How to develop an all-in-one mobile app like Dubai Now?

How to develop all in one mobile app like Dubai Now

 How to develop all in one mobile app like Dubai Now?

The UAE has transformed to be a country of the future, with huge support to advanced tools and technology. If you are in Dubai, you will have the aid of several advanced tools to make your life easier. The Dubai Government’s vision to brand Dubai as the happiest city in the world by 2021 is going on full swing and one of the vital ventures which are promoting smooth living of residents in DubaiNow, a multipurpose app. If you are looking to build an app similar to Dubai Now, then explore here How to develop an all-in-one mobile app like Dubai Now?

What is the Dubai Now app?

  • The Dubai government has a firm goal to go paperless within 2021. Dubai now is a huge aspect of this paperless strategy, that looks to bring the change in Dubai Government to a digital path. This app is available on both Android and Apple platforms and offers instant digital access to around 88 government services, in just one place. Two years back, His Highness Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Dubai, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council had confidently told: “I have supervised the progress of the Dubai Paperless Strategy over the past two years and have asserted all government entities to function with Smart Dubai and guarantee that all digital government consumer services are delivered via DubaiNow, gradually eliminating all individual entity applications.
  • Dubai now is the app for aiding you with all kinds of services in the city of Dubai. It is the initial and only Dubai Government mobile app that offers you access to both government and private sector services. Dubai government focuses to offer you a unique and useful experience for all the Government interactions, available in one place but with optimal safety and hassle-free service. Dubai now the app is easily in line with the Dubai Paperless Strategy where government entities will not demand paper documents from customers from 2021. With this push for digital transformation, many business owners are already going digital to make their products and services reach the customers effectively.

How can the app be useful?

A unique aspect of this DubaiNow app is that it can easily substitute several other apps that you might be using daily. This will avoid the usage of multiple apps for every specific work or transaction. It has helped the residents of Dubai by accumulating the services of many government services and even private entities in one place. Whether you need to complete an errand or in the case of an emergency DubaiNow will be your only source of access for completing the task. Below is a list of all the services that are presented to Dubai residents.

Paying bills:

It could be paying your electricity bill or a traffic fine, they can be managed in one place. You can manage and make the payment of bills such as Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) bill, Salik, NOI card, Etisalat, Traffic fines, Dubai municipality, Du, Dubai Custom, • Federal Electricity and Water Authority, Empower, Enoc.


Below is the list of services that includes key aspects for residents:

My Car: It gives all the specifics connected to your cars such as digital driving license or information overdue fines.

mParking: This feature will give you all the close by public parking spaces with information of exact distance from your location, choice of duration of your parking.

Traffic fines: Know the details of all the traffic violations that are against your car along with Accident notifications, changing vehicle ownership, car insurance, Electric vehicle charging locations, Enoc top-ups, etc.

Car listings: You can easily select the car of your choice and just click on “contact” to take it further.

Fuel locator: One of the highly beneficial services that come to the rescue if you are running low on fuel and can’t see a fuel station nearby.

Street speeds: The limits of speeds across all the streets are given in alphabetical order.

Tasjeel centres – Discover the close by centre if you want the vehicle to be verified or registration renewed or transferred.


Your worries of finding a close-by bus or metro station are gone as the app will give you a list of all the public transport stations.


The app also lists the closest clinic near your location with the ‘Doctor and Clinic’ option. You can even monitor the vaccination timings of your kid through the app.

Islam Prayer times:

Get the accurate prayer times for all the days with the information of the closest mosques.

Residency Visa:

This is an exciting feature that is added to DubaiNow that lets you verify the status of your Visa, supervise your stay or get the latest residence visa if you get a UAE pass or Dubai Id.


This option offers many key contact numbers that are helpful in situations of emergencies. The list includes the fire department, ambulance service, Dubai police, or Dewa along with close by police stations. The app also has the option to track any court cases against you by just giving the serial number and other details of the case.


The education segment gives many services with Academic history, selecting schools and universities as per interests.

Business and employment:

This section lets owners and traders utilize the following services like searching trade activity, trade licenses, Reserving a trading name, business directory, Ejari, etc.


It gives the option to donate for different Dubai Government initiatives such as Dubai Cares, Al Jalila Foundation, Noor Dubai, Dar Al Ber Society, Suqia, the Year of Tolerance, or to Awqaf Dubai.

Flight information

It gives you all the figures on flights to and from the Dubai International Airport.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking to develop Dubai now a mobile app, then you have to associate with a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, like Brillmindz technologies. They will guide you to select the right paths in every aspect and include appropriate features or functionalities as per your budgeting constraints. You will be guaranteed to get maximum profits and brand expansion like never before.

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