How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app like Hunger Station?

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app like Hunger Station

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app like Hunger Station?

The food delivery industry has earned significant revenue in recent years thanks to the increase in usage of mobile phones. With easy access to the internet for users and increased interest for food lovers for ordering food online, the food delivery platforms are researching the likes of a target audience, analyzing their demands, and leading the market. This was evident even during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which saw the popularity of food delivery app like Hunger Station.

Hunger station food delivery app:

food delivery app like Hunger Station is a fast and reliable solution of food delivery apps that covers +10000 restaurants across +72 cities in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. The firm has gained huge popularity with the way of ordering food and dedicated service. The apps let you order the food anytime, anywhere with simple steps.

How will the food delivery apps work?

The working of an online food delivery app is as below.

  • Customers search the list of the restaurants and their menus in a precise location.
  • They select the favorite dish, place the order, and choose the desired payment method.
  • There will be instant notifications to restaurants and delivery guys about the order.
  • Customers get a confirmation once the restaurant picks their order.
  • The restaurant will begin processing the dish listed in the order.
  • Customers will get a real-time update once the order is taken by delivery personnel and until it reaches its destination.

The food delivery app structure:

The mobile app structure should work on the 3 levels:

1) Customers App Customers use this app to search all the food items, offers and order meals from restaurants nearby.

2) Delivery Boy App A dedicated delivery personnel gets access to supply food from the restaurant to clients.

3) Restaurant App This app is used to control orders and restaurants, accept or decline orders, edit the records like foods and prices on their present menus via admin.

Features in Best Food Delivery App

  • There should be diverse payment options such as UPI, cards, net banking, COD, etc. The online payment system is the best way to have an innovative revenue stream. There are several methods of payment that can be employed reliant upon the money involved.
  • Re-ordering of food should be easy with easy schedules and reminders.
  • Easy application of discount codes and coupons with earning of cashback used for future orders.
  • Advanced filters that aid in recognizing delivery menu items easily. They are important for customers to find only their best food delivery options according to filters. Customized restaurant suggestions, specific delivery details must be included along with advanced search filters.

How do such apps earn revenue?

They achieve maximum revenue by following these 3 tricks:

Delivery fee from customers: Most of the food delivery apps are reliant upon the pricing model of base price added with surcharges. Surcharges do vary during peak hours where there will increase food prices.

Sharing revenue from restaurants: Earning repeated revenue by sharing for orders fulfilled by the app.

Advertising income from restaurant partners: Charging marketing fee from restaurant partners for showcasing their brand when a customer is searching for a list of restaurants. With the increase in restaurants, it turns to be key for restaurants to get some visibility on the app.

Business models of such apps:

The business model of such apps is the main reason for an increase in the large number of on-demand firms in the food delivery segment. All these apps essentially play a dual role of restaurant locators and food delivery applications. Many food delivery firms are leading in competition as they have their own logistics network of food delivery partners including drivers. The customers can select from the huge list of contributions in terms of restaurants and menus and they will aid with a huge team of delivery partners who will deliver your favorite food faster than anticipated.

How much does it cost to deliver a food delivery app like Hunger station?

If you are looking to develop a food delivery app like Hunger Station, then many questions may be revolving in your thoughts, how much does it cost to build an app like Hunger station in Saudi Arabia, what is the online food delivery app price in Saudi Arabia? etc

Food delivery app cost depends on these key elements:

App Size: The overall cost of building an app like Hunger station is hugely reliant on the addition of different types of exciting features and functionalities that are present in the app. So, with the increase in complexity of these aspects, there will be a definite increase in app size. To avoid the unnecessary increase in the size of the app, you have to choose the features and functionalities widely. Several businesses want to build the MVP version of the app in the initial stages and go to complex features in the upgraded versions.

App Design: A high portion of app users will not demand flashy designs without a responsive UI. They will be pleased to have a simple but intuitive design and smooth navigation for impactful usage. So, you have to build the design carefully with the correct blend of features for attracting the users.

Type of Platforms: A major factor in making the app successful is to develop the mobile app inappropriate platforms relying on customer usage. Developing a native app may be more expensive than developing a cross-platform app that comprises a single code base for various platforms.

Final thoughts:

As there is a huge surge in mobile app development, the on-demand food delivery business has been competitive like never before. It offers the accessibility of ordering food from any place at any time and shows no signs of slowing down shortly. This can only be possible if you associate with a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia such as Brillmindz who has great expertise and talent to build food delivery apps like Hunger stations and yield you maximum ROI with enhanced brand value.

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