Al Hosn app: What you need to know about the UAE’s national vaccine registry?

Al Hosn app- What you need to know about the UAE’s national vaccine registry

Al Hosn app: What you need to know about the UAE’s national vaccine registry?

UAE has taken many proactive measures to curb the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Al Hosn app is a major step in tracking the Covid-19 screenings in the Kingdom. This amazing app has been announced officially as the UAE’s national vaccine registry as it includes all the details of the vaccine doses given to the residents. With 50% of the UAE’s population being vaccinated involving 70% of the elderly patients with chronic illness, this official announcement enhances the value of this app.

About Al Hosn app in UAE:

  • Launched on April 24, 2020, this app is named after the Al Hosn Fort, a popular architectural sensation in Abu Dhabi. This app was developed to focus on controlling the community spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a collaborative project of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Dubai Health Authority, and the Abu Dhabi Health Authority. It is the official place for contact tracing and health evaluation in the process of UAE’s battle against Covid-19.
  • The fundamental emphasis is to contact all the citizens who have come close to the Covid positive individuals. Citizens can track their health and Covid test results and use them as a pass to public locations if not infected by the pandemic. The residents are suggested to use the app without fail as its success is directly proportional to the increase in the number of users. If the majority of people use the app, health authorities can easily have the health records and effectively fight this pandemic.

How does the innovative AL HOSN app work?

  • According to the description given by the MOHAP at the time of its launch, this app uses short-term Bluetooth signals, to detect if a user is nearby the people who have come in contact with patients infected with the coronavirus. But it mandatorily requires the app to be present on those respective user phones as the phones exchange the stored metadata. There is no concern about security as the app is encrypted and data is only stored on the user’s phone.
  • But with this information, health officials can easily detect the users who are highly vulnerable to infections and transmissions and communicate to perform testing. With the enhanced number of users, it can effectively alert instantly if it is near a Covid hotspot and can play an effective role in preventing possible transmissions.
  • All the app users who have been reported near to the positive individual have to isolate and undergo the testing. The app will alert the user to report their test results and if it is positive, it will be the sole information in contact tracing the possible transmissions. This positive result notifies all the other users who have come in contact with this user. Timely detection and isolations have a major part in stopping the spread of the pandemic in the community.
  • The app is also useful if a person may have come in contact with Covid positive individuals, or who are positive but asymptomatic and in self-isolation quarantine. The app informs the officials about the following of rules by the self-isolated persons and any possible contact with other individuals. It is highly beneficial for the well-being of people in quarantine along with other healthy people in the community.

Why do you need the Al Hosn app?

Al Hosn will record all the results of the Covid-19 screenings taken in the Kingdom and will be helpful for you for diverse purposes. Along with the availability of screening results of the Covid-19 tests via SMS, it is the records of the Al Hosn app which is approved as the accurate proof for passes and other official works. These are some of the possible places where you will surely need to use the records from this app:

  • Entry to the Kingdom is only allowed if a person assures about his active COVID-19 negative status. This is only permitted by taking a test within the valid timelines and showcasing these results on the Al Hosn app at the borders.
  • It is a norm across every event across the Kingdom to have proof of Covid-19 negative status on the Al Hosn app.
  • Parents must submit the proof of Covid-19 negative status on Al Hosn app for approval to enter the schools.
  • This app proves as an official source of proof for completing the vaccination. With the official announcement of this app as a UAE’s national vaccine registry, it becomes an important point for all official purposes. You will mandatorily require this app to get the second vaccine dose at the prescribed interval of 28 days and use it as valid proof when needed.

Al Hosn app as the national vaccine registry:

This contact-tracing Al Hosn app has been enhanced as valid proof as to the national e-register for the Covid-19 vaccination drive in UAE. Already being used as the major record for Covid-19 testing results and contact tracing, its new role was officially announced on Twitter by The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority. The authority said that “The data present in the Al Hosn app are considered as the official records or passes that demonstrate the vaccination doses. Residents can save the document and use it whenever necessary”. With the increase in the number of individuals with vaccination, there will be enhanced immunity against the pandemic. The officials will have a huge helping hand in curbing the spread of the virus and reduce the possibility of its mutations.

Final thoughts:

UAE’s promotion for going digital has made them successfully manage the outbreak of Covid-19 with the launch of apps like AL Hosn. If you are looking to build any type of creative apps then your primary task is to associate with a reliable mobile app development company in UAE like Brillmindz. They possess a passionate and creative team of app engineers who have the expertise to develop user-friendly products that enhance your profits and brand value.

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