10 Useful Water Conservation Apps in Saudi Arabia/ Smart Phone Apps to Help You Save Water

10 Useful Water Conservation Apps

10 Useful Water Conservation Apps in Saudi Arabia/ Smart Phone Apps to Help You Save Water

Regions of Saudi Arabia are facing much water scarcity due to the ever-dry climate and no availability of permanent water bodies. As the regions are urbanized, demand for water is growing heavily and the government is trying its best to conserve the diminishing water resources. Therefore, it is very crucial to spread awareness among people to save water and use it carefully. Water conservation apps are very useful in helping people to be alerted in their water usage and help governments to implement water-saving steps effectively. Here are 10 Useful Water Conservation Apps in Saudi Arabia to check out.

10 Useful Water Conservation Apps in Saudi Arabia/Smart Phone Apps to Help You Save Water:

The vast library of mobile apps includes several tools that can help you conserve water by providing information such as how much water you are consuming and tips for reducing water use.


Dropcountr links people and their water utilities on the smartphones that they have become part and parcel of their life. Dropcountr is accessible and can be used by any smartphone device or desktop computer.

  • Know and administer your water usage
  • Compare your usage to the same locality users.
  • Set and accomplish water use and saving goals
  • Gain access to refunds and utility declarations.

E-Water Footprint

E-Water Footprint displays the assessed water footprint via analyzing the water consumption present in the routine works, like the food consumed, washing utensils, and more. This app will offer all the information regarding the daily consumption of water. It also aids you to estimate the amount of water in your day-to-day activities and guides how you can help the governments and nature by changing your water consumption behaviors.


This is a combined educational and gaming app developed by the Groundwater Foundation. Water1der is a groundwater awareness app that is free to download for all users. This app examines your knowledge of areas like groundwater, irrigation, conservation, pollution, etc, and learns more about this important resource by analyzing via the different quizzes and tests. There is the option of users to select their difficulty level and also employ the groups feature to challenge their fellow persons. Even teachers can create groups among students to check student knowledge and track their improvements.

Virtual Water:

This app provides complete detail on the actual water needed to grow and produce the food materials that are consumed. It will also help the users to compare the products and find quick facts. This app aims to help users in making useful diet choices by gaining appropriate knowledge. This app is a collaborative version of the widespread water Footprint poster used in worldwide environmental publications.

Water Use Calculator: 

This free app created by the National Groundwater Association allows users to calculate their routine water usage. It is an admirable tool to aid users to decrease water usage and costs. It has a very simple working style of asking users to answer some queries about how many persons are using water in their homes. They employ certain formulas that inevitably calculate how much water is being used for the dishwasher, commodes, shower, etc.

  • Easy-to-enter classifications
  • Programmed responses to the entered information.
  • Overall water consumption is calculated for standard applications and water-saving applications.

Water print:

Water print by Water Efficiency magazine offers an estimation of the water usage with water that is present in foods that you eat and drink. Water print app has very simple to use interface that is easy to navigate. Users will be guided at all the stages with the links and resources that can be verified properly. It will ensure accurate water print totals and also a complete guide on reducing the water footprint.

H20 Tracker:

This is an app that is accessible at both Android and Apple stores and aids users to save a sufficient quantity of water and verify the amount of water they use. Users can also report water waste by taking a picture to be sent to concerned authorities.


– See the quantity used in routine activities like irrigating the lawn or taking a shower.

– Earn significant points and rewards by answering the quiz and other trivia queries.

– Check the complete water usage in measuring units and currencies.

– Relate your water use to others residing in a similar location.

– Get ample tips that help in decreasing the daily water waste.

– Get access to offers from localized water governing bodies.

– Earn added points by conserving water.

Rain Harvest:

This app calculates the rainwater harvesting capabilities, employing the data of rainwater capture surface area, rainfall quantity, surface proficiency, and storage points. The final result is mentioned in the desired units of the collected amount.

This app calculator interface lets for the input of:

  • Collection surface area in desired units.
  • Measured rainfall in desired units.
  • Percentage of surface efficiency.
  • Total collection points.

Smart irrigation Turf:

This app is built to help urban turf irrigators to develop irrigation schedule references dependent on actual weather and short-term predicted data. It also aids in meeting the plant water requirements of a specific time by saving the water and also decreasing nutrient leak from the root point due to surplus irrigation. Consumers have the provision to register their particular irrigation networks in the app and get alerts about the schedule variations. This is calculated depending on the changes in irrigation requirements for the coming days.

Drip Detective:

If you need to know how much water is dripping from your water outlet points then this app is the right choice. It will let you know about the costs and water that is leaking down the drain by monitoring them and measuring the volume. The final output is calculated as cost per specified period needed.

Bottom line:

If you are planning to develop a water app that helps the users and governing bodies to conserve water and limit the routine usage associate with a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia and middle-east, Brill Mindz.

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