How much does it cost to develop a delivery app like Mrsool in Saudi Arabia?

How much does it cost to develop a delivery app like Mrsool in Saudi Arabia (1)

 How much does it cost to develop a delivery app like Mrsool in Saudi Arabia?

The rise of on-demand apps has given a clever solution for all shopping-related woes. Even though several types of businesses faced hardships during the outbreak of Covid-19, on-demand apps aided people with several services like food, grocery, medicines, and other essential services. When several industries were struck were in a downturn due to COVID-19, on-demand applications aided in steering the economy. Mrsool is a leading app in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom that has been popular among the people due to its beneficial services. If you are looking to develop an app like Mrsool in Saudi Arabia, then explore here the cost to develop a delivery app like Mrsool in Saudi Arabia you have to associate with a leading mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. Keep reading below to know more about Mrsool apps and about developing such on-demand apps.

What is Mrsool?

Mrsool is not only a delivery app that distributes customer orders, it is like a friend that delivers almost anything you need. It will not only deliver food from your favourite restaurants but also delivers Water, Gas, Groceries, car parts, clothes, accessories, and any other goods that you want to send from one place to another. It’s the initial app in Saudi Arabia that started delivery of multiple types of goods covering all major places in the kingdom. Some of the advantages of the app are:

– Delivering any type of goods.

– Send your choice of goods from one place to another across any place

– Easily analyse and reorder with simple steps.

– Easy orders from several places with the same order.

– Covering all major stores and restaurants in the kingdom.

– Beneficial offers and discounts to regular users.

– Different types of payment methods available.

– Quick and direct communication with the delivery personnel.

– Reasonable delivery fees.

How to monetize the on-demand delivery application:

Delivery charges: You can get profits by charging the users for product delivery. You must mention the charges depending on the distance of travel and quantity of the products. There can be variations in the fee for regular users.

In-app paid features: You can let the users get more and advanced features in the app if they chose a premium model. The premium model implies that the users will pay more to use special features such as best offers, free services, discounts, and others.

In-app advertising: Every type of app will have to pop up ads when the customers use the apps. This is the best way to generate maximum revenue for any type of business. Multiple types of vendors/businesses can market their products by showing their ads on your application.

Peak hour charges: Several factors influence the time and quickness of delivery during peak hours. So, enhancing the service rates at peak hours is one more way to monetize from the on-demand apps.

Important features to be included in any on-demand delivery app:

Customers’ app:

The customer’s app has important features like filter, menu, time, search, placing orders, tracking orders, multiple payment options, in-app purchase and chat, GPS, review, and feedback.

Admins’ app:

Admin is in charge of administering the on-demand app. The important features include accepting/rejecting order requests, order management, managing multiple aspects like notifications, delivery, reports, and analytics.

Delivery persons’ app:

Important features from a delivery person’s point of view are accepting orders, pick-up locations, GPS support, constant chat support, order history, access to feedback, and assessments.

Factors affecting the cost to develop a delivery app like Mrsool in Saudi Arabia:

App features:

One of the most key aspects that impact the overall cost of any of the applications is the features included in the application. A delivery app like Mrsool offers useful features in its application leading to the success of the app in the long run. If you are offering multiple features in the app then it is sure that the app will be richer but along with adding up the overall costs. It is not the number of features but the quality and usability of the features that make an app efficient. Always have a deep analysis before developing any kind of features for your app that can be helpful for users while also proving the purpose of the app.

Mobile app development company:

The selection of a Mobile App Development Company for developing the application also decides the overall cost of the app. There are some key aspects that we need to take care during the process of choosing any kind of mobile app development company. It includes expertise levels, qualifications, feedback, ratings and reviews, Legal elements, previous works, value for money, testimonies, passion etc.


The UI/UX design is highly important in deciding the impression of the app among the huge competition. It is important to note that an efficient design will hold the av=ability to make or break the success of the app in the market. The design can be attractive but simple and easily navigable for the customers.

Type of Platforms: 

The competition in the app market is at its peak and to be successful requires a big impact in the digital arena. A major aspect in achieving this is to build your mobile app for appropriate platforms according to the behavior of your customers. Building a native app will cost more than a cross-platform app that will have a single code base for diverse platforms.

App Size: 

The app might have multiple kinds of features and functionalities according to needs. So, with the increase in these aspects, there will be an increase in the size of the app too. To stop enhancing the size of the app due, you have to choose the features carefully.

Final thoughts:

If you want to relish the profits by developing delivery apps like Mrsool, then you have to associate with a leading mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, such as Brillmindz technologies. Our team has a group of talented individuals who are passionate about developing user-friendly apps that lead the market. 

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