How much does it cost to develop an ADCB mobile banking app in UAE?

How much does it cost to develop an ADCB mobile banking app in UAE

How much does it cost to develop an ADCB mobile banking app in UAE?

In today’s digital era, websites are not enough to beat the competition, develop more sales and uplift the brand. The revolution of mobile apps has unlocked several prospects for all types of businesses including banking. Developing a mobile app has converted to a highly successful give the business a much-needed improvement by developing a loyal user base. If you are a banking business entrepreneur or a large enterprise without using the services of a mobile app, it is the best time to develop a mobile app to gain access to a huge opportunity. With all these benefits, there may be a question in your thoughts: “how much does it cost to develop an ADCB mobile banking app in UAE”? There is no similar approach to every mobile app development project that decides how much money will be needed to develop a custom mobile app. But there are several other features that you need to be aware of before making the final decision on your mobile banking app like ADCB in UAE.

What is the ADCB mobile banking app?

ADCB’s Mobile Banking is focused on offering customers unified connectivity to the Bank. All existing ADCB Customers can utilize this advanced ADCB Mobile App. With the new ADCB Mobile App, customers can easily access the account details, carry utility bills and Credit Card payments and transfer money rapidly, via the Smartphone. Relish the unified banking anytime, anyplace with the advanced functionalities unified with an intuitive and user-friendly visual experience. This advanced app has an easy ‘Payments and Transfers’ segment where users can see their beneficiaries and a list of transactions in one place. Advanced filter search that showcases Payees and Transaction History by using the name, amount and much more. There is a dual-language choice in Arabic and English.

How to develop a secure mobile banking app

Along with all the essential features of mobile banking and a reliable app development process, below are some of the important aspects that are needed to be included in the mobile app.

User experience:

A smooth user experience is key for any mobile app, regardless of its niche. Banking is no exception, and a lovely user experience in banking apps is highly essential than in any other type of app. A highly formal interface that is visible more like a work-sheet than a mobile app won’t stimulate users to adapt the app. The app must be simple, yet intuitive to deliver a pleasing experience. You need to be ensured about its speed, particularly while making payments or accessing account data. Ensure to include only essential features in the app in the MVP version. Guide the users to all places at the app so they are content with the design and functionalities. 


Security needs to be the primary significance of the app. Care should be taken for guaranteeing the user-convenience, the sensitive data and money must be given optimal security. While all types of mobile apps need secured service, finance or banking-related mobile apps will need extra levels of security. You need to be extra careful while implementing the features and discuss all the aspects with the development team in the initial planning phase. Make use of advanced encrypted technologies to give optimal security to the app users and their data. Some of the important aspects to be noted are:

Selecting dependable data storage

Not stocking subtle data, passwords, and transaction-based data on the mobile phone.

Employ two-factor authentication and inactivity timer on sessions without fail.

Verify user devices for security-related errors before the app release and user installations.

Offer comprehensive information to users about security.


The motive of the banking app, and the type of included features, will have a major part in defining the overall cost of development. Always look to include user-oriented features in the app to ensure usability and optimal profits. Some of the key features include protected Sign-in, funds transfer, payment of bills, 24/7 chat support, verify account info and balance, ATM locator, tailored reports and filters, key notifications, etc. Think of, including these functionalities in the banking app with optimal effort and the right usage of resources.

How much does it cost to develop an ADCB mobile banking app clone in UAE?

App Platform:

As you decide on the purpose of your app, target audience, and usability indexes, it is the right time to finalize the platform for development. You can build the app on Native platforms like android, iOS, Windows, or cross-platform. The type of platform you select will decide the overall cost of your mobile app development venture.

Mobile App Design:

The UI/UX of your app is a deciding factor in the overall cost of the app development. The app design must emphasize a simple yet intuitive user interface. A smooth and easy design can attract the current app users and stick for longer. Take ample time to decide the visual design elements that offer the best usability to the customers and engage them. If you are looking to have an exciting mobile app design that provides a pleasing experience to users, you must use both your time and resources cleverly. Never decide specifically on sticking to a mobile app design company that offers cheap service as it is not a measure of profit in the long run.

Mobile App development company:

The cost of developing a mobile app is reliant on the company you hire with their development charges. Hiring an experienced mobile app development company is a trusted option as they will give justice in meeting your precise requirements in the app development process and guarantee on-time delivery, best quality, and reliability. To get ideal outcomes, discuss all the goals and expectations in the initial stages of the process. 

Final thoughts:

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