Why do Mobile App Start-ups Face Failure?

Why do mobile app startups face failure

Why do Mobile App Start-ups Face Failure?

With the unbelievable evolution of smartphones and related apps, are you looking to get an app for your business? Well, you are not the only one in the race, but the number is huge. Some of them find success to reap huge rewards but many of them fail to survive the competitive market. You might have put in huge efforts to push your start-up and find it discouraging to witness the failure. If you are looking to get a mobile app for your start-up business, then below are the points you must stress upon largely.

No focus on real-time customer problems:

Before starting your mobile app development, it is extremely important to research the customer problems your app is going to solve with a focus on some queries. What is the actual size of the user market that you are looking to target? Who are the customers that will use the solutions? What is the extent of advantage gained by the users from your product? Is your project ready to receive uninterrupted funds with long-term monetization services? Emphasize on the real-time problems being actually addressed by the app before you finalise the idea. Further, you must release the app at the right time when the idea is trending with the market oozing with the right opportunities. Regardless of the richness of the app, if it is not useful in solving real-world customer issues, then it will not stay in their use for long.

No unique idea:

By seeing the success of the competitors, app start-ups look to copy their idea while entering the app market. They may find success to start with but will lose the battle in no time since there will be a lack of innovation. Moreover, there are also chances of being blacklisted by app stores and search engines if there is a duplication of content. Search engines and app stores have specific algorithms that capture these duplications to block the apps. Hence, it is the uniqueness of the app idea that will take your journey to longer levels. As a team, you need to start by innovating every aspect of the app idea and develop a comprehensive strategy based on this effort.

Poor design:

Even with the best features for the segment integrated into the app, you cannot neglect how it is presented to the users. Moreover, the app should follow all the standards related to app design with the best integration of fonts, colors, app elements positions, resolution, etc. App design should be creative but also include simplicity in every aspect. Modern users find simplicity combined with quality as the embraced standard for long-term usage. The workflow should be easy without confusing the users at any stage. You may be tempted to choose designers just on the basis of minimal costs which can backfire badly in the crucial stages. Having a navigable interface is highly crucial in the mobile app development process contributing largely to the app’s success.


There cannot be a list without the inclusion of app performance in it. Regardless of how rich the app filled with features; its performance should be flawless in the hands of users. Finalize the release only after you are confident about the functionalities with a thorough testing approach. A big reason for app failure is releasing the app without detailed testing to identify the defects in the code. Hence, leave no effort behind to find the bugs In the app with a combination of manual and automation testing.


Compliances are introduced and updated in every nation to safeguard data security and privacy. As every nation will have different norms, it is key to know the ins and outs of adhering to the local rules and regulations. Businesses that fail to concentrate on these compliance aspects, have faced issues in the later stages which will be tough or even impossible to be met at that time. Hence, be sure to take expert opinion regarding the compliance needs to include the requirements in every part of the app. This will not only make your journey smooth but also save loads of time and budget in the process that would be otherwise spent on legal issues.

Poor Marketing Strategies:

Even if you have taken care of all the above aspects, it cannot reach success if it doesn’t reach the target customers. In a market of the highest competition apps will find success only if they have adopted a smart marketing strategy. Starts must make clever moves in using the latest approaches like Search Engine Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and others. An expert mobile app development firm can help you in taking the right strategies for the promotion of the brand.

Poor customer engagement:

Several start-ups that have acquired new users fail to engage with them once they start using the app. These users must be engaged to the core if they must remain loyal to your product. This will not only make them satisfied with the app but also encourage them in suggesting it to the known ones. Start-ups need to be extra cautious in executing the plan without a miss.

Getting User Feedback:

Successful apps are constantly innovating and ready to alter as per the user requirements. Paying complete consideration to the user feedback after the app launch is key in improving the app to the next level. Hence, always pay attention to genuine user feedback and incorporate them into your solution. Your review process must be robust to understand the actual user problems to implement relevant ones with a guarantee.

To wrap up:

Start-ups have the daunting task of standing tall amidst the huge competition in the mobile app development market. The first step in this process is to find an expert mobile app development partner like Brillmindz technologies who is well versed in the development process. The team has created several user-friendly apps for start-ups that are yielding maximum ROI for the clients.


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