How is the smart ticketing system making life easy in Dubai?

How smart ticketing system is making life easy in Dubai

How is the smart ticketing system making life easy in Dubai?

While there has been a huge revelation in the future of automobile technology, the advancement of public transport is the lifeline of any smart city. With the growth of the smart city development process, it has made the infrastructure go digital and adopt advanced ways of development. One of the cities in the Middle East involved in such developments is Dubai. With the smart city vision of the Dubai government, there has been the introduction of smart ticketing system to let the smooth travel of tourists and residents around a range of facilities in the city.

About Smart tickets:

  • Smart tickets have shown to be a valuable replacement for paper tickets, that when compared are more costly to validate, distribute and keep the perfect track. Paper tickets have the chance of losing in between and with the possibility of wear and tear and faking with harm to the environment. Smart tickets let the passengers skip the queue, meet the schedule of boarding the trains and not lose the money if the money or debit/card are stolen. Smart tickets let travelers effortlessly add to their digital balance and change the itineraries when needed.
  • Until recent days, traditional paper tickets were an important aspect of various elements like trains, buses, malls, public attractions in Dubai. But due to the support and push from the Dubai government, there has been a digital revolution in the country. People have been utilizing the technology of smart ticketing in several government facilities and saving huge time. It is also of great benefit to the Dubai government in keeping a track of all the individuals who visit the facilities and ensure to offer the best service.
  • While still, many movies show traditional ticketing as a way of excitement, in reality, the disadvantages of paper tickets generally don’t make public life easier and usually, such tickets can develop more issues than resolution. For usual travelers and daily commuters’ smart tickets are the best advantage since they offer the best convenience at all places and they let passengers give more time to relish their journey. Smart tickets bought online let passengers entirely bypass the formerly tedious in-person ticket purchasing method and thus save themselves useful time in transportation.
  • With no necessity to wait longer in big physical lines, travellers can reduce loads of time off their travel and have less concern about the specifics of their journey. Even for facility managers across multiple places, no physical ticket implies reduced work in keeping track of passengers verifying their ticket, which passengers had theirs punched (and when), and which passengers misplaced or lost their tickets. Majorly, these tickets will save the burden of papers in the environment.
  • Smart tickets have aided in developing great efficiency in handling the public services relative to the demand in peak hours, special service requirements, counts, and precise schedules. From the accounting point of view, a complete digital audit trail for the issues smart tickets can be done without any hassles. This will ensure that there will be no manual ticket counting and no mismatch in the accounts. The process of refunding to passengers becomes an easy job which develops a pleasing relationship between the government and the common public.
  • While developed nations like Dubai have been investing heavily in advanced digital technologies for felicitating it is still a challenge for developing nations. The major problems faced by these countries in the adoption of advanced technologies especially in the public domain network is lack of financial aid, absence of IT infrastructure, absence of advanced tools, unplanned cities, illiteracy, bad public infrastructure, etc. To mimic the west, a lot has to be done on this ground from getting large infrastructure funding to differ in patterns of common public and government’s initiative for better transportation measures for present and upcoming production.

RTA and Mastercard associate to offer secured and let simpler transport payments:

  • With the new association, RTA and Mastercard will evaluate the advantages that advanced technology can help the public management and transport network. Supporting the Dubai government’s ‘Smart City’ vision, Mastercard has joined a partnership with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to aid in enabling a quick, simple, and more safe public transport tariff payment system. The combined study between RTA and Mastercard matches RTA’s payments strategy by employing Mastercard’s previous transport experience, which involves contactless resolutions for open-loop transportation network and the combination of digital payments in the smart city plan.
  • The RTA’s strategy is along the lines of accepting bank-issued cards along with no account-based and not digital ticketing solutions. This is major to make no brand that is Dubai’s most anticipated smart ticketing system. Abdul Aziz Al Falahi, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, said: “Enabling the public from all social segments to use bank cards to achieve their commuting needs is aligned with RTA’s strategic goal of People Happiness. 
  • Also speaking on the partnership, Khalid Elgibali, Division President, Middle East, and North Africa, Mastercard, said: “Dubai continues to be one of the world’s most visited cities, with visitors and residents alike expecting advanced infrastructure and transportation services. With 70 percent of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas as early as 2050, cities must adopt smart innovations to become more efficient and enable people to go about their day-to-day activities seamlessly.”

Final Thoughts:

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