employees use their devices for testing the code. While it is mainly to avoid the cost of buying new devices initially, it can lead to more financial loss due to loss of sensitive information. There are several instances where malware has been pushed from one device to another device that is not scanned with an antivirus, firewall, and anti-spam software. 

Compliance: Whenever there is a release of an app, it is mandatory to pass some security checks as per the app store needs. This involves a few security measures to be verified by the app stores to check if they are followed by the app developers. Advanced smartphones employ app stores to allow signed apps along with the technology that requires the signing of code. The approach guarantees that the particular store or platform only has examined apps giving optimal security. To pass these validations app engineers have to provide their apps with the proper identity ensuring the security tests are passed. The app will be allowed on the store and given for user downloads only if it passes the security rules of the operating system. It seems to be intimidating, but with all the available options across technologies, passing the security validation is simply provided you take them during development. Moreover, you will easily get the validation certificate for the app to be trusted among the users. The norms are different for different app stores and it requires you to study the requirements and develop accordingly.

Be Careful while Using open-source components and Third-Party Libraries: Employing 3rd party APIs, libraries, services, etc may be beneficial for the app development process but it opens up the app for cyber security threats. Hence, try to reduce the usage of 3rd party APIs, libraries, services, and if you want to use them do it only after you test them thoroughly. Moreover, several studies have shown that apps that have become vulnerable to sensitive data contain open-source libraries. Just think how worse it could turn out if the vulnerabilities come into the hold of malicious cyber attackers or hackers. Further, secure the APIs and never expose the exchanged data for ensuring maximum security of the users and business information. Having controlled access to data authorization is the ideal way to guarantee optimal API security.

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To wrap up:

Apps have been transformed into an integral part of daily lives and an important aspect for businesses to reach a huge database of customers. But with the increased risk of cyber-attacks, the key is to always stay ahead of these malicious attackers and nullify their deeds. Partner with a reliable mobile app development company like Brillmindz who has a team of expert mobile app developers. The group is equipped with the knowledge of the latest security measures to be incorporated for delivering a secured app that offers maximum ROI. They have successfully developed apps across different industries and ensured that they are secured with advanced aspects for maximum user security.

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