Covid-19 lockdown gives e-learning a boost in Middle East

Covid-19 lockdown gives e-learning a boost in Middle East

Covid-19 lockdown gives e-learning a boost in Middle East

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has made affected governments across the globe to enforce lockdown measures. All the major public places are closed, transportation is stopped, Industries shut, IT employees asked to work from home and schools are closed until further notice. Students are in a dilemma as the ongoing pandemic has disrupted the education process. Similar is the situation in Middle-East and all the K-12 schools and universities across the Middle East have been closed to minimize the risk of the spread of the COVID-19. This era of fast internet and cutting-edge digital technologies has provided an opportunity for students to attend online classes from the safety and ease of their houses.

Advantages of e-learning:

The capability of wide-range options provided by e-learning platforms had already driven many organizations, educational institutions, and students before the coronavirus outbreak. But after the fast spread of the pandemic, all very forced to take these steps as there was lockdown in place everywhere. E-learning allows teachers to interact and speak to their students in real-time. Advanced features and personalized experience provide an option to assign individual lessons and promote individual learning. They can work on providing a good understanding of the academics by employing quizzes, regular tests, and all other regular oral recitations.

Covid-19 lockdown gives e-learning a boost in the Middle East:

As a part of lockdown, schools were ordered to be shut until further notice, to keep students safe. Covid-19 spreads via contact with an infected individual who can pass the virus via droplets (coughing or sneezing). It could also spread if a person comes in contact with such droplets on any surface and then touches his nose, eyes, or mouth. As there is no medicine or vaccination for the disease yet and the only cure is to stay away from contact with infected persons and public places.

  • The Middle-East is leading the battle against coronavirus but also making sure that education continues. Numerous educational institutions across the globe have started the process of remote learning with many advanced education programs. Governments have been reacting quickly and providing all necessary measures to support e-learning processes.
  • In Dubai, nurseries, schools, and all other educational institutions have been shut. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has initiated the latest online learning platform. This platform is beneficial for all students and teachers that help them to use all the advanced education products/services.
  • In Saudi Arabia, schools have been shut since March 8 to stop the spread of the virus. The majority of educational institutions have employed e-learning processes to support students in continuing the academic year. To aid university students and increase the quality of virtual learning Saudi Research and Innovation Network (Maeen) is working together with the Integrated Telecom Company. They aim to enhance access for students to national digital services.
  • The majority of students across the UAE are now studying from their houses as schools remain shut. The government has paired up with e-learning and telecommunication services providers to help students continue their education through the Covid-19 pandemic. Many educational platforms have employed creative e-learning initiatives to promote quality education. Good connectivity is the major reason for the success of UAE’s idea of making employees work from home and promote e-learning for students. Students are given free browsing options for websites that are linked to education, health, and safety. Free mobile data was provided in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). This has helped many students who do not have internet facility at home. They are taking many initiatives to support all the e-learning activities for assuring the smooth functioning of the complete system.
  • Egypt is also amid lockdown and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MOETE) has initiated many steps to implement distant learning. MOETE is giving excellent options for students to access the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB). They have categorized the content by grade stages and subject types. There are many beneficial steps taken by the Ministry of Communication and IT in association with mobile carriers to give free SIM cards to students who have devices at home.
  • The Tunisia-based Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) has initiated an e-learning process. This targets to make sure that the education process is continuous even during this lockdown period. They have developed a dedicated website combining all the freely reachable Arab educational materials, websites, platforms, and apps in association with experts in the field of educational technology. This is very useful for students and teachers in this period for accessing all the necessary information online.
  • Education in Turkey is steered remotely using EBA (Egitim Bilisim Agı), an education digital platform. The people who have online access can use the EBA and all its useful features. The Ministry of National Education (MONE) is analyzing all the chances to provide free data for all families to support this e-learning process.
  • The situation is similar in West Bank and Gaza where the ministry of Education is using e-learning options to reach the students affected by school shutdowns. There is an advanced educational portal that links students with teachers for educational stages from grades 1-12. They are transmitting lessons through various platforms like radio, television, and means of you-tube.

Bottom line:

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of individuals across all industries and governments are finding ways to revive the situation. For students and educational institutions, E-learning has provided the best method to keep the education process running. Due to these benefits, the majority of education institutions are accepting this advanced technology to effectively implement quality and modern education systems. If you are looking to build such an e-learning digital platform or a mobile app, then you must contact the best mobile app development company in DubaiBrill Mindz. With a pool of talented engineers, content specialists, and marketing individuals, they will ensure that your product will have maximum reach and also be profitable in the long run.

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