How apps are helping check corona in Dubai?

How apps are helping check corona in Dubai?

How apps are helping check corona in Dubai?

Coronavirus has created ripples across all regions of its outbreak. Managing the epidemic with proper healthcare solutions is the primary goal of all the governments. Smart apps have come to the rescue in checking coronavirus in Dubai and explore here How apps are helping check corona in Dubai? The government of UAE along with few app development & gaming companies has provided many smart apps for residents to tackle the pandemic. This is very important during the times of easing down lockdowns and gradually opening the economic systems.

How apps are helping check corona in Dubai?

Virtual Doctor:

The virtual doctor is a chatbot service launched by The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP) UAE. The aim of this app was to verify and analyze the coronavirus cases and ease the burden on medical services. It was one of the initial efforts of the UAE government to quickly stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Primarily, the chatbot asks the app users a series of 5 multiple choice queries. It includes the user’s travel history, any symptoms, and if any contact with individuals who are detected with Covid-19. This service is helpful for people to verify if their symptoms are a clear indication of coronavirus.


This is the official COVID-19 testing channel in the United Arab Emirates, launched by the Health and Prevention Ministry. This app uses Bluetooth technology to trace individuals who come in close contact with detected Covid-19 cases. IDs from phones are being exchanged and stored in encrypted form in the app. This aids the medical authorities to easily contact the people who are at risk of infection and test them. Each user will get an exclusive QR code that would hold the health information of that particular individual. It will be in the encrypted format and stored in the device. This data is accumulated and analyzed by the medical authorities to identify the individuals at the probability of infection and transmission. The potential people at risk are contacted and tested. This app is useful for every individual to stop the outbreak of the disease and keep the close ones safe. It involves some simple steps like:

  • Free download of the app from Google play store or the app store
  • Signup by providing the Emirates ID and contact number. OTP is sent to the phone number which must be used for validation.
  • Users must turn compulsorily turn on the Bluetooth and get push notifications on their devices.

The app follows color codes as follows:

Grey: Specifies the user has not been tested.

Green: Specifies that the user has been tested and is healthy and lets access to public places.

Red: Specifies that tests conducted show that the user is infected and must follow the guidelines of the medical authorities.

Amber: Specifies that the user is at risk of infection or transmission and needs to be tested/retested.

Trace COVID: This app was launched by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH). It lets the users sense another device with the same app and share the data. Take an instance where the user is a public place and comes closer to another individual with the same app. The apps will exchange the data as an encrypted Secure Tracing Identifier (STI). This STI will be stored on smartphones with a specific timestamp. There will be no collection of any personalized data.

If the medical authorities come to know about the infection of any user, they will ask them to upload the STI data stored on their phones. This lets them act immediately and contact the probable close ones to stop the spread of the epidemic.

This process aids in tackling the Covid-19 by providing the information of all the contacted persons even if the patient is unaware. But the app requires a Bluetooth feature to be present on the device. It should be active constantly to access and know the user location.

Stay Home:

Stay home app is majorly helpful for self-quarantined people to pass the information to the UAE government. Stay Home aids the UAE government to collect this information and ensure the safety of all citizens. The app will send the information about the location and quarantine status with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH). The government uses this information to notify others about quarantined individuals. Other users can stay alert by avoiding their movements nearby this location.

The process starts with clear instructions to quarantine persons from the DoH to download the app. 

They must let permissions to access the camera, media, calls, location of their device. The user needs to frequently take his photo and send it to confirm his location. DoH will send regular notifications to check and advice the quarantined individuals.

The DOH Remote Care app:

The DOH Remote Care app is helpful for people to receive healthcare tips at their homes. By using this free digital healthcare solution, they will not have to physically visit any hospital.

It uses Artificial Intelligence empowered system to analyze the user symptoms from their device. It will help in diagnosing the symptom by connecting the user to a health professional through video calls or telephone.

This app has a valuable tool to verify the symptoms and segregate the non-emergency cases. It lets to book appointments and speak to doctors via telecalls, video calls, or text messages. They can seek advice from specialists with access to online prescriptions and home medicine delivery.

It was launched by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi especially to meet the requirements of people with chronic illness. It also aims at taking care of infected elder people and those under home quarantine.

Bottom line:

Smart apps are aiding all the government bodies and healthcare officials to detect and stop the spread of the disease. If you want to build a similar healthcare app then associate with the best mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz. They have huge experience in building a wide range of apps for both governments and other organizations.

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