How has Flutter 2 improved from Flutter 1?

How has Flutter 2 improved from Flutter 1

 How has Flutter 2 improved from Flutter 1?

Flutter is an advanced framework to develop top-notch hybrid apps that perform seamlessly across diverse platforms. It is a mobile app software development kit by Google that gained huge popularity after its proper launch in December 2018. It offers decreased development time for programming, enhanced time to market, rendering engine and much more. Flutter has improved from just a cross-platform mobile development SDK for diverse platforms into an improved version of Flutter2. It lets the developers run the identical code even natively within a browser on Linux, Windows, and macOS. As Flutter 2 has enhanced the feasibility of non-mobile Flutter development, do you want to know how Flutter 2 improved from flutter 1? Keep reading below.

About Flutter:

  • Flutter didn’t take much time to become a popular name once it was launched in 2017 May and its official release of the first version in December 2018. Flutter framework was developed to allow the development of cross-platform apps to be feasible on diverse platforms. The latest version of Flutter 2 employs a single code that can be compiled together with native code added with customized design. It employs platform API and GPU technology to build responsive and swift apps that provide optimal performance and pleasing graphics. Flutter is the talk of the town as it is efficiently employed to develop fruitful apps across multiple platforms using a single code.
  • Flutter allows to debug seamlessly and repair any issues wight from the position of pausing. Flutter is enriched with responsive UI and features forming a modern React style framework, 2D rendering engine, and different developmental tools. There has been constant room for enhancement in Flutter which has been delivered by Flutter 2. Flutter has been progressing from being a simple hybrid mobile development SDK for Android/iOS into a technology that lets you use the same code across diverse browsers in Windows, Linux, and macOS. It has introduced the latest version of the DART programming language.

What are the latest Upgrades in Flutter 2?

Support for Web:

A highly engaging result of the Flutter upgrade is the ability of Flutter 2 to offer ideal support to the web. It has pushed its trial to an app-oriented framework with the ability to reuse the code even on a web platform.

Highest quality check and perfection:

Flutter2 has arrived with optimal verifications for quality and improvement in performance with the compilation target termed as Canvas kit. With Skia and Web assembly it was tricky and tough in the previous version. Flutter 2 has enhanced them to provide a continuous and efficient feel with enhancement from just running on the app to the browser.

Seamless null safety:

Flutter 2 employs Dart 2.3 that offers comprehensive null safety which is employed to develop an efficient system with a difference in nullable and non-nullable classifications. Due to this, developers can negate the null error crashes.

Google Mobile Ads:

With the release of the Google Mobile Ads SDK beta version by Flutter, developers can employ native ads and inline banners and native ads combined with the previously present overlay formats. This lets for seamless customization of ads with the backup of Ad Manager and Ad mob. Several users who have already used this latest format have seen a significant enhancement in impression and acceptance.

Add-to-App feature offers several Flutter instances:

It was evident that the majority of users would love to use the Flutters capability to employ the same code for developing mobile apps for diverse platforms. Further, if you already have an existing app, you will be allowed to integrate Flutter with the aid of the Add-to-App feature. It will aid in retaining the native code base while programming for multiple platforms.

Developing desktop apps with Flutter:

Google offers much-anticipated desktop support with the already popular other exciting features. Moreover, the text editing feature provides native experience to all the involved platforms. This will let the developers offer a native-kind of experience on all the developed platforms. The native-like experience will have many exciting additions like accurate mouse hovers, key points in text selection, an integrated context menu, and many others. The enhanced text selection offers an easy selection option with the flexibility to copy, cut, and paste. Flutter 2.0 also streamlines the creation and usage of hyperlinks that are provided with the URL launch package of Google. There will not be any lag in the mouse input in case of any dragging activity with the mouse hovers. While these are minimal changes, the majority of additions come in the format of scrollbars. It has an integrated scrollbar that accurately fits in the app and is displayed automatically in the time where the page is scrollable. There will also be a scrollbar widget that you desire along with an exceptional scrollbar display.

Upgraded and new features result in the adaptive app:

Flutter 2 version offers development of apps with different platforms mainly iOS, Android, and now, Web with support for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Due to this, the source code can be customized to Folio for developing an adaptive app.

Upgrading the Flutter SDK:

With the launch of the newer Flutter 2 version, Google has introduced a new mobile Ads SDK. It is a new plugin that provides native ads and inline banners. Further, it also provides already present overlay formats like offer video ads, overlay banners, etc.

Flutter Fix:

Flutter Fix will enhance the framework with the involvement of a huge developer community without any variations in the Flutter API. It is enhanced by a proven and passionate community of app developers.


Google’s Flutter has been growing swiftly with the latest advancements, and it is offering exciting features to develop engaging solutions. If you are a business owner looking to develop profitable Flutter apps, then associate with an expert mobile app development company in UAE like Brillmindz. They have the experience of smartly using the latest technology in Flutter and develop user-friendly apps as per the project requirements.

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