How much does it cost to develop a fuel delivery app like CAFU in Dubai, UAE?

How much does it cost to develop a fuel delivery app like CAFU in Dubai, UAE?

How much does it cost to develop a fuel delivery app like CAFU in Dubai, UAE?

The modern world is progressing like never before. The on-demand services have gained vast popularity and are helping people to solve their complicities. On-demand apps have been introduced across all the sectors and have become a major contributor to expanding the business. Similarly, with a huge demand for fuel, the business owners have opted for on-demand fuel delivery apps for fulfilling the needs and gaining sound profit shares. If you also don’t know How much does it cost to develop a fuel delivery app like CAFU in Dubai, UAE? Then reach us!

What is CAFU? and How much does it cost to develop a fuel delivery app like CAFU in Dubai, UAE?

CAFU is an on-demand fuel delivery app that will provide fuel for your vehicle on request. It is available on the iOS and Android platforms and provides a simple, secured and appropriate way for customers to refill fuel tanks in the time of need. They have gained popularity due to their reliable and prompt service across Dubai.

How do CAFU works?

  • Download the app on your Android or iOS phone.
  • Register by creating an account on the app by providing details of yourself and your car.
  • Mark the location
  • Mention the volume of fuel and confirm the order.
  • You will be greeted with the CAFU truck at the location.

Benefits of on-demand Fuel delivery App:

There are many advantages of on-demand fuel delivery apps which is the reason why it is gaining huge popularity. It holds various benefits for both customers and fuel service providers, like:

1. Saves Time: With the traditional fuel service, you would require to enter a fuel station and wait in the queue to fill the fuel. But with the assistance of an on-demand fuel delivery service, you can get your fuels at anyplace and anytime by just having your smart app and internet connection.

2. High-Quality and accurate fuelling:

CAFU makes use of the exact art flow meters used by the regular oil and gas companies for verifying fuel accuracy. They also use the secured fuel pumps and vehicles are fitted with automatic nozzles to dispense the fuel as required. The fuel is filtered and delivered quickly assuring top quality in every stage.

3. Helpful in urgencies: The on-demand apps offer users with emergency roadside support by delivering fuel in locations that are far away from gas stations and also help during repairing inflated tires.

4. No spills: Being environment-friendly, they ensure that there are no spills and minimal loss of fuel during the refueling process.

5. Higher Customer Loyalty: By providing a prompt and secure on-demand service, you can keep your customers hooked to your brand. As they will get the fuel in time of requirement, they will stop standing in the queue for refueling and use your brand every time.

5.Lower maintenance charges: This benefits fuel service providers by avoiding significant investment in initiating and maintaining a fuel station and other related legal and financial norms. This will get them more income with less investment. that contributes to earning more profits with, lower investment.

Features required to have a successful on-demand fuel delivery app:

You will be knowing the advantages provided by the on-demand fuel delivery app, but for gaining the success you need to assure by adding some quality features in the app. Below are some features that are mandatory to be included in the app.

1. User Selections: 

The user must be provided with all the options to select the quantity and location of the vehicle where he needs the fuel to be delivered. They must also have the option to schedule the time of the delivery and type of fuel that is required. Upon all the desired selection, they must get the notification with a confirmation message. There should also be a feature where the user is allowed to refuel at the parked location of the on-demand fuel delivery vehicle. It should ensure that the location is mentioned clearly and the user does not find any difficulty in reaching them.

2. Trusted payment feature:

There should be a swift and secure payment feature for the users. You need to provide multiple payment options like credit or debit cards, online banking, UPI payment, e-Wallet, cash, etc including international payments like PayPal. You need to make sure that payment gateways are secured and performing optimally for all types of platforms.

3. Real-time tracking:

Real-time tracking with GPS function is a must-have feature for on-demand delivery apps in today’s digital world. This helps the users to know and track the status of their order and also an estimated time of delivery. It is a must for service providers too as will show the precise location of the user with the shortest possible routes.

Along with these basic features, some advanced features like Past order history, print order invoices and comparing the price of fuel from different service providers can be incorporated.

Most Influencing Cost Factors for development of on-demand Fuel Delivery App

The development of an on-demand fuel delivery apps like CAFU depends on many factors for defined components of customer panel, admin panel, and delivery person panel. You can be guided accurately if you are associated with a reliable app development company. Successful app development depends on various factors involved in the development process. You will have to ensure that all the features are performing securely and smoothly by also satisfying the customer service tasks. Below are the major factors affecting the cost of an on-demand fuel delivery app:

Platform: You can select to be of Android, iOS or cross-platform.

Design: The type of design should be attractive and also user-friendly.

Size: This is influenced by the features involved in app development. Reliable and proficient engineers, deliver a perfectly functioning app on-time.

Features: Along with the basic features you have to analyze developing a few advanced features that make your app unique.


If you are looking for a reliable mobile app development company for building a fuel delivery app like CAFU then your first choice should be BrillMindz. Our developers are experienced with on-demand mobile app development and will deliver an app that performs seamlessly across all devices.

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