How much will it cost to develop a mobile game like PUBG in Dubai, UAE?

How much will it cost to develop a mobile game like PUBG in Dubai, UAE

How much will it cost to develop a mobile game like PUBG in Dubai, UAE?

In the modern digital era, mobile gaming has been undergoing several advanced transformations. As mobile gamers are continuously looking for thrilling and next-level games, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) has emerged as the highly accepted and played games across the world. It has exciting graphics, effects, and challenges which have made it extremely popular among the masses. It was initially introduced as a desktop game and then was developed as a mobile game. It requires a lot of experience and skill to develop this type of game with expensive visual graphics. Therefore, it is best advised to associate with the best mobile app development company like Brill Mindz for game development.

What is PUBG? and How much will it cost to develop a mobile game like PUBG in Dubai, UAE?

PUBG was first launched in March 2017 for desktop by a collaboration of Brendan Greene and PUBG corporation. After one year, a Chinese game development firm called Tencent created the mobile app and launched it on Android and iOS platforms. It is based on the survival of the fittest concept where the user is placed along with 99 other players on a battleground. With the progression in the game’s levels, a player is given access to different weapons and amenities that can help them to proceed further effectively. With every level, the range of the battlefield constricts down further and it may put you in a single building structure with your opponent. The major goal of the player is to kill all the opponents and be the winner in the end. There are exciting rewards for the winners. This game became very popular in the desktop version. But their engineers strategized an idea, to launch the mobile app version of the game initially only for Canadian users. This helped them to find the errors and rectify all of them before the crucial global release.

What are the reasons that provided success for PUBG?

Exciting Graphics:

When the game is played with the highest settings, the graphics involved provide a stunning experience. The most exciting part of the design is that the level of customization option it involves in the design. User is allowed to tune the designs for desirable functioning on your specific device. It provides an option for the users to adjust the frame rate (low or high) and also vary the design details (Smoot or HD). You can also apply single color tones to intense ones.

 Unparalleled UX with adjustable Controls:

Numerous controls work superbly across the devices. With the virtual control stick, you can adjust the firing points as your required and have a thrilling experience. As you get eased with the layout, you will have options to customize the layout of the virtual buttons by completely sliding them. This is the main reason for the success of the game.

Social Media Sharing:

As the players invest a lot of time playing this exciting game, with the popularity of social media, people want to share their game success in the social media handles. It helps the game owners too by increasing their popularity and also the number of users. PUBG provides the option for its users to share their game goals, stages completed, energy levels and rewards attained across social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google +, etc.

Different modes of playing the game:

· Solo Mode:

If you choose to play the game in the solo mode, you will not have any specific rules to be followed for killing your opponent. As you finish all your 99 opponents, you will emerge as the winner. You will have the option to use any possible strategy to attack the opponents. You can use different types of weapons and vehicles for your solo purposes. 

· Duo Mode:

This type of model provides you with the option to tackle all the players with your partner by forming a team. Both of you can plan and develop strategies to kill all the opponents.

· The Squad:

This is the mode where you can build a team of four players and tackle your other opponents. Even the opponents will be in groups of four and there would be 29 such groups. The ultimate goal is to defeat all the squads and the team that remains undefeated at last will be the winner.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile game like PUBG in Dubai, UAE?

Developing a game like PUBG requires the inclusion of various advanced and expensive features. Hence it is evident that you must associate with highly experienced professionals for ending with flawless and high performing app. As these types of games involve high rewards by generating good revenues, it also involves plunging in a risky market. The major factors to be considered while developing a game like PUBG are:


PUBG was launched on Android and iOS platforms. There must be thorough research on the target audience to decide on the type of platforms that the app will be developed. All this analysis has to be done well before the beginning of the development process because it will be the starting point for allowing the app to follow the path of success. 


As the PUBG type game involves a lot of effort in developing advanced features and graphics, the overall cost of the app will be heavily dependent on the design plan. It requires strategic and intuitive decisions to be made for making your gaming unique in the competition. You must several unique characters, weapons or vehicle elements similar to PUBG that demands adequate costs and designs. You can also build a simpler version of the app for the MVP version as similar to the PUBG model.


If you are looking to develop a PUBG style gaming app and inculcate their success, or you have a splendid idea of a similar type of gaming app, then you can contact Brill Mindz. It is a top mobile app development company and will guide you to success with a highly talented and skilled team.

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