Top Free VPN Apps in Dubai, UAE

Top Free VPN Apps in Dubai, UAE

Top Free VPN Apps in Dubai, UAE

If you are a permanent resident of Dubai, UAE you would be aware of restrictions on using the blocked or censored content. Accessing them would be possible only via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that will not only safeguard your privacy but also aid in using such blocked contents. It will mask the IP address of the user and let them connect to the internet from different locations where specific content is not blocked.

Why You Need a VPN for Dubai:

Before analysing all the options available, you must know what is the necessity of using a VPN in Dubai. From mid-2017 there have been restrictions on VPN in UAE by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and major telecom operators. This is majorly due to religious and business reasons in Dubai, UAE, and violating them could lead to cybercrime cases with hefty fines. This law was revised in 2016 stating “a fine of no less than Dhs 500,000 and not exceeding Dhs 2,000,000”. It also involves jail time along with heavy fines. Major telecom service providers like Etisalat and Du do not want people to be using VPNs on their networks. Since there will be a high loss in profit margins with the use of VoIP substitutes in the place of those services. Hence the usage of legal VPN in UAE is crucial if you are a long-term resident or temporary visitor in Dubai, UAE.

Best free VPN in UAE:

Below is the list of free VPNs working in UAE that are best for all types of internet usage like WhatsApp calling, watching internet movies on Netflix or any other video apps.

Express VPN: 

It is a leading VPN provider in Dubai, UAE due to its best encryptions and kill-switch secured connectivity. These services have their services well-equipped for streaming so that users can watch any kind of video apps like Netflix from their homes. They are connected around 94 geographic locations, possess around 1000 servers. This is highest among all the free VPN service providers in Dubai, UAE. The security provided by Express VPN is very high with 256-bit AES encryption, SHA256 authentication, DNS, and IPv6 leak protection and also complies with all security rules. But the free VPN service is available only for a 7-day trial period after which you will have to opt for reasonable plans.


This budget-oriented service provider offers secured servers along with kill Switch safety, shielding ads and malware, tailored DNS servers that are ideal for VPNs in UAE. NordVPN is very popular among VPN providers in Dubai, UAE. But the free service is only offered for three days after which the user will have to go for any selected plans. There is also an option for a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plan.

NordVPN wins the heart of many users in Dubai, UAE due to its unparalleled benefits and features. It lets the users connect to around 60 geographic locations with an aid of 4000 servers linked to the network. Due to such optimal connectivity, the user will always have the benefit of high-speed, secured, and trusted internet that is found in no other brand. The network is secured with 256-bit AES encryption along with SHA256 authentication key, IPv6 security, etc.


It may not provide the most modern features but it provides excellent technical functionality. After ensuring that you have no effect of censor restrictions on you, this AirVPN can be arranged to function with the SSL tunnel. This will allow OpenVPN protocol to link over SSL, masking you perfectly from the ISP but offering all the advantages of OpenVPN. But there would be a slight difference in the performance of the VPN service. AirVPN offers a good selection of servers along with trusted service and variable cost options. This service is a bit tricky to be used by new users without the option of any chat service. But the optimal functionality makes it a top choice among the VPN users in Dubai, UAE.

Turbo VPN:

If you are looking for a VPN service that is free of cost with optimal functionality, then your choice should be Turbo VPN. It offers a fast-paced and secured service like no other free VPN service provider in Dubai, USA. But there is a regular concern from users of this VPN during peak hour usage. Since a large number of users cling on to this service it will slow down your internet connection that could be annoying at times. But considering the complete free cost service, you could opt for this service.

Hotspot Shield:

The basic version of this VPN provides a free service but with advertisements. There is no workaround for removing the ads, but looking at the other functionalities, you may have to consider this service. It ensures other services to be running smoothly without any annoying issues. You could also opt for a premium service that removes the ads along with fast-paced internet connectivity and added features. You could opt-out of this premium service anytime if you are not liking it.

Astrill VPN:

This VPN is famous across many parts of the Asian region, due to its highly secured connections. It has two types of connection; the Stealth VPN proprietary protocol functions best for censor restrictions while Open Web is very optimal against deep packet check. It supports around 330 servers across 60 geo-locations. Astrill VPN provides an added VIP that enhances the speeds and decreases inactive periods for the users. But this feature is available at a very higher price added to the cost of getting this basic VPN connection. This is the costliest version among the list but it offers exact connectivity for the price charged.

Bottom line:

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